Still, Life

In my top 3 of things I love about the Internet: discovering gorgeousness that you would otherwise never, ever see. Case in point: the rug still life from this morning’s post was found on Apartment Therapy, which referred me to the portfolio of one Kate S. Jordan.

Turns out, the lovely Kate is a product stylist, who up until quite recently worked for the likes of a little store you may have heard of called Anthropologie. Her styling portfolio is S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. Beyond the alluring Anthro photos (which, besides being familiar, showcase styling and merchandising at its best! I mean, hello, that’s what Anthro is known for!), her portfolio of still life images blew me away. The use of color! The textures! All of it. It was a pure drink of water for my eyes.

Hop on over and quench your thirst, lovers. How’s THAT for a little Thursday inspiration?

PS — I’m honored to be guest posting for two of my favorites this week! Yesterday, I shared some photos from various trips to Cabo San Lucas on Chelsea’s blog (theme: “Your Best Day Ever”); later today, I’m at Grace’s blog sharing little peeks into my life, my background, and Vivaleur as part of the Stripes & Sequins Spotlight. Go check them out!

{Image Credits: Kate S. Jordan}


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  1. 3.1.12
    Kate said:

    I love it when I discover something new and inspiring like that! That bumble bee plate would fit in beautifully with the rest of my collection.

    <3 Kate

  2. 3.1.12
    Brighton said:

    My thoughts exactly- I love the blogging world especially because I get introduced to such beautiful and wonderful ideas and things that I would have never found on my own! And I love seeing and reading others’ perspective! Thank you for sharing the still life- once I get to my comp I’ll be sure to check it all out! Might have to PIN her! Haha

  3. 3.1.12

    Wow – stunning photography… I love! Thank you for sharing.

  4. 3.1.12
    Kate said:

    The first image is my favorite- I love all that blue! Thanks for sharing this cool find!

  5. 3.1.12
    Taylor O said:

    loved your guest post about cabo – one of my favorite places ever. your pics are gorgeous love!

  6. 3.1.12
    Taylor O said:

    and your stripes + sequins guest post as well :)

  7. 3.1.12

    What a wonderful find!! She is one talented styling lady! Off to check out her website and your spotlight! x

  8. 3.1.12
    Becca said:

    Wow! Amazing – I love that top blue image.

    P.S. The bowl in image number 5 is one of my designs from when I worked at Anthro!

    • 3.1.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Ummmmmm awesome.

  9. 3.1.12
    Annie said:

    Wowww, thank you so much for sharing! These images are refreshingly rich, vibrant, and, as you said, textured. Incredible work!

  10. 3.1.12

    This. is. GOLD.

  11. 3.1.12

    Total swoon… heading over to the guest posts now! xx

  12. 3.2.12
    alicia said:

    these images are stunning. totally in love!

  13. 3.3.12

    How beautiful! I love the photo with the blues. I’m so glad I’m finally following your blog (Tamra’s sister).


  14. 3.4.12
    Holly said:

    I just checked out Kate’s portfolio – gorgeous! Thank you for the intro. I saw a few of her photos and thought…mmm she must have styled for Anthro!

  15. 3.5.12

    LOVE her work, so glad you found her for me : )