Palette Play: Orange and Blue

I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but orange is without a doubt one of my favorite colors. Sometime in the last few years, it’s just snuck up and captivated me! Pair it with some blue? Oh baby.

Before Joe and I ever got engaged, we’d decided we wanted to have an orange, blue, and grey color palette at our wedding (well, I suggested it, and when he heard that the palette wouldn’t include pink he immediately signed on). We went to look at a venue yesterday and it actually went really well (I’ll share details soon, hopefully), but with this particular space, we won’t need to do a lot of decorating on our own, so the color palette won’t play as big of a role.

I’m okay with that. But when I got home from the viewing yesterday, I had these colors on my mind and was inspired to put together a little board. I’ve had that dress pinned forever and though it’s not even for sale anymore, I’m still in love love LOVE with the color combo. It strikes the perfect balance between not too masculine, not too fem, don’t you think?

 {Image Credits: Katie S. Jordan via Apartment Therapy; Jonathan Saunders Latona print dress; Anthropologie bowl; Pattern, Varvara Stepanova; Suzanne Dimma’s home office photographed by Per Kristiansen; Vegas and Rose Etsy}


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  1. 3.1.12

    I really like the color combo together too – I’ve been wearing a lot of navy and orange this winter. That rug in the first photo is so pretty.

  2. 3.1.12

    I’ve actually started liking pops of orange for the first time! Loving it with the bright blues, what a good combo.

  3. 3.1.12
    Becca said:

    A great color combo – also I love that pattern. There’s lots of subtle ways I’m sure you’ll be able to bring the color scheme into your wedding!

  4. 3.1.12

    Especially good with that seafoam. Tres sophisticated!

  5. 3.1.12
    viv said:

    That dress is stunning! I love that you’re so into orange :)

  6. 3.1.12
    Jess said:

    I love orange and blue together. (Do you want to know why? Syracuse! Gooo, Orangemen! Side note: I’m not actually a Syracuse alumna, but I am a fan.)

    Jokes and personal tidbits aside, I really like the color palette together because it’s so striking yet complimentary. Great finds, and thank you for sharing them! And congratulations on finding your venue. :)

  7. 3.1.12
    Nikki said:

    Orange is my very favorite color. Paired with a nice navy and it’s even more fab. The blue and white rug with a pop from the orange lamp has me wanting to do a little redo to my bedroom!

  8. 3.1.12

    LOVE that dress! I’ve been looking for something like that for a rehearsal dinner (since at the wedding, I have to wear this awful flesh-toned poufy dress).

  9. 3.1.12
    Nnenna said:

    I’ll admit, orange is not my favorite color, but I used to feel the same way about yellow, and then I changed my mind completely and painted my room yellow! So who knows how’ll I’ll feel about orange in the future! ;)

  10. 3.1.12
    Christine B. said:

    I know the focus is on orange and I love that combination with the blue, but I can’t get over how great that blue and cream rug is! I love that pattern and the colors!

  11. 3.1.12

    I really love this combo. I don’t think I look great in orange but am trying to integrate a pop or two into my wardrobe this Spring. I love it with cobalt + navy – this is going to be such a fun and interesting color combo for your wedding, there are so many creative things you can do with it!!

  12. 3.1.12
    Stephanie said:

    Love this post! I’m moving to a new apartment soon and I’m loving these colors as inspiration for some fresh decor ideas.

  13. 3.1.12

    I don’t own anything orange but that dress is so pretty and I would definitely wear that… roll on Summer and warmer weather :) xx

  14. 3.1.12
    Alexa said:

    It’s funny…I’ve been really crushing on those colors too…which seems out of character for me. But anyway…love that dress, Victoria!

  15. 3.1.12
    Neda said:

    Gorgeous color combination…and I think it would make a beautiful accent for a wedding. My wedding location was the same– we didn’t do too much to the place and I loved that. I’m sure you’ll make it all look stunning.

  16. 3.1.12
    alyson said:

    absolutely love this color palette, though full disclosure, I’m a florida gator! i was not an orange fan pre college however more and more, even 10 years later, i’m more in love than ever. love these colors for your wedding.

  17. 3.1.12
    Shannon said:

    I was completely against orange until I married my husband, and after attending countless Gator games, I’m a die-hard orange and blue fan. I’m so excited orange is omnipresent in fashion and interior design right now!

  18. 3.1.12
    Kimberly said:

    My wedding colors are aqua, orange and cream! A great combination! Love the photos.

  19. 3.1.12
    Jessica said:

    Orange is my favorite color, but I rarely if ever pair it with light blue! Thanks for the new inspiration!

  20. 3.3.12

    Complementary colors! Always a great choice.

    I had pink at my wedding (with brown), but it is one of my fav colors.