Behind the Scenes with House of Earnest

Erin is another blogger that I’m lucky enough to have met in real life. And where else? At Alt! Can I let you in on a little secret? I loved her sweet personality and sense of style before we ever met, but after? Totally cinched a place as one of my faves. This girl has it ALL. She’s unbelievably smart, ambitious, hard working, and just so easy to talk to! Not to mention, she’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I know big things are in store for Erin and her blog, House of Earnest. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because I’ve been sharing lots of her DIY posts recently — she’s been on fire! Get her BTS, right after the jump.

Istanbul, Ireland, Cape Town, South Africa, Stockholm, Buenos Aires

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I travel to China a lot for work, and seeing such a different culture has really attracted me to more destinations which have a really rich history and over-the-top unconventional beauty. All of these places are so unique, and offer something different. My husband and I are planning to go to South Africa for our fifth wedding anniversary, so I’ve only got to wait 3 more years!

Good to Great by Jim Collins
Craft Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco
Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Paris Wife by Paula McClain

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We’re saving our pennies and buying up a couple of parcels of land right now to build our dream home. Hopefully in five years, we’ll be done building or in the process, have a couple kids (I’m not really a baby person, but do envision my life with kids, so I should probably just go for it), and be working from home.

1. Complete my floral design education. I’m in floral school right now through a distance learning program. It’s rough to get everything done in addition to a full-time job and House of Earnest, but it is a major contributor to my long term dream (more about that below)!

2.  A blog and branding redesign. I didn’t know a thing about the blog scene or websites in general prior to starting House of Earnest. I just put together the header in a weekend and now, after a year of blogging, am committed to growth and development of the blog and utilizing it as an extension of my personal brand. This is all going to kick off with a new blog design, logo, and a tweak in direction. I am really excited about where things are going to head from there.

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Open a floral and small even design shop. I will start out slowly from home (I already have two weddings this summer!!), but one day want a brick and mortar storefront flower shop where people can buy individual stems, buy styled bouquets, access wholesale flowers, and event styling services.

My friends and family call me Ernie. It started out as Ern (or Big Ern) then morphed into Ernie. My husband jokes that Ernie is short for Ernest and it all just kind of stuck. I love that the adjective Earnest means serious in intention, purpose or effort or to show depth in feeling or passion. I want to reflect passion and purpose in everything that I do in my home. House of Earnest could be read as House of Erin (or Ernie or Ernest) or House of Passion, purpose and intent.

Both Mother Nature and Martha Stewart are my main sources of inspiration. I live on acres of old farmland that has been in my husband’s family for centuries. I look out the window at the nature that surrounds me and see my future here; a big barn house, a huge flower garden, chasing kids around and working from my flower shop. That vision just supports and inspires the actions I take each day to make that dream come true. As for Martha, not only do I think she is an amazing business woman, but I also love her natural, but classic style and vision.

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Putting myself through college was the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve done. After my first semester at a pricey private school, my parents fell on hard times and couldn’t help out financially. I worked three jobs all four years to pay for tuition, books, and living expenses. Even after government student loans, grants and scholarships, there were semesters where I was hours away from being kicked out of class because I hadn’t yet come up with the full tuition payment yet. I just remember the terrible, hopeless feeling of being so poor and not knowing what to do to make a few more bucks and stay in school. Somehow some opportunity always came through and I would make it by the skin of my teeth. I might have been eating microwave rice and pulling weekend double shifts at Cracker Barrel, but I made it through. I graduated with honors and a degree in Biochemistry.

I don’t rest or recharge. That’s why I’m semi-crazy all the time! I guess my resting is doing a craft project and my dining room table with no time limits in the world.

I started blogging in January 2011. I seriously don’t think that anyone thought I would stick with it. I work 12 hour days and travel a ton as an apparel buyer and am really strapped for time already, but I keep doing it because it is really an instant manifestation of my long term dreams. In my world where so many of my choices are for building the future (saving, planning working), the blog really spans the gap between future plans and instant satisfaction. Every day I accomplish something and get to share that with my readers.


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  1. 2.29.12

    Wow, what an inspiration. Her story about college makes me feel a teensy bit lazy ;) Cannot wait to check out this new blog! Thanks for the introduction V

  2. 2.29.12

    Wow is right, seriously what an inspiration! I love that she is constantly tackling 5 things at once, it is a reminder to just keep going and good things fall into place. Also, she is adorable! Thank you for this intro, headed to her blog now!

  3. 2.29.12

    What a go-getter! So impressed with everything she juggles. I’ve seen her blog on your side bar for a while, and I’ve enjoyed popping over. I’ll add her to my regular rotation now!

  4. 2.29.12

    Adding House of Earnest to my bloglovin list right now! You’re picking the best blogs to highlight, can’t wait to get some inspiration.

  5. 2.29.12
    Michelle said:

    LOVE her!! She is pretty fantastic :)

  6. 2.29.12

    Ok, I was already obsessed with Erin, and now I am even more if that’s possible. She’s quite the inspiration :) Thanks for this awesome feature, Victoria!

  7. 2.29.12

    I found this Behind the Scenes particularly inspirational – go Erin!! Thanks for a fabulous new-to-me blog to follow.

  8. 2.29.12
    Jae said:

    Well said Erin. I enjoyed reading!

  9. 2.29.12

    I enjoyed reading this! I find it very inspiring that she was able to pay her way through college. Bravo, Erin!

  10. 2.29.12

    Victoria- thanks for the introduction to Erin! Wow. What an inspiration. In a world that celebrates people who are famous and living the good life for doing nothing, it’s breathtaking to be reminded that there are people like Erin out there working hard to make their dreams come true. Go girl!

  11. 2.29.12
    viv said:

    This BTS was incredibly inspiring! Go Erin!

  12. 2.29.12

    Flower school and living on farmland in the Ohio countryside? Sounds like a charmed life. Thanks for the introduction Victoria!

  13. 2.29.12
    Mills said:

    I really enjoyed this one. Erin is so clear in her goals, definite with her objectives, and also the reason behind her blogging. Her story is inspiring, a great reminder to keep moving forward in the direction of one’s dreams, too. Another wonderful interview, Victoria! Thanks!

  14. 2.29.12
    Hollis said:

    Wow. She sounds so down to earth, yet SO hard working at the same time. I have a hard time finding a balance between the two. The evolution of the blog name is so great, and it really fits! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. 2.29.12

    What an inspiring post. 3 jobs + school… wow. This was a good one.

  16. 2.29.12

    erin is so talented and full of drive. so inspiring!! thanks for sharing her behind the scenes. loved it!

  17. 2.29.12
    Mere said:

    What a beautiful post. Erin’s dreams and written demeanor are so lovely and inspiring. I can’t wait to check out her blog, and I love the evolution of the name!

  18. 2.29.12
    Carrie said:

    While some are finding House of Earnest blog, I’m finding this blog through Erin. Nice feature.

  19. 2.29.12

    Victoria, I so love this series. Thanks for the introduction to Erin. She sounds like such a hard worker and I love her dreams. No doubt she will turn them into reality!
    I absolutely must check out those DIYs.

  20. 2.29.12
    Neda said:

    What a beautiful post. I already like Erin and her blog and I haven’t even visited yet (but will in a second…). I love her honesty and her wonderful sense of self.

  21. 2.29.12
    TheNOW said:

    Ok I am heading to her blog immediately! One of my bf’s wants to open a small floral shop too! I couldn’t imagine a better job than being around flowers all day!!! Erin is so inspiring. k,.. now I’m going to her blog! xoxoxo

  22. 2.29.12
    Kate said:

    It’s amazing what hard work and perseverance can accomplish! Erin is a true inspiration, I have no doubt that she will go places :)
    <3 Kate

  23. 2.29.12
    Pefkohori said:

    Nice books recommendations here, I just hope to grab some time off for reading few of them.

  24. 2.29.12

    I just fell in love with this girl! The college story pulled at my heart strings. That is a sweet accomplishment!

  25. 2.29.12
    Kelly said:

    As always, I LOVE this series! AND I can’t believe I didn’t know about Erin’s blog sooner- especially because she lives in Columbus!!! I lived there for the last 8 years, and as soon as I move I start to learn about all these amazing bloggers…. I need to find the Indianapolis bloggers ASAP!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  26. 2.29.12

    WOW! What a woman!! She is definitely headed for success with those brains and beauty!

  27. 3.2.12
    Jess said:

    I actually hadn’t ever heard of Erin’s blog, and I live here in Columbus! I immediately headed over to her blog after reading this. I will say that I like how heartfelt her interview was and how much we got a sense of her and her life. Thank you for sharing!