What’s Yours is Mine…

It’s no secret that when it comes to style, I like to borrow from the boys. I was cleaning out a drawer in my closet the other day and realized how true this was…some of my favorite sweaters are “stolen” from Joe! It got me thinking about what other things of his I really love. Here are my favorite items I’ve borrowed from my boy:

1. One of the first gifts I ever gave Joe was a hunter green silk blend wool sweater from Banana Republic. It never really fit him that well (it’s a little small) and oddly enough, he was never a huge fan of the color. On me, it’s loose and baggy, but the silk makes it seem dressier somehow. Paired with skinnies and flats, with the sleeves rolled up? Don’t mind if I do!
2. Joe has given me no less than two pairs of his old sunglasses. His most recent donation, some Ray Ban aviators, are my fave.
3. I accidentally shrank a heather blue wool sweater of his once (and by accidentally, I mean, it WAS an accident, but the end result just worked out in my favor). The poor thing was so shrunken, it would’ve looked like a baby tee on Joe (ha, remember baby tees??). On me? Perfect. Cropped just below the waist, fitted, soft. I like to pair it with a chambray shirt underneath for a mix of blue tones.
4. In our family, I’m the one responsible for buying toiletries and keeping our bathroom stocked up. Joe’s kind of a tough cookie to please in this department, because he’s particular in what he thinks smells good and in finding products that work for him. So when Ursa Major sent me some samples of their line of skincare products (thanks, guys!), I was thrilled that he really liked them. He wondered why the face wash ran out so quickly…it may or may not have been because I liked it too! Whoops.
5. I mean, isn’t this one obvious? Old hand me down men’s shirts make the BEST sleep shirts. Plus, they’re undeniably sexy. Extra points when they still smell like your beau’s cologne.

What do you like to borrow from the boys?


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  1. 2.23.12
    Ashley said:

    Too funny! I steal sweaters all the time. My faves are the J. Crew cashmere cotton blend v-necks. He hates when I do it because he can never find them when he wants to wear them. For valentines day he got me my own J Crew mens sweater!

  2. 2.23.12

    I love my husband’s stuff too! His shirts are so unbelievably cozy

  3. 2.23.12
    Annie said:

    Totally agree. All my favorite and best sweatshirts are souvenirs from the boys I’ve befriended over the years…

  4. 2.23.12

    I constantly borrow Stefan’s sunglasses… and his shirts… and of course his Ursa Major products – so obsessed!

  5. 2.23.12

    I love this post! My boyfriend has the BEST Khiels products that I constantly “borrow”.

  6. 2.23.12

    Sweaters are definitely my favorite thing to steal. Unfortunately, I am swimming in anything that belongs to my fiance. But I have purchased a small sweater or two from the men’s department. Great over leggings.

  7. 2.23.12
    Becca said:

    Love this – I steal my husband’s sweaters sometimes as well. They are just so comfy.

  8. 2.23.12
    Alexa said:

    Love the facewash story. Matt is very particular about his men products. For instance he can only use Brut deodorant. Well…when he couldn’t find it at 3 stores one day he flipped. He ordered a case of 50 Brut sticks online…just in case they ran out again. Planning ahead. Ha.

  9. 2.23.12
    alyson said:

    love this! So true… the boys have the best stuff sometimes, especially when we want to be cozy. Love that BR sweater.

  10. 2.23.12
    Kate said:

    I’m all about “borrowing” from my hubs…I love dipping in to his collection of Paul Smith socks.

    <3 Kate

  11. 2.23.12

    Great post – love stealing stuff from my husband. :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist