DailyBuzz Style 9×9: Runway to Real Way

As fashion week winds down, I’ve been having a blast looking through all the slideshows from my favorite designers’ presentations. Just as fun, at least in my opinion, is looking through street style galleries. You see some truly zany things (um, this coat, anyone?), but for every crazy outfit, I can also find one that I think is super inspired.

When DailyBuzz Style put out a call for participants in this month’s 9×9, with the theme of “Runway to Real Way,” I had an idea: find four of my favorite street style looks, then find pieces that could let anyone recreate them!

Being that it’s February in New York, it was no surprise to see most of the fashionistas bundled up against the cold. But, there were still tinges of spring here and there — floral pants, a blushing polka dot shirt, or a vibrant, multi-colored maxi skirt. What I like most about the above outfits is that while every single lady looks ready to attend a fashion show, they’re all still ensembles that the rest of us can wear anytime, anywhere.

Check out how to get the looks, with shopping resources, right after the jump!

Look No. 1:
Old Navy Black Skinnies | Drew Blouse | Double Breasted Cardigan | Faux Fur Scarf | Black Satchel Bag

Look No. 2:
DKNY Floral Pants | J. Crew Cable Knit Sweater | Lace Up Fur Booties | Puffer Jacket

Look No. 3:
Alice + Olivia Skirt/Tank Dress | TopShop Faux Leather Jacket | Platform Heels

Look No. 4:
Equipment Earl Polka Dot Blouse (here or here)Old Navy Cable Knit Sweater |  Old Navy Black Skinnies | Wedge Booties | Halogen Bucket Tote | Sanctuary Faux Fur Coat

How’d I do? Do you have a favorite look here?

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  1. 2.17.12
    christin said:

    love these! i am so obsessed with fancy pants lately. and that maxi skirt is amazing!!! happy friday :)

  2. 2.17.12

    Wow, you nailed this! I am really loving the maxi dress + leather jacket, which usually isn’t my thang but it looks so easy, breezy and effortlessly chic. Happy weekend! xo

  3. 2.17.12
    Giulia said:

    You’ve got talent! This is a great idea and I love the pieces you pulled together for each look. I think my fave is the first one – I have a similar scarf.

  4. 2.17.12

    Looking through the street style photographs is definitely my favorite part of fashion week! Happy to see that faux fur is still in. Maybe I’ll get myself to buy a vest next fall.

  5. 2.17.12

    Ohhh I kind of love those floral pants! And normally I don’t think I would. So cute. Have a great weekend! xo

  6. 2.17.12

    You did such a great job with this! LOVE. I really want to try out Joanna’s look… she’s one of my top girl crushes. :)

  7. 2.17.12
    Tess said:

    This is such an awesome idea! Love this post!

  8. 2.17.12

    I am so in love with the top left girl’s outfit! I love everything, especially her bag, but last week (completely out of the blue) my boyfriend said to me “just please… whatever you do, NEVER wear anything with fur!”. uhhh, sorry love… I’ve been inspired! haha

  9. 2.17.12
    Steph said:

    Wow, Victoria. You’re really good at this!! I’m super impressed with your fashion sleuthing skills!!!

  10. 2.17.12

    You’re good…really, really good! I’m obsessed with Joanna’s look and that polka dot blouse…need it now!

  11. 2.17.12

    This is awesome! Great job tracking those items down :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  12. 2.17.12
    Neda said:

    I think I need to try Layers with a Statement asap! Great looks you put together. Have a wonderful weekend!! xx

  13. 2.17.12
    Kate said:

    Absolutely love Look #2!! Still deciding if I want to do the whole floral pant trend but those are too cute!
    <3 Kate

  14. 2.17.12
    Nnenna said:

    You did really well recreating the outfits! My favorite pieces are the floral pants and the maxi skirt, but I really like all of the looks!

  15. 2.17.12
    alyson said:

    wow, what a fabulous compilation. i have a pair of flowery denims that i got from kmart last year for $2. yes, you read that right! feeling VERY on trend right now. absolutely adoring how you recreated these looks and made them so wearable.

  16. 2.17.12
    Aubrey said:

    The street style has been my favorite from fashion week…as much as I love the designers, it’s just not practical, but these…I could *DO*! (c:

  17. 2.18.12

    You totally nailed it! #4 is my favorite!

  18. 2.19.12
    Bettina said:

    I love that you did a runway to real life post! These are great looks, and I love them even more seeing them translated into an every day ensemble. Love following your blog you’ve always got such great unique content!

  19. 5.16.12
    Lynnie said:

    For look 2, you killed the original look-yours is way better! :)