Happy Friday AND happy three day weekend!! Earlier this week, it was looking like the weekend would be pretty quiet, but now it’s shaping up to be anything but (and I love it!). Tonight, we’re headed on a double date to one of my favorite bistros in the city (if you’re ever in town and go there, you CANNOT miss their Steak Rossini. Heaven on a plate). Tomorrow, one of my best girlfriends is in town from LA, and after a leisurely brunch, we’re going to spend the afternoon (I can’t even believe I get to write this) wedding dress shopping. Cue silent screaming. And in case you’re wondering…I have a venue in mind and a date held, but I don’t want to jinx anything because we still need to tour the space and determine whether it’s definitely “our” venue. Fingers crossed.

Sunday I’m hoping to hang out with a high school friend who just moved to SF from Miami (hi, Rach). It’s kind of fun to have someone who’s known you since middle school be in the same city as you. This has not been the case for me since I left Austin circa 2002!

The best part about the weekends now is feeling like I can fully enjoy it. It’s kind of great. What are your plans for the three day weekend? Do you have Monday off?

LINK OF THE WEEK: This week’s link isn’t just a single post, but rather, a heads up to a fantastic new blog! I met Nikki at Alt last month, waiting in line at the registration table. She told me the name of her blog and it was so memorable, though I didn’t get her card, I still remembered to add it to my Reader when I got home. She writes The Salty Pineapple, and if you’re looking for DIY/craft inspiration, you’ve found your new favorite blog! Go show her some love.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

{Image Credit: Anna Szczekutowicz}


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  1. 2.17.12

    fun! just checked out her site – so adorable! of course I’m a sucker for anything with hearts all over the place…

  2. 2.17.12
    Kirby said:

    Ahhh wedding dress shopping, so fun! Have a lovely weekend and thanks for sharing The Salty Pineapple!

    XX, Kirby

  3. 2.17.12

    Sounds like the perfect weekend! Enjoy it!

  4. 2.17.12
    Rachel said:

    Eeek! Wedding dress shopping and a blog shout out!! #todayisagreatday!

    • 2.17.12
      Leah said:

      hooray for rach in sf!! :)

  5. 2.17.12

    WOWZERS!!!! wedding dress shopping seems like a fantasy world to me. Enjoy it sweets!!!

  6. 2.17.12

    Wedding dress shopping! Eek! So so fun. Be sure to sip on lots of yummy champagne! And take lots of pictures. It helps to figure out which dress fits you best.

  7. 2.17.12

    Happy weekend!!! Thanks for turning me onto Salty Pineapple – I love!

  8. 2.17.12

    Congrats on your engagement. What a happy and special time. I hope you find the perfect dress.

  9. 2.17.12
    Annie said:

    Love the link, thanks for putting her on my radar! Enjoy the weekend!

  10. 2.18.12
    Tabitha said:

    Heading to check out her blog. Love the title.

    Happy weekend.


  11. 2.22.12
    Kelly said:

    Dress shopping! Wahoo! Glad it’s not as leisurely as you’d thought.