Newly Minted

One promise I made to myself when I decided I’d work from home is that I would still get up everyday and stick to a routine. Make the bed, have some tea, and yes — shower and get dressed. After several years in a traditional office environment, it’s no surprise that most of my duds are pieces meant to be layered and paired with simple black or gray pants. I feel slightly ridiculous getting into that kind of garb when I’m sitting in my home office, and instead have been gravitating towards casual pants or jeans and simple Ts.

Problem: My cute, casual T Shirt collection is no longer what it once was in my college days (and I’m not exactly rushing out to buy the young-ish graphic Ts I used to don back then). Solution: StyleMint. You’ve probably heard of all the ‘Mint’ brands by now — ShoeMint, JewelMint, and BeautyMint, but with my current predicament, getting my hands on some stylish Ts I could wear around the house without feeling like a slob was the biggest priority. I’ve ordered the Lenox, Fuller, Venice, and Bleeker, and can’t wait to receive them!

New to StyleMint? It’s simple. You just sign up to gain access to the collection (which is free, and your one login will also give you access to the other Mints), then shop away. New styles are added monthly, and you’ll be notified when they debut. All the Ts are $29.99, and they ship for free! The collection is designed by Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen, and has their trademark cool girl-chic.

Not convinced? StyleMint has been kind enough to offer vmac+cheese readers a 20% discount on their first T Shirt purchase. Just use the promo code CHEESE when you checkout. The discount is good until 2/29, so (s)hop to it!

Disclosure: T Shirts provided to me by StyleMint gratis. By signing up and/or purchasing products from StyleMint, I will receive an affiliate fee.


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  1. 2.16.12

    I LOVE their t’s! I have the Fillmore- two of them. They can be worn around the house, out for errands or dressed up for a casual dinner. They are so soft, too! You will love them!

  2. 2.16.12

    Loving the gray T with the rosettes!!! looks so comfy, and a great way to be comfy and cute!!

    love K

  3. 2.16.12
    Molly said:

    yup – their shirts are the best. so soft! I recommend getting a size up so they are long enough :)

  4. 2.16.12
    SOEC said:

    These are amazing! AH! How have I not heard of this before?!

  5. 2.16.12
    Becca said:

    Cool! I’ve heard all about them but haven’t checked them out yet- think I’ll have to now!

  6. 2.16.12

    Brilliant. I especially love Lenox and Venice.

  7. 2.16.12

    Such a fan of StyleMint… especially all of their striped tees (and those DRESSES!) Such great stuff!

  8. 2.16.12

    I’m so getting that gray shirt! I’m currently going through that period of getting over a regular tee and looking for a more stylish tee, so thanks for the post.

  9. 2.16.12

    Love StyleMint. I’ve yet to order anything though because I’m nervous about sizing though. Do you think it’s pretty true to size?

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  10. 2.16.12
    Whitney said:

    I have been wanting to purchase their shirts, but can’t bring myself to buy one without knowing which size I am. I am a size 1 according to the size charts, but I am really tall ( 5’10”). How well do you think they fit?

    • 2.16.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Molly (above) mentioned ordering a size up for length. I’m quite petite, but I know she’s tall…so maybe a 2?

  11. 2.16.12
    Sweet Nothings said:

    I just got one..everyone told me to order bigger and I got a 4 and that was foolish..but i think it may look cute with my karl lagerfeld leather shorts