Behind the Scenes with What I Wore

I met Jessica Quirk last month at Alt. She came up to me at the Winter Wonderland party and said something like, “I’m SO glad you’re drinking beer. I thought everyone here would be drinking white wine. I’m having a beer too!” If that wasn’t enough to convince me I liked her, by the time we’d each polished off a porter, I was sure of it. Jessica is the blogger behind What I Wore, and last year, she published a style book by the same name. But despite all her success, she’s as down to earth, kind, and fun as they come. I’m so pleased to be able to give you a peek into her life today. And, once you read about her here, be sure to head over to her blog, where I’m guest posting today. Hello, blog swap!

Credits: Georgia Department of Economic Development (Savannah), (Austin), Michael Foley Photography (DC), (Portland),

I love exploring right here in the USA!! I’d like to visit Savannah, Georgia; Washington, DC; Portland, Oregon; Burlington, Vermont; and Austin, Texas.


Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe; Never Let me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro; The House of Tyneford, Natasha Solomons; and Where Men Win Glory, John Krakauer (I love all of his books!)

1)  1960s faux leopard fur coat. Love love love it. 2) Tory Burch skinny jeans that I wear almost every day of the week 3) Collection of Breton striped tees.

Reupholstering a chair and sewing most of my spring wardrobe!

Moving into a new house (and decorating, of course!)

I started taking Daily Outfit photos in 2007 and stored them in a Flickr set called ‘What I Wore’. Now there’s over 1000 photos!

Martha Stewart – maybe the perfect home is an illusion, but I’m going for it. I love everything she does from crafty stuff to cooking to home keeping.

Writing and illustrating my first book: What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style

Right here at home!

I started in 2007 because, quiet frankly, all of my friends were doing it. [I keep doing it] because it’s a challenge!


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  1. 2.15.12

    I like her. Her outfits are completely do-able and even her choices in travel destinations are down-to-earth. Plus, I LOVED that she grew her own wedding flowers in her family’s yard! So sweet.

  2. 2.15.12

    How exciting to see Jessica here, because I think we all inspire to be a blogger like her. She is amazing and such an inspiration – loved learning more about her!

  3. 2.15.12

    So exciting, and fun to learn a bit more about Jessica. Always makes me happy when you hear that someone like she is amazingly down to earth and cool!

  4. 2.15.12

    Love to know more about Jessica :)

  5. 2.15.12

    I loved finding out more about Jessica! Great post miss Victoria

  6. 2.15.12

    You must come visit Portland! I might be slightly biased because it is where I live but really, we have some of the most naturally beautiful places and the most breweries per capita for you beer lovers!

  7. 2.15.12
    Kate said:

    She seems lovely! I love that her outfits are not super trendy but still very wearable and chic. I am so bummed that I did not know about Alt Summit….I would have loved to meet all you guys! Next year… :)

    <3 Kate

  8. 2.15.12
    Alexa said:

    I absolutely adore her style. She makes it seem effortless.

  9. 2.15.12

    What a fab last name! I’ve been wanting a vintage leopard coat forever and after endless searching finally found a suitable alternative from Forever21 – score! Great book list too – some of my faves!

  10. 2.15.12
    alyson said:

    Absolutely love this! I’d totally be the chick having a beer with you two ladies. Think this blog swap is so fun. Adore Jessica’s down-to-earth, yet totally fashionable and relatable/attainable style. I totally recommend Burlington (my husband’s parents have a home nearby). Awesome area. Thanks for letting us get to know the gal behind this blog. xo

  11. 2.15.12
    Chanel said:

    I really want to go to Austin too! I’ve never been and I’ve only heard great things!


  12. 2.15.12

    So glad to “meet” her! Can’t wait to follow her blog!

  13. 2.15.12
    Keren V. said:

    I lived in D.C. for four years and I definitely believe it is underrated as far as cities go. The street style is pretty lackluster, but the architecture and foodie scene are wonderful!

    Austin is absolutely on my list.

  14. 2.15.12

    Oh I love Jessica too! She’s always so fabulous and is the sweetest person! I really like her reading list. I’m going to have to put those on my amazon list! Great post, Victoria!

  15. 2.15.12
    Bettina said:

    Fun feature! I just started following her blog after I saw Crystal’s what I wore remix post. She’s go a phenomenal set of outfit photos there. Thanks for sharing, this was a great sneak peek!

  16. 2.15.12
    Kelly said:

    I love that she wants to travel around the U.S.! This is such a great point!! *Of the places she’s listed, I’ve only been to D.C…. maybe I should add those cities to my list as well!

  17. 2.15.12
    julia said:

    love her blog, she is on my list of daily reads (as are you!)

    • 2.15.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Aww, thanks!

  18. 2.16.12
    Molly said:

    Love me some Jessica! She is just the sweetest… so accomplished but SO down to earth!

  19. 2.17.12
    Jessica said:

    Thanks for all of the sweet comments guys… and thank you to Victoria for having me!

  20. 2.18.12

    I didn’t even know she had her own book – wowza!! What a great feature! xox