It Girl: Hanneli Mustaparta

Are you following Hanneli Mustaparta’s self-titled blog? I wasn’t. In fact, I didn’t even know who she was until I spotted her fresh face on WHO WHAT WEAR last week. “Who IS that girl?” I thought to myself. A quick Google search, and I had stumbled upon one of the most gorgeous street style and inspiration blogs I’ve come across in a while. But apparently, I’m waaaay behind the times (like, embarrassingly so), because Hanneli is hot. In more ways than one!

Hanneli is a blogger, photographer, and of course, model. She contributes to Vogue every now and again. And she has style. Oodles of it. And it’s attainable. I’m loving seeing how she mixes fairly basic pieces throughout the seasons:

Click through to see even more Hanneli fabulousness…and a familiar surprise I came across on her blog (Austin friends, this may interest you):

This last photo is definitely not Hanneli. No, this is a girl I went to high school with. I almost fell over when I was scrolling through her blog and saw it. Hanneli takes amazing street style photos, and I couldn’t believe what a small world it was that she would be roaming Manhattan and just happen to take a photo of the girl who sat across from me in junior year AP English. When blog life and real life collides!

ANYWAY. Aren’t you so hooked? It was basically an immediate ‘subscribe’ for me.

{Image Creditts: Hanneli Mustaparta}

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  1. 2.9.12

    Wow… I had not heard of Hanneli either. She is SO pretty. My favorite look above is the burgundy pants + mustard sweater… great combo.

  2. 2.9.12
    Jacquelyn said:

    I too have missed the boat as it’s my first time hearing of her! She is BEAUTIFUL

  3. 2.9.12

    She IS beautiful! Thanks for turning me on to another blog to add to my Reader!

  4. 2.9.12
    viv said:

    Wow, she is stunning! I’ve pinned several images of her because I seriously love her style.

  5. 2.9.12
    Crystalin said:

    Oh yes, this girl is amazing! Impeccable style and beautiful photos. Can’t believe this girl from your high school was on her blog. Even crazier that you recognized her lol.

  6. 2.9.12

    ahh! yes I love her! She is so awesome and incredibly beautiful! haha so…I can’t help but sing to myself “who’s that girl…..” haha – anyone else??

  7. 2.9.12

    Wow – not only is she drop-dead-gorgeous but she has incredible style! And I love how she takes all her own photos! That is truly impressive (I can barely set-up my tri-pod correctly!)
    Thanks for introducing her to those of us who were clueless as well!
    XO – Marion

  8. 2.9.12

    I’ve seen that golden fall picture everywhere and always wondered who that chic girl was. Now I know! Great find Victoria.

  9. 2.9.12
    Martina said:

    she is my next weeks favorite girl!!!
    i wanted to say congrats to your new being a freelancer!! i am very happy for you! and i think you will continue doing a great job!!!

  10. 2.9.12

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the introduction … I just subscribed!

  11. 2.9.12

    She is definitely one of the best style bloggers…and stunning too!

  12. 2.9.12
    Molly said:

    Love her laid-back hair and makeup! She just seems so comfortable in her skin and doesn’t try too too hard with the clothes either… Basically, she’s perfect

  13. 2.9.12

    good lord, I love her! She looks like a J.Crew ad (which somewhat embarrassingly, is what I aspire to!) LOVE!

  14. 2.9.12
    Annie said:

    yes, immediately subscribing ;) Thanks for putting this on my radar!

  15. 2.9.12
    Katie said:

    Isnt she amazing? What style she has!!

    I meant to stop by yesterday and say congratulations on your new venture! Quitting your job and committing to freelance must be scary and exciting all at the same time! I am so happy for you!! Best of luck

    xx katie

     Katie Carlin-Daily Crush

  16. 2.9.12

    I hadn’t heard of her before– and so am so grateful for your post! What sleek style sense and such classic beauty. Also, I definitely want that bike!!!

  17. 2.9.12

    Okay, you’re out of the loop?! I’m out of the loop! A huge congrats on Vivaleur – I’m so excited for you! I have a couple of foodie friends in SF so I will be absolutely sure to send your name and new biz their way.

    And since you’re a few weeks ahead of me on the engagement train, I’m def going to be checking in for some tips – I have no idea where to even begin…

  18. 2.9.12
    alyson said:

    Wow, she is totally beautiful with an amazing sense of style. Love that bike shot! Thanks for the introduction. Apparently I’m WAY behind the times, too.

  19. 2.9.12

    Yes! I pinned a few of her outfits and didn’t know she was a blogger until somewhat recently too. We’re like so in the know now. :)

  20. 2.9.12
    Aubrey said:

    Oh sure, it’s easy to look fabulous when you are drop dead gorgeous! Um, I’m not jealous or anything…(c: She is completely amazing! I’m obviously embarrassingly behind the times as well…

  21. 2.9.12
    Taylor said:

    wow small word with the friend from HS!! Hadn’t seen her blog at all – beautiful images!

  22. 2.9.12
    Rowena said:

    Hanneli and her blog are just beyond fabulous!

  23. 2.9.12
    The NOW said:

    Ugh she is so gorgeous!!!! I don’t know if I have ever seen her blog!! Going there now!! xoxo elizabeth

  24. 2.9.12
    Theresa said:

    I’m going to join you in embarrassingly admitting that I did not know of Hanneli either. Now I’m thrilled you pointed her out. She does have killer style and you selected just the right images to tease us over to her site. Well played.

  25. 2.9.12
    Lauren said:

    this girl got MAD style.

  26. 2.10.12
    Bettina said:

    Thanks for sharing, it appears I’m behind on the times as well because I haven’t been following her blog. She’s gorgeous and her taste is simply fabulous! Love her classic beauty

  27. 2.10.12
    Amanda said:

    Thanks for the intro! The blog look fabulous!

  28. 2.10.12
    Eileen said:

    I can’t believe I’ve never heard of her either, thanks for the heads up! Def bookmarking now!

    Happy Friday :-)


  29. 2.11.12
    Sarah said:

    Love Hanneli, she is just ah-mazing! Never makes a style mistake.
    These things happen, I only stumbled across your extremely popular blog recently and can’t believe I didn’t discover you earlier! Crazy journey this blog world takes us on.
    Nice to meet you :)

  30. 2.12.12

    I’m so glad you shared her blog and so shocked I am just now finding it! Love her style.

    On a side note, I am getting caught up on my blog reading this weekend and want to send a big *congrats your way! I love seeing bold and exciting career changes. You will be amazing in your new endeavors! :)

  31. 2.15.12

    I adore this girl! I met her blog one year before because my friend told me that we share an air (no way! but she’s my friend and loves me so much). And I found her beauty so special, natural and out of time…Gorgeous!
    And, yes, the blog world is round too! and so smal…
    kisses from Barcelona!