Loving Les Composantes

I’ve been a little obsessed with Les Composantes ever since Erin blogged about it last summer. When I read that post? Immediate subscription to the LC blog. They don’t post too terribly often, but when they do…holy gorgeous photos.

Les Composantes is a French fashion label that makes classic handbags, pretty shoes, and I think clothes too (some parts of their website can’t be translated, and my French is definitely not good enough to tell!). I’ve had their Nola bag pinned for, like, ever, but as best I can tell, they make limited quantities of everything, announce it on their blog when new items are available, then once they’re sold, they’re sold. They also have a section called “Selections,” which includes a unique shop of 100 vintage and contemporary items, only available for 48 hours. You’ll know when new selections are coming, because the LC blog will announce their “prochaine selections” (or next selections). Way to build up demand!

Whether or not I ever get my hands on one of these gorgeous bags, I’m happy to drool over their photos in the meantime. Just lovely, right?

It’s becoming more and more apparent that I should’ve been born French.

Psst — get more Les Composantes goodness (who doesn’t need a little inspiration on a Tuesday?), right after the jump!

I would like that bag in gray, please and thank you.

{Image Credits: Les Composantes blog. Photographs taken by (I believe) Morgan, the founder of Les Composantes. But if my French is totally wrong, someone please correct me!}

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  1. 1.31.12

    Love the oak coloured bag! We’ve just written a post on our favourite YSL bags. Would love you to check it out! http://carrythisbag.com/2012/01/31/why-its-ysl/

  2. 1.31.12

    Oh this is trouble for me … those bags are gorgeous!

  3. 1.31.12
    Rebecca said:

    LOVE!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. 1.31.12

    Whoa…this is all new-to-me, and I adore it. I want those bow heels in ever color displayed!

  5. 1.31.12
    Dara said:

    Gorgeous bags!

  6. 1.31.12

    Wow, these bags are serious perfection! Pinned.

  7. 1.31.12
    ifigenia said:

    the shoes in 1st photo are amazing!
    And of course the bags!
    i agree with the grey, looks fantastic

  8. 1.31.12

    Those are BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been obsessed with bags lately. Wonderful.

  9. 1.31.12

    I love hearing about new lables…especially when they are an inspired brand with personality! These images are simply beautiful in their simplicity and perspective. Thank you for sharing with your readers Victoria!
    XO – Marion

  10. 1.31.12
    Crystalin said:

    Oh yes! I looked through their blog a while back and just fell in love. Their bags are so classic and look so plush. Would love love to get my hands on anything tan. Love this post!

  11. 1.31.12

    the shoes in the first image are so gorgeous and lady-like. I’m kind of in love with the red – they’re the perfect pop of color!

  12. 1.31.12
    Molly said:

    YES! I STALK their photos – so gorgeous. Howwww can we do it like them?! And obvi I would die for a bag too… Someday?
    P.S. I miss your face! I’m going to download skype this weekend.. and Facetime… okk?

  13. 1.31.12
    viv said:

    Obsessed with these images!

  14. 1.31.12

    I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t heard of this brand before. Newly obsessed, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  15. 1.31.12

    Loving that bag!

  16. 1.31.12
    alicia said:

    these are STUNNING!

  17. 1.31.12
    Shelly said:

    OK, I’m sold! I followed the link to their site. Thanks for sharing this, I love stumbling across cool stuff like this. And those shoes… yes, please!


  18. 1.31.12

    Love this shop, so chic!! I would love to have one of those bags too! Thanks for sharing. xo

  19. 1.31.12
    Neda said:

    I fell in love with them after Erin posted about them as well. I haven’t checked out their website for a while so this are a welcome reminder about how much I love their images! Thank you!! xx

  20. 1.31.12

    Oh thanks for sharing this, In love with the bags!

  21. 1.31.12
    sweetnothings04@gmail.com said:

    i want those shoesssssssssssssss

  22. 2.3.12

    These photo’s are amazing. LOVE the look and those bags are stunning.

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  23. 2.3.12
    Phoebe said:

    oh, how I wish I could take photos like that! beautiful colors

  24. 3.10.12
    Silvia said:

    I love those bags! Can you tell me how can I get one?

    P.S. Your blog is awesome!

    • 3.10.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Hi Silvia, Check out the links within the post. They’ll take you back to the Les Composantes website where you can purchase.