Brighten up…

…with a bit of yellow! I’ve always heard that listening to certain songs, smelling certain aromas, and seeing particular colors can help lift you up and brighten your mood. In case you’re stuck in the midst of the Thursday doldrums (and let’s assume with limited access to your favorite song, or a delicious smell — whatever leftovers your co-workers will microwave notwithstanding), here’s hoping this dash of yellow will cheer you up. It’s almost Friday, after all!

Satchel, Cambridge Satchel Co. | Sweater, J.Crew | Tote, Balenciaga | Shoes, Christian Louboutin | Trench, Old Navy | Tee, Anthropologie | Lamp, Jan Showers | Sweater, Anthropologie

{Image Credits: Lemon Bars created and photographed by Treats, Street Style via Easy Fashion, Bike ride via Olivia Compulsive Disorder (originally in Vogue China)}

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  1. 1.26.12

    no better day for this post…..i’m sick in bed, but feeling better already! ox

  2. 1.26.12

    And the smell of Verbena/Meyer Lemon can’t help but cheer you up, as well. It’s such a happy color :)

  3. 1.26.12
    viv said:

    Gorgeous yellow finds!

  4. 1.26.12
    Julia said:

    Loving yellow right now — such a cheery color. Now can that lamp be mine, pretty please?

  5. 1.26.12
    christin said:

    Lemon Bars are my favorite! Now I’m craving them! I really want to add more yellow to my wardrobe starting with that sweater. Yellow was my 2nd grade teachers favorite color. Why do I remember that!?

  6. 1.26.12

    Yes please to everything yellow!

  7. 1.26.12
    Rowena said:

    Sweet color! It totally makes me smile!

  8. 1.26.12

    All the yellow makes me want spring! so cheerful!

  9. 1.26.12

    I think the lemon bars are what did it for me… tart and sweet and reminding me of spring!

  10. 1.26.12

    ooh, I love! That candle is so cool. Yellow is such a happy color – always cheers me up!!

  11. 1.26.12
    Chelsea said:

    The yellow dress on the bike?? Love it! This is such a happy little post. xo

  12. 1.26.12

    I’m obsessed with the yellow pants/blue bedazzled top combo!

  13. 1.26.12

    I just wore a yellow crew neck sweater yesterday! I styled it with a white collared shirt underneath, a leopard print scarf, dark skinny jeans and red patent leather pumps. I was worried the yellow/red combo would be a lil McDonalds-esque but I got tons of compliments! Oh! I wore my glasses yesterday as well! My bf told me I looked preppy sexy, ha! Whatever works!

  14. 1.26.12
    alyson said:

    Fun! What a great burst of color. Those pants and trench would totally brighten my day.

  15. 1.26.12
    Lizzie said:

    Loving the yellow Cambridge Satchel :)

  16. 1.26.12
    Meagan said:

    So many great things here – I love those yellow pants!

  17. 1.26.12
    Neda said:

    Yes to Yellow!! I promised myself that I’d by something bold and yellow for the spring/summer…and I love your picks. :)

  18. 1.26.12
    Taylor O said:

    Have the gap song stuck in my head now… “They call me mellow yelllowww….” Great picks!! That Balenciaga bag is to die for! Love the inexpensive trench too – would cheer me up no matter what the weather! xo

    • 1.26.12

      HAHA, I was singing that to myself the entire time I wrote this post. Great minds…

  19. 1.26.12
    Rebecca said:

    Much needed sunshine on this dreary day!!

  20. 1.26.12
    Lisa said:

    Hi there, yellow trench, won’t you please come live with me?

    Thanks for brightening up this rainy day!

  21. 1.26.12
    Sara said:

    YES. Yellow does make me feel happier. Thank you for posting! That yellow dress is adorable.

  22. 1.26.12
    Natalie said:

    Amazing! That dress with the black detailing on the bottom is stunning!

  23. 1.26.12 said:

    love that little old navy trench! perfect way to test out the trend!

  24. 1.26.12
    meghan said:

    Yum. Those lemon bars look delicious. And this post is so pretty.

  25. 1.27.12

    LOVE that lamp – and I’m now hanging for a lemon slice… thanks for that. ;) X

  26. 1.30.12

    love all the yellow :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist