Because if you don’t bet on yourself…

You asked for it, so here it is! A snapshot from my whirlwind few days at the Altitude Design Summit.

It’s honestly kind of hard to describe the experience. Maybe it’s better to describe what it’s like after the conference. I’ve been dubbing it my “Alt hangover.” Symptoms include fatigue, feelings of excitement, a to-do list that’s a mile long, pining for blogging friends, wishing I still had room service and a steam shower, and more than anything, being unable to sleep because I have so many ideas floating around in my head. Fellow Alt-goers: sound familiar?

Beyond all the learning, my favorite part was getting to spend time with ladies that I’d previously only known online. My roommates Molly and Chelsea? Insta-connection. These girls were so fun, so sweet, and the best roommates I could’ve ever asked for. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without them! Chelsea even bought me a bridal magazine when she got to the airport, before flying in to Salt Lake. I mean, how cute is that? We had a blast getting ready for all the events and staying up late gabbing about our lives. Hello, multi-day sleepover.

Melissa | Megan | Jeanne | Erin | Visual Supply Co.

The sessions I attended included The Business of Blogging, Building Relationships With Ad Networks and Sponsors, From Blog to Book, Growing a Readership, and How to Make Yourself Press Worthy (you can see what all the sessions were here). Also of note was Ben Silberman’s keynote talk. Who’s Ben Silberman? Oh, you know. Just the co-founder of this little thing called Pinterest. Here are some notes I took that I thought you mind find useful (after the jump).


+First rule of blogging: YOUR BLOG IS A BUSINESS. The minute you put up an affiliate link or an ad, you are a business entity. If you haven’t started a blog yet and are thinking of a name, choose one that is not protected by a live trademark, and register it! Register the .com, .net, and any spelling variants. Build a brand that is yours and that you can protect.

+ Be sure to develop a Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, copyright footer, and comment policy. My own suggestion: you can find good language for this online, but if you can, find a lawyer who can help you make it airtight.

+ Claim your blog with Google webmaster tools, and feedburner.

+ Organize your content: make sure it’s regularly-scheduled, original content. Be on top of what you’re going to post, and when you’re going to post it. Consistency of content always trumps frequency of content.

+ Brick and mortar’s have business hours. Your blog should too. Be “open” during the day. Schedule your posts and publish ahead of time. Keep in mind that if you’re on the west coast, east coast readers are three hours ahead. Investigate: do you have a lot of international readers? Time your posts to go up when you’ll get the most visibility. Check out Buffer App — it can give you stats on when your Twitter followers are online and also send tweets out for you. As a general rule, know that most people are online in the morning, at lunch, and later in the afternoon. At Curbly, they publish so that the homepage looks different 3 times a day. If you train people to learn that they don’t need to check your site as much, they won’t.

+ Develop a monthly and yearly editorial calendar. It only needs to be 20-25% of the posts that you decide on theme/content wise. This will help you to fill in the blanks with other content you’ll need to generate.

+ Writer’s Guidelines. Develop a document as if you’re giving it to a contributor who has never been on your blog, so that you can have continuity in your blog (and brand) aesthetic. Give it to guest posters, especially if you want your posts to look a certain way.

+ Never, ever, talk about a brand that you don’t really like just for money. Be sure to tweet brands when you’re discussing them in a post or using their products.

+ If you’re going to begin running ads, check out this website: It provides info on standard sizes for web ads and best practices too! Leaderboards and medium rectangles are the biggest money makers, but must be above the fold (i.e., the break off point on a page, before you have to start scrolling down to see content).

Molly | Chelsea | Erin Loechner


+ Stop showing desperation in posts to make minimal amounts of money. Consider how much you’re actually making from a post with affiliate links before you spend hours on it. Is it worth it? People will come to you with absurd offers. Develop something that is organic to your site. Be picky. Build something that makes sense for your site. If you need to do so when you’re first starting out, give away ads to brands you really love. Guesstimate your rates. You’re going to get them wrong. Redo them! Provide a service to your community. Everyone is a consumer.

+ Know your brand and your value. Build your community first, make sure it’s passion driven, THEN you can collaborate with brands. Having something that you think is super valuable puts you in a position of power.

+ If you want to take someone’s money, make sure it’s going to be a good partnership. Be invested in your sponsors.

+ If you want to dive into the sea of sponsorship, you have to test the waters. Your moral compass WILL come into play. You’ll find a good fit eventually. If they don’t come to you, then you go to them!

+ Pitch it! Always always ask for what you want. Be very proactive. The more outlandish the better. Brands want to remember you. BE MEMORABLE.

+ If you get a crazy pitch, don’t say no. Say, “no, but.” See if you can re-pitch them an idea that might stick, and will work for YOU.

+ Consider your complete online presence. Don’t forget your Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook followers. Think about other bloggers that you know that you could collectively get together and exponentially grow your readership with just a single pitch.

+ Be upfront about what makes your blog special.

+ Big: Consider legal obligations. It’s so important to be upfront and professional. If you’re bartering for product or if you get gifted a product that is $600 or more, a W-9 is going to have to take place. It’s the law.

+Follow up with a sponsor. What worked, what didn’t? Should you discuss a future campaign? If you have time, put together a follow up infographic that explains what you did for them. Send a thank you note.

+ Solve problems. Find out what a brands’ business goals are and what they want to accomplish. Then, when you pitch them, you can show them how you can partner with them to get them where they want to be. Turn it into something that helps them versus something that just helps you.

+ Don’t be that person who will do anything and write about anything and promote anything just to make money. Your readers will know it, and other brands will too. Perception matters!

+ Be aware of when non-compete clauses will come into play. If you work with one particular brand, will it mean you can’t work with others you might REALLY want to work with?

+ These days, CPM (cost per thousand pageviews) range anywhere from $.25 to $10, depending on the thousands of  impressions you get. Be sure you differentiate whether you’re being paid on a CPM basis or a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis.

+ And the best thing I heard: Women are constantly undervaluing themselves. When you ask someone for money, it should make your stomach hurt a little bit. If it doesn’t, ask for more. You’re a business. It’s expected that you’ll negotiate!

Get more downloadable blog resources at The B Bar >> 


+ Make one thing perfectly.

+ Discovering things about the world helps you discover things about who you are.

+ A lot of blogs talk about startups as if they were fated to be that way. But a lot of people are successful because they don’t stop.

+ There are so many things that are just good enough. Why not pick the one that’s most beautiful?

+ My favorite and something that has been resonating with me ever since: If you don’t bet on yourself, nobody else will.

One session I didn’t mention above was a round table called Legal Concerns and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines for bloggers. This was probably the most informative session I attended during the entire conference. Much of this information can now be purchased at The B Bar!

Later today I’ll be back with a roundup of some very talented folks whose work I was lucky enough to come across at Alt. Get your wallets ready! There’s some goodness you’re definitely going to want for yourself.

{Image Credits: Alt Summit Flickr Feed}

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    It sounds like you had so much fun! Thanks for writing these alt posts so that the rest of us can join in a little bit too :)

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    This is probably the best ALT Summit roundup post I’ve read. Thank you so much for all of your information! I would also love to get your notes on the legal concerns. I’m looking to expand my blog and I want to make sure I obey all of the rules. You now have a new blog follower for sure :)

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