Welcome to Mini-Alt Week!

This week, I am so happy to be bringing you a plethora of blogging tips and tricks from some of my favorite bloggers around! Whether you’re a new blogger or a seasoned pro, I guarantee you’re going to learn something. I know I did, just reading the emails from my wonderful contributors. The variety of responses was amazing, and it was interesting to see how all of these women approach blogging differently.

And if you don’t currently blog, I think these posts will still be interesting for you, as you’ll gain insight into how some of your favorite sites put together content day in and day out, and what it’s like to write a blog. Maybe this will even encourage you to start your own!

Here’s how the topics for the week are going to shake out. Get excited:

Today: Growing your community and Photography
Tuesday: Content and Design
Wednesday: Behind the Scenes, of course!
Thursday: Collaboration (think guest posts!) and Sponsorships
Friday: Miscellaneous items — find out what everyone thinks is the best and worst part about blogging, plus lots more.

At the end of each post, you’ll find links to the bloggers who participated in that topic. Please be sure to visit their blogs! Where applicable, I’m also including a list of resources with each post, which will hopefully give you lots of great info to bookmark.

Stay tuned, the first post on growing a blog community will be up very soon.

{Image Credit: Better Homes and Gardens}

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  1. 1.16.12
    Rae Veda said:

    I can’t wait to learn more. That lineup looks wonderful! xo, rv


  2. 1.16.12

    Victoria- this is a fantastic idea and your first post was already great! Keep up the amazing work!

  3. 1.16.12
    Chelsea said:

    Wooh! Can’t wait. Congrats again. xo

  4. 1.16.12
    Jordan said:

    This is a great post! I’m excited to read the rest of the posts this week :)

  5. 1.16.12
    Lindsay said:

    This is the best idea ever! I’m especially looking forward to Wednesday & Friday!

  6. 1.16.12

    What a fantastic idea- I cannot wait for all the advice!

  7. 1.16.12

    Yeah so fun! Thanks for all the tips :)
    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  8. 1.16.12
    christine said:

    Such a great idea Victoria- I can’t wait to see what everyone has to say!!!

  9. 1.17.12
    Archna Sahay said:

    Amazing idea! And a great way to start off the new year as we all set resolutions and goals for 2012! Can’t wait to read the posts.

  10. 1.22.12
    Ashley said:

    loved this entire mini-alt series – so helpful and inspiring! thank you so much for doing it! :) glad i found your blog!

  11. 10.22.12

    Just finished reading all of your posts for this series, and it was seriously SO so helpful. Thank you so much for sharing such great insight and being such an inspiration!

  12. 2.18.14

    This column is wonderful. Whenever we become good at something we do it is always so interesting to reflect back and think “What I wish I would have known…” Such a true thought. Thank you for taking the time to share this information.