Mini-Alt Week: Photography

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Christine, Bijou and Boheme | Alyson, The Average Girls Guide | Julie, Julip Made | Sarah, A House in the Hills | Molly + Sally, A PIECE OF TOAST | Danielle, Breakfast at Toast, The Everygirl | Lauren, L.A. in the Bay


+ Vegan YumYum: Food Photography for Bloggers
+ Pioneer Woman: What the Heck is Aperture? Part I, II, III, IV
+ The Daybook: Photography and Post Processing
+ IFB: How to Take Your Own Outfit Photo
+ Gary Voth Photography: Why You Should Ditch That Zoom for a Classic 50mm “Normal” Lens

Great Starter Cameras:
Canon Rebel XS DSLR
Nikon D3100

Canon 50mm lens
Nikon 50mm lens

Got additional photography tips? Have a question you want answered? Share it below!

{Image Credits: The Sartorialist, Doo3 Flickr, The SartorialistSee Jane}

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  1. 1.16.12
    LR said:

    Love this little series. A DSLR is definitely on my must save up to buy list! Have so much fun at ALT and can’t wait to hear your engagement story!

  2. 1.16.12

    This is awesome! Definitely bookmarking this! Totally loving this series so far :)

  3. 1.16.12
    Lindsay said:

    I love my 50mm. I wish I would have taken blogger’s advice to just buy it from the start instead of the kit lens!

  4. 1.16.12
    Giulia said:

    I LOVE my 50mm lens…and I agree, blogs with photos make all the difference. I find it hard to keep up with blogs that are only text based, although that is a specific niche. I am such a visual person that a photo can make all the difference.

  5. 1.16.12
    Wendy said:

    I totally agree with LR up there. This is a great mini-series that you have and I’m finding so much inspiration from them. Looking forward to more!

  6. 1.16.12

    I have that Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens and I think it is fantastic – so worth the $ – so affordable too!

  7. 1.16.12
    tabitha said:

    This is awesome. Love it.

    PS When I commented on your FB pic of your beautiful engagement ring I got compliments from people thinking it was mine lol.

    Congrats again!!!!


  8. 1.16.12

    love the series! great job!

  9. 1.16.12
    alyson said:

    What great feedback (a 50 mm lenses just went on my amazon wish list!). Thanks so much for the shout out. Honored to be part of your series… can’t wait for day 2!

  10. 1.16.12

    Great advice for the budding photographer in me! Thanks :)

  11. 1.16.12
    christine said:

    Thanks for including me in this series- so many great tips!!!

  12. 1.16.12
    Becca said:

    Thank you for this post. I am just starting out with blogging- and only have the camera on my iphone at the moment. I’m saving up for a camera, and will definitely use this information.

  13. 1.16.12
    Lauren said:

    Love how you put everything together. Such great answers!

  14. 1.16.12

    Great post! I have now read of a few good photographers recommending the 50mm, this has now confirmed it for me and I will be off to purchase myself one. I definately agree about natural light and learning the features of your camera, I am still working through this. I heard a good tip to learn the features, lock yourself in a dark room and adjust the settings without having to look at the camera body… makes you more ‘in tune’ with your camera…

  15. 1.16.12

    Loved this initiative! I’m taking notes as I write, so many great tips! Totally agree with natural light, you can always play with Photoshop but that “unique and especial” lighting touch from natural light can’t be recreated!

  16. 1.16.12

    So much to learn! Off to get a DSLR with 50mm lens (I wish)!

  17. 1.16.12
    Lisa said:

    Great tips! Right now all I really have is my iPhone, but I hope to get a real camera and start taking more photos for my blog in the future.

    Semi-related, but I’d also add that posting all your photos at the same width makes for a much cleaner/prettier blog!

    • 1.17.12
      Becca said:

      Lisa- I was wondering, how do you get all of your photos to be at the same width? I’ve been trying to do that but it doesn’t always work out if I just click ‘x-large’- is it something with the html?

      • 1.17.12

        Rebecca, I sometimes go into photoshop and change the pixel ratio to the width of my blog. I don’t know if that’s an option with other software…?

        • 1.17.12
          Rebecca said:

          Thanks for the advice! I do use photoshop and that seems like it would be pretty straightforward once I figure out the pixel ratio of my blog. Something to explore this weekend! Thanks again.

  18. 1.16.12
    Ali said:

    Great tips, some of the best I’ve seen.

  19. 1.17.12

    These are awesome tips! I definitely found super-sizing photos to make a big difference. Also having a simple editing program (like Picasa) is really helpful to just clean up your pictures a bit-I use it to sharpen and it really helps a lot. Of course, all the editing in the world can’t make a bad photo good, but I’ve found that a little editing can take a good photo and make it better! Something I never knew at all until I started blogging (though I’m certainly no expert!).

  20. 1.17.12

    I needed this post! You know that :)

  21. 1.17.12

    Great ideas! I love your mini-alt week!

  22. 1.18.12

    Love this post, thanks! Have a ball at ALT!

  23. 1.19.12
    Praveen said:

    Needed this post, thanks! I’ve been relying far to much on instagram lately :) I think I’m going to check out PShop Illustrator, I find that Blogger doesn’t allways allow for the best presentation of pictures. Love the whole mini-alt week series!

  24. 1.20.12
    meghan said:

    This is really helpful. I read the Gary Voth article about the 50mm and he suggested that on DSLR cameras, as opposed to manual SLRs, the 35mm is the “normal” lense. Would you still recommend the 50mm on a DSLR?

    Thanks for your input on this!

    • 1.21.12

      Hi Meghan! I do see what he means, but I personally love shooting with a 50mm on my DSLR. I’d say it’s not totally “normal” in terms of how it matches your own sight, but the depth of field is fantastic. You can’t go wrong!

  25. 1.23.12

    Hi – this is a great series. Thanks for putting all this greta info up. I just bought my first DSLR camer (Nikon 3100) and I am now learning to use. it (slowly but surely). Once I become more familiar with using it, I want to advance to using different lenses. I have heard that a lot of people buy a 35mm lens – the 50 is new to me. What is the difference?

    Again, thanks for all this info.

  26. 2.11.13

    hi victoria! i’m new to your blog but i’ve literally just spent an hour reading your old posts. i particularly lobe this series with tips on photos, content, and’re fabulous and i just wanted to let you know =)