Mini-Alt Week: Growing Your Blog Community

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Tamra, Walks With Bella; Ever Swoon | Alex, Things That Sparkle | Gabrielle, Savvy Home | Liz, So Much to Smile About | Lara, Simply Irresistible | Alyson, The Average Girls Guide | Amber, Amber Interiors | Grace, Stripes and Sequins | Julie, Julip Made | Erika, [shop talk] | Irene, designstILes | Rebecca, Young Sophisticates | Liz, Sequins and Stripes | Lauren, L.A. in the Bay

Lucky FABB
Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB)
Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers (CapFABB)
Chicago Blogger Network

Live in an area near one of these bloggers and want to get involved in a local blogger network? Contact any of them! I’m sure they’ll be happy to get you involved. Or, if you know of a great blogger network in your own city, be sure to list it in the comments so others can get connected.

What additional tips do you have to grow your blog community, or meet other bloggers in your area? Share your triumphs (and any struggles, too) in the comments!

{Image Credits: Citydrowns, Home of Pia Jane Bijkerk via Other Peoples’ Houses, Freunde vonFreunden, La Dolce Vita, Three Potato Four, From Me to You, Wish Wish Wish}

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  1. 1.16.12

    This is SUCH a fantastic idea for a series. Bloggers can help each other so much. There is so much to learn! Have a fantastic time at ALT newly engaged lady! xoxoxo

  2. 1.16.12

    This came together so beautifully! What a post, seriously saving this forever.

  3. 1.16.12
    christin said:

    Um, who is amazing? You are. This post is the, LOVE. Also…congratulations lady!!! Soooo happy for you!

  4. 1.16.12

    This is all great advice! Thanks for sharing!

  5. 1.16.12

    You did such an amazing job putting this all together. Not only does it look great but holy incredible content! Thanks so much for doing this, and I hope you’re having a fabulous time still enjoying getting engaged! Congrats again!

  6. 1.16.12
    Jacquelyn said:

    This is such amazing advice and I could not agree more!! Thanks for sharing Victoria :)
    So sad I won’t be meeting you at Alt. Next year!

  7. 1.16.12
    maria said:

    Hi Victoria- I’m not sure if you remember but in the last summer when I firt started blogging I reached out to for advice and you sent so many great tips!

    One that reasonated with me was guest posts; with gues posts I’ve formed relationships (and friendships too) with other bloggers and reached a bigger community.

    Thank you!!

  8. 1.16.12
    jillian said:

    great tips!! i love connecting with others at blogger meet ups and on twitter! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  9. 1.16.12

    Love this series – read it word for word – can’t wait to check back in throughout the week!!

  10. 1.16.12

    You pulled everything together beautifully Victoria! I think the resounding sentiment is that growing a blog takes time, thought, and effort. Shortcuts and fakeness don’t work in the long run. Love this series and can’t wait to read the rest!

    Happy ALT Week lady! xo

  11. 1.16.12

    Wow, what a fantastic round up! I couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am going to share!

  12. 1.16.12

    Wow!! thanks so much for these advices you gathered and shared! love your anticipated thinking.. your set of advices before ALT… loved it!!

  13. 1.16.12
    Annie said:

    What a great post, especially for us newcomers! I’m checking out the blogs of all the people who contributed now! x

  14. 1.16.12

    I love to read blog advice! It’s so helpful and nice to know everyone has the same questions and wonders the same things when first starting out. Such great advice in here from some of my favorite bloggers and some new ones I’m happy to discover! Plus the post looks really great. Thanks Victoria!

  15. 1.16.12
    Chelsea said:

    Awesome! I am really excited about these posts. Great round up. xo

  16. 1.16.12
    Ashley said:

    This is such a helpful post! As a blogger who just started out these are amazing tips. Thanks so much!

  17. 1.16.12

    This is such wonderful advice– thanks for taking the time to make such a thoughtful post!

  18. 1.16.12

    I totally agree that following the blogs you love is key and commenting there is really important. I always make sure to visit bloggers who have commented on my blog and leave a comment on their blog as well as send them a personalized email to thank them for dropping by. Currently, I am having a hard time gaining new readers. Have to figure out a plan to change that. Thanks for this series of posts.

  19. 1.16.12

    Thanks for the wonderful and helpful advice! These are all great tips and I so appreciate them as a new blogger.

  20. 1.16.12
    Tamra said:

    Loved reading the others bloggers comments! Great series idea, per usual! Have fun at the conference. xo

  21. 1.16.12

    This is a wonderful post – thank you so much for sharing! I just started my blog in September and it has been such a fun, lovely learning process.

  22. 1.16.12
    Emily said:

    Thank you so much for compiling all this amazing advice! For someone who has just started out, it is great to hear from those more established and willing to share.

  23. 1.16.12

    This is great, and really helpful! Love the way you did the layout too! :)

  24. 1.16.12

    Thanks so much for the tips! I have been blogging for a year and had such a fun ride.

    Blogging leads me to fantastic opportunities to meeting other fellow bloggers, connect with PR and social media networks, and best of all the best store opening and design shows in town!

    Will keep all these tips on my bulletin board and be reminded daily of art of blogging.


  25. 1.16.12

    This is the best post I’ve read in a while. I think it is so important to network and meet your blogging friends. I’ve been able to meet amazing NYC bloggers, and we are starting to meet up more and more – it’s SO fun.

  26. 1.16.12
    Alex said:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been in a blogging rut and this makes me want to get back into it!

  27. 1.16.12

    Love this! Of course I don’t follow most of these tips any more. Commenting on other blogs is so important to do early on. I’ve gotten really bad about it lately- just only so many hours in the day, and I need my sanity. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the segments you post this week!

  28. 1.16.12
    Martina said:

    just a wow post!!! thank you very much, i am trying to network more… first step you see… commenting!!!

    Greetings from France

  29. 1.16.12
    Traci said:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I started my blag LAST WEEK! I had a great first week, but I really want to get my blog past just my family and friends. I have started commenting on all the blogs I used to follow (but never commented) and a few have reached out to me already. Thank you again and since I can tell from the recent comments you just got engaged CONGRATS! Check out my blog because it is just up your alley!

  30. 1.16.12
    tabitha said:

    Love this thank you.

  31. 1.16.12

    I absolutely love what you’re doing with this series! This is such amazing advice and feedback, I look forward to reading more… thanks for sharing!

  32. 1.16.12
    allsaints said:

    Hi there, yup this article is genuinely nice and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging. thanks.

  33. 1.16.12
    Lauren said:

    Thanks for posting this! It is so helpful, truly!

  34. 1.16.12
    Becca said:

    Really helpful!! Thank you. It’s a bit overwhelming starting out, but these are great tips for connecting.

  35. 1.16.12
    Lauren said:

    LOVE this series! So honored to be apart of it!xoxo

  36. 1.16.12

    Amazing advice, loving this whole series!

  37. 1.16.12

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. And thanks for asking me to participate. Proves my little ole blog has made some strides from way back when I started almost two years ago.

  38. 1.16.12

    Excellent post, this is so helpful. I could definately relate to feeling lonely at the start, but now I am actively communicating in the blogosphere and finding connections, it is the greatest energy boost to see a lovely comment or email from a blog post.

  39. 1.16.12

    Victoria, what a great post! (Not that I expected any less from you). I’m so honored that you asked me to be a part of this series, and I am amazed at what you’ve put together so far. Can’t wait for the next instalment! Big hugs X

  40. 1.16.12
    soanthro said:

    This is fantastic!! So interesting and helpful, and what a great round up of ladies to speak about the subject! Love it, thanks for sharing! xx

  41. 1.16.12

    Wonderful roundup of suggestions and inspiration. Being part of the blogosphere is exciting, lonely, rewarding, obsessive…it’s an amazing world with it’s ups and downs. I so appreciate these ideas!!

  42. 1.16.12
    Lisa said:

    Definitely saving this to Evernote!

  43. 1.16.12
    Kathryn said:

    This is so inspiring, thank you!

    XX Kathryn

  44. 1.17.12
    kristina said:

    ah! this is such a wonderful post w. such great advice ~ thank you!!!!
    xoxo, kristina

  45. 1.17.12

    Thank you so much for this series! SO helpful and generous!


  46. 1.17.12
    fificheek said:

    This was so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to put this together! xo

  47. 1.17.12
    Anonymous said:

    This post is FANTASTIC and so very helpful. I started my blog last summer and found such an amazing group of followers and friends through networking. Thanks so much for this, definitely saving this!!

  48. 1.18.12

    Awesome series!! I need to link up so that I can spread the word…so much useful and great information! Thanks V! :)

  49. 1.20.12
    Natasha said:

    This is fanstastic…I loved hearing what everyone said about the topic.
    I live in a very small town pretty much in the middle of no where in Northern Canada. I wish that it was possible for me to go to blogger meet ups, but the closet community that holds meet ups is 7hours away, and it’s not all that possible for me to plan a trip around the meet ups becuase 1. I don’t know when they’re happening because I don’t actually live there (so why would I get invited) 2. I can’t just ditch my 2 year old Daughter for my blog 3. Travelling can get expensive. So I guess I’ll just have to stick to doing everything else :)…but of course I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out of some of the fun perks of blogging/networking!

  50. 1.20.12
    Joanne said:

    great post…all the advice here is fantastic and works!

  51. 1.23.12

    Thanks for all the advice! I now get how useful it is to network.
    Anybody need a recipe guest post?

  52. 1.23.12
    Ali said:

    This was some of the best information for a new blogger! I am going to start commenting on the blogs I love and read everyday. I cannot wait to keep reading this series.

  53. 1.25.12
    Andrea said:

    Thank you! I’m reading this whole series, which I discovered over at and I’m so glad I did. I’ve just now gotten to the point where I am strongly considering making blogging a business and this has been my biggest concern.

    I’m a new fan. RSS feed, here I come!

  54. 2.15.12

    I appreciate this post as it is a reminder on how to grow my blog, but done creatively.

    My blog is about review public restrooms which I started because I don’t like smelly, small and ugly spaces. I evaluate them on all facets including design which is may background.

  55. 1.23.13

    Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Its a real help to the blogging world!

    Its a great way to discover new blogs as well because of all the contributed comments :)

  56. 1.26.13
    Charlene Castellanos said:

    Thank you for the tips. I am launching my blog in February did not know how to get people coming to my blog. Very good information!!

  57. 2.24.13

    Thank you so much for re-posting this. I just recently discovered your site. (From a pin on pinterest!)
    And this one post has so many resources and tips. Can’t wait to read the others.

    Thank you Victoria!

  58. 2.28.13
    Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes said:

    Just found this and its super helpful! Thanks Victoria! I’m going to be applying these tips for sure, and checking out those blogs above ! It gives me a great idea to encourage a Jamaican blogger network I am a part of !

  59. 3.6.13
    Noor said:

    I am so glad that I found your blog. Its so full of valuable content.

  60. 4.6.14
    Claire said:

    Thank you for this kick up the butt infographic! I do love this blog ^_^

  61. 7.17.14
    Andre said:

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been wanting to write a blog for so long but I always give up after many URLs because I felt like no one would ever read it.
    This post was so insightful, I’m taking full advantage of it.


  62. 3.12.15
    Olivia said:

    Thank you for all of this useful information! Loved the infographic as well. Very clean and easy to read. I’ll be making use of this :)

    Olivia | Simply Olivia