Like a moth to a flame…

I mentioned previously that one of my Christmas gifts included the book English Country House Interiors. I can trace my fascination with the English country house back to the first time I ever watched the movie Emma…and every single Jane Austen inspired flick since! This book features some of Britain’s most beautiful country homes, with an in depth look into their history and rooms that are often not viewable by the public.

You can imagine my surprise when I flipped open one of the pages only to find the most gorgeous chair, upholstered in a flame stitch pattern, staring right back at me. The fabric, with its pinks, grays and turquoise blue, looks so current! But no. The captain by the photo indeed read, “original late-seventeenth century upholstery.” Wow.

It’s amazing that the flame stitch, a form of Bargello needlepoint (or is it the other way around? see below…), still manages to inspire today. Here are a few flame stitch-inspired pieces I love.

One — Urban Outfitters Flame Stitch curtain, $39.
Two — Kelly Wearstler Pickfair Place Settings (LOVE!)
Three — M Missoni Flame Stitch Dress (may still be available in some stores)
Four — Jonathan Adler Bargello Flame Pillow, $168
Five — Jonathan Adler Bargello Worth Avenue Pillow, $175
Six — New Ravenna mosaic wall tiles
Seven — Lee Jofa Holland Flame Stitch Fabric
Eight — Wolfum Flame Stitch Coaster Set, $35
Nine — Bathroom design by Alexandra Berlin

Who knew that what we often classify as ‘chevron’ has such a rich history in the textile world? You can learn more about Bargello needlework here, here and here, as well as a bit more about flame stitch here. Design school grads, help me out — I’m struggling to figure out the exact difference between these two terms! Share your interior design prowess below.

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  1. 1.3.12

    Could not agree more. Absolutely love the flame stitch. Number 6 wallpaper image haunts me! I have had it saved forever! one day I would love something like that in my bathroom!

  2. 1.3.12
    Kelly said:

    Who knew?? I really love 2, 6 + 8!

  3. 1.3.12

    Love this post :) Thank you so much for including me!

  4. 1.3.12
    alyson said:

    Gorgeous. Such a beautiful pattern and love how it showcases the colors. The pillows and wallpaper are topping my list!

  5. 1.3.12

    Yeah, I had no idea there was anything so 2012-looking in the 17th century! Those chairs would be great in a dining room…

    Also, that wall tile in the bathroom is BEAUTIFUL.

  6. 1.3.12

    Big fan of flame stitch and English country myself. Flame stitch is more flame-y than chevron. Impressed? JK I have no idea. But I do know I am in love with that place setting!

  7. 1.3.12
    Rowena said:

    Flame stitch has such great graphic appeal. That bathroom is just fab!

  8. 1.3.12

    really love the dinnerware. It’s understated in color, but the pattern is so unique! It kind of reminds me of a seismograph reading!

  9. 1.3.12

    Love those colorful coasters!

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  10. 1.3.12

    Hmmm…Im pretty sure chevron patterns are made up of just two colors. Flame stitch, as you have so beautifully shown, includes lots of colors and is more jagged? Thats my fashion school grad guess :)

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  11. 1.3.12

    Ha Victoria, the zig zag/flame stitch this has been on my list for my Design Under the Influence series for ages! So glad you covered it. Love the examples, they are all so gorgeous. I believe the flame stitch is just one of many Bargello needlepoint stitch patterns. But I’ll have to look into that!

  12. 1.3.12
    Tamra said:

    I pretty much need those pillows on my couch. It will not be complete without them. x

  13. 1.3.12
    christine said:

    I’m so down with the flame as well- love this post and that bathroom that Alex did…heaven!

  14. 1.3.12

    My goodness those plates are adorable! I still love my flamestitch pillows too. I like that flamestitch is a little ugly. Every room needs a pattern that’s a little risky.

  15. 1.3.12

    This does great justice to it! I do have clothing with flamestitch but have never considered it for the home….this has me rethinking how it looks however, fabulous!

  16. 1.3.12

    So beautiful! I never knew about flame stitch, so no knowledge to share. I have had a crush on #6 for months. Love it!


  17. 1.3.12

    Flame stitch is so fancy. I have some flame stitch pillows posing as Missoni from Home Goods.

    I take a whole set of number two.

  18. 1.3.12

    The anglophile in me is very happy about this. Love that wallpaper — the colors, the pattern, everything!

  19. 1.3.12 said:

    i ADORE that KW place settings! ugh maybe we can do a sale with them lol

  20. 1.3.12

    wowsa, love! I want those plates… and oooh… that wall!!

  21. 1.3.12

    I love learning something new every day!

  22. 1.3.12
    Lisa said:

    Such a beautiful pattern! I absolutely adore those pillows.

  23. 1.3.12

    Love the bathroom by Alex, and the Bargello flame stitch JA pillows. I want to re-do my bedroom all white with those pillows as color inspiration.

  24. 1.4.12
    The NOW said:

    Well you know we love the KW china, but I am loving the curtains from Urban!! They are so cute!

  25. 1.4.12
    Lindsay said:

    I spent a ridiculous amount of time (more than I care to admit!) pouring through your archives tonight. What a gem of a blog! I absolutely adore your behind the scenes features as well. Can’t wait to read more!

  26. 1.4.12
    Nuha said:

    i have a bcbg dress with this pattern…it’s a few seasons old, but I absolutely love it :-)

  27. 1.4.12
    Jamie said:

    Love the Jonathan Adler pillows!

  28. 1.24.12

    Ah! I just stumbled upon this rocking post because we’re working on a flame stitch wall treatment for a client, and I can’t get enough of how cool it is. I think I just love the flame stitch for being chevron’s wilder cousin, though I’m a fan of both.