Happy almost New Year’s Eve!! Wow, the second to last day of the year. It sometimes still sounds weird to say 2011 (and I admittedly have been known to write 2010 on checks this year). How are we supposed to get used to 2012 in just a couple days?

What are everyone’s big plans to ring in the new year? I will be having dinner with friends, then a bit of low key bar hopping in the Marina neighborhood. Of course, I say low key, but even on NYE, the diviest of dive bars become something else. We shall see. I’ve found that after a few glasses of Champagne, I don’t much care where the night takes me, as long as good music and laughs are involved!

Here is a short list of links to keep you sated over the second long weekend. I’ll be back on Monday…see you next year!

+ I adored these notecards, found via Sarah on Etsy. These would be perfect for thank you notes!
+ If you’re not a Champagne kind of person (but, really, who ISN’T?), check out this recipe for mulled wine. Cider flavors plus red wine? Yes, please.
+ Glitter Guide shared this fantastic DIY glittery camera strap.
+ A potential hairstyle for NYE. Looks so pretty and fancy, but by all appearances, is probably very simple!
+ I should’ve shared these sooner, but I absolutely loved these handmade NYE invitations from You Are My Fave. I mean, how festive?? Could be a fun idea for a Valentine’s party.
+ Here’s a non-traditional New Year’s beverage I can get behind: the Champagne Mojito. I also wouldn’t argue if someone put a Society Sparkler in my hand. What about you?
+ Finally, as I close out my 9th year in California, I can’t help but share this video from Honestly WTF. With over 10,000 photographs taken all over Southern California, this time lapse video is just plain cool.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. 12.30.11

    oh wow, that champagne mojito looks amazing…totally adding it to my new year’s menu :) happy almost 2012!


  2. 12.30.11

    I love that hairstyle, so pretty!

  3. 12.30.11

    Champagne Mojito? Whats not to like? I love Kir Royal cocktails also! Have fun!

  4. 12.30.11
    Neda said:

    Here’s to a happy, healthy and amazing 2012! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! xx

  5. 12.30.11
    Tamra said:

    Champagne mojito!! I think I just found my speciality drink! Happy New Year my dear! Cheers to a crazy fabulous prosperous 2012!

  6. 12.30.11

    Thanks for sharing a link to our Champagne Cocktail post! LOVE your blog…can’t wait to see what you have planned for the new year!

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  7. 12.31.11
    Crystalin said:

    Happy New Years Eve! Hope you and Joe have a fabulous night tonight! So glad my 2011 included you and I’m looking forward to so much more of us in 2012 (My brain is already going crazy with all the things we must do) :)

  8. 12.31.11

    Happy New Years, Victoria! Hope you have a fabulous time tonight. My friends will be over this evening. One of them is going to the French Culinary Institute and she is taking care of all of the food so all I have to do is get dressed up and enjoy. Perfect NYE in my book :)

    Here’s to an amazing 2012! xoxo

  9. 12.31.11
    Lauren said:

    Loving that hair do!
    Happy New Years Victoria! Have a great time tonight :)

  10. 12.31.11

    Happy New Year! hugs and blessings to you

  11. 12.31.11
    Rhiannon said:

    Happy NYE to you :) Your blog is so fun! xo

  12. 1.1.12

    Happy happy 2012!