Behind the Scenes with The Lonely Wife Project

It’s safe to say that today’s BTS girl would be one of my besties if we lived anywhere near each other. Hilarious, witty sense of humor? Check. Love of a good cocktail? Check! Likes to read books? Um, CHECK (wait til you read more below…). I’ve been so happy to get to know Sabra, who writes the blog The Lonely Wife Project, over the past several months. She strikes me as someone who you’d always want to invite to a party — super fun, yet down to earth, and bright. I like that combination. Read on to learn more about this fabulous gal and be sure to stop by and say hi on her blog!

Sabra, 28

San Diego

New York — Can you believe I haven’t been there?!

London – Can you believe I haven’t been there either?!

Greece – I want to go to Greece while I can still appreciate drunken partying and island hopping, which means I need to go immediately. I don’t have much time left.

Budapest – It’s my brother’s favorite place in Europe and I trust my brother’s taste.

Japan – Because my husband really wants to go there and he gets to pick our next travel destination.

I’ve read 113 books since I got my Kindle last February so I will likely be reading way more than just four next year, but I will read the following in the next couple months or so:

What Alice Forgot – Actually I’m reading this now. It’s about a woman who suffers a head injury and forgets a decade of her life. That is my favorite type of plot line. See also Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me.

The Paris Wife – I believe this is on every female’s 2011/2012 reading list.

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Sometimes I read a piece of classic literature to make me feel smart and cultured.

Bel Canto – I just finished reading Ann Patchett’s Truth and Beauty (highly recommend), so I’m definitely giving this bestseller a shot.

Catherin the Great: Portrait of a Woman – Royalty intrigues me and this particular royal sounds damn intriguing.

I want a house with a huge kitchen, an outdoor entertaining space and a chubby baby.

1 – Find a way to work from home and for myself. I’m currently working my tush off in the corporate world so I could get all the experience necessary to start my own consulting company.

2 – Write a novel. This is actually my goal in life. I have a basic plot and one sentence. Good start.

Is it weird that I dream of having a backyard? Seriously, that’s all I really want. We live in a small townhouse with a small patio, but that’s what I get for living by the beach in San Diego.

Last year my husband decided to go back to school to get his MBA. Sometime between his full-time job and full-time class schedule, I got lonely. My blog serves as my entertainment. It also forces me to cook and take photos of my cooking.

I’m inspired by my blogging besties. Erika, Irene, Elizabeth, Naomi, Victoria…I could seriously go on and on. Without their creative/gorgeous/hilarious blog posts and emails, my brain would be dull. Also, I’m inspired by magazines and my husband who works incredibly hard and still maintains a positive attitude. I hardly work and I’m mostly negative so he balances me out perfectly.

I’m pretty proud that I married my high school sweetheart and that we’re still married and still best friends and still madly in love. That’s a feat if you ask me. I’m also pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished so far in my career. It’s hard being a young woman in the corporate world and I’m dealing relatively well.

My couch. It’s right next to my coffee table where I like to keep a bottle of red wine and my magazines. Sometimes I move to the fireplace if I get cold. Also, cuddling with my animals helps me re-charge.

I started blogging in August 2010 and I’ve posted five days a week almost every week, with some exceptions. That’s a lot of posts. Although, it’s hard to always come up with something interesting to share with my readers, I feel like I would suffer a huge loss if I wasn’t part of the blogging world. I’ve made some friends and I have a creative outlet. It’s pretty good.

Thanks for having me Victoria! This was fun.

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  1. 12.28.11

    Loved reading about you! And I’ve just started Bel Canto as well– hoping to get a good way’s into it on a flight later today.

  2. 12.28.11

    Love Sabra!!! So fun getting to know more about her. And Sabra, hope you get on over to NYC soon! :) xoxo

  3. 12.28.11

    wow! Sabra and her blog are new to me, and I feel like we have a lot in common!
    She also seems hilarious and I love the book picks… I’ll have to integrate some into my reading schedule to balance out all the corporate psych mumbo jumbo I read.

  4. 12.28.11
    Molly said:

    WAIT A MINUTE – this woman has read 113 books in less than a year?!?! I guess I need to get a Kindle… Wow. Sabra is beautiful – loved, loved, loved learning more about her!

  5. 12.28.11

    Yay Sabra! Loved reading more about you and of course seeing more pictures of the furbabes. You have to write the book… seriously with your sense of humor it would be a disservice to all of us not to!

  6. 12.28.11

    happy to meet her! the paris wife also on my list for this year! got to check her blog!

  7. 12.28.11

    I heart Sabra like nobody’s business. Hilarious, genuine, a daily must-read for me!

    Sabra, I just read The Paris Wife…good! Bel Canto is one of my fave books of all time. I want you to have a chubby baby too. And please get your butt to NYC immediately!

  8. 12.28.11

    Gotta check out Sabra’s blog. Best of luck with the novel and all other plans. I am so grateful for my blog too and the blogging friends I am making along the way.

  9. 12.28.11

    Very sweet post! Loving the love story!

  10. 12.28.11

    Thanks for having me Victoria! Also, everyone, I may have exaggerated just a tad when I said 113 books. The Husband made me count this morning and it was more like 57 since last February. I’m known to enhance the truth every once in a while ;)

  11. 12.28.11
    Aubrey said:

    Okay, I was impressed with 113, but 57 is just “meh”…ha! 57?!?! I don’t know if I’ve ever read 57 books in a year…including when I was a toddler and they took 2 seconds to read. (c: And I’m with you, that is definitely an accomplishment to be proud of marring the HS sweetheart and still loving each other! That is practically unheard of! Keep it comin’, girl…I want to read your novel! (c:

  12. 12.28.11
    Rae Veda said:

    So fun! This is making me want a kindle now! xo, rv

  13. 12.28.11
    Neda said:

    So happy to have found her blog recently…I love her sense of humor! :)

  14. 12.28.11
    kristina said:

    haha! sabra is just so great isn’t she? thanks victoria for featuring her, she’s gotta great sense of humor AND she’s gorgeous!! happy wednesday to the both of you ;) ;)
    xoxo, kristina

  15. 12.28.11

    Sabra, you know I love you girl. Thanks for the shout-out. Whether it be 113 or 57, take away the 11 and the 5 and I’ve read somewhere between the 3 and the 7, so you’re a winning reader to me. No clue you wanted to write a novel. I guess that’s where your love of reading comes in. Here’s to making it to sentence no.2.

  16. 12.28.11

    So real! I’m definitely going to head over and check out the blog. Thanks for the introduction!

  17. 12.28.11

    First of all, she seems lovely! second – I read Picture of Dorian Grey for the very same reason but it turned out to be one of my favorite books :) Highly recommend!

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  18. 12.28.11
    elizabeth said:

    whoops, I posted my bit about how much I love you Sabzilicious on the post from yesterday! anyhoo, I said that I am so proud to be called one of your besties and I loved Bel Canto and Remember Me and am downloading your recs now and I also want a backyard and to go to Budapest with you and am 35 but still appreciate drinking and island hopping and am so proud of your marriage and you will be the best mom to a super fat baby and this post was awesome! :)
    e (

  19. 12.28.11

    So fun! Thanks for introducing me to a new blogger :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  20. 12.28.11
    Tamra said:

    Once again, sabra has me in stitches! Haven’t been to new York? What are u waiting for? Bella needs you here now! And ur furry monsters! If u lived here, we would pretty much hang out everyday. 113 books? Holy moly! Your hubs should be the lonely spouse! What kind of kindle do u have?

  21. 12.28.11

    i think i recognize “the bean” in that first picture right?? i just got back from chicago, so this looks familiar. i will def be checking out sabra’s blog, she sounds like a cool chick/wifey!

  22. 12.28.11

    I’m with Erika. I can’t wait until Sabra has a chubby baby!!!

  23. 12.28.11

    Oh I love her!! I can totally relate to the job situation. Her sense of humor is fabulous. Thanks for the introduction!

  24. 12.28.11

    I adore you!! You make me laugh… sometimes, well most times you make me seriously laugh out so freaking loud I snort! You are one of the girls that I want to surround myself around… I think your a doll and I think it’s awesome about you and the hubs dating back to high school… and GIRL, I’m with you on the back yard, we’re the same way… we don’t even have a porch! :( How does that happen? I’m impressed with your reads too… I need to borrow some of your brain cells. Heart chu!

  25. 12.28.11

    I loved this interview! Off to subscribe to her blog now…

  26. 12.29.11

    Yay Sabra! I am also trying t figure out this self-employed thing. Completely life changing.


  27. 12.30.11

    Wonderful getting to know Sabra a little better on my favorite series, I just love her blog.