Christmas in nine pictures

1. It wouldn’t be a holiday without a fire in our fireplace!
2. Mistletoe we’ve had up for a few weeks. Ribbon and hang job by Joe. Nice, huh? It’s starting to dry out, but Joe says he wants to keep it up all year. I think he likes meeting me underneath it. :)
3. Ridiculously good roasted white corn, zucchini and monterey jack tamales from Primavera. We had these along with…
4. … chili for Christmas Eve dinner. This is an annual tradition that my family has done as long as I can remember, so even though I was on my own this year, I kept it going.
5. Our stockings hung by the chimney with care.
6. Christmas dinner. A lasagna fit for a king. So delicious, I had one too many pieces…and still felt the effects hours later. (Thank goodness for elastic waistbands!)
7. Christmas Eve Eve game night! A lot of fun when it proceeds…
8. …Christmas Eve Eve Mexican food dinner! We tried a new-to-us place in North Beach, Don Pisto’s, and fell in love with their spicy micheladas, and margaritas made from agave wine, instead of tequila (so unique!).
9. A pretty wreath that’s been scenting our living room.

What was your holiday weekend like?

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  1. 12.26.11

    Looks lovely!! All of that food looks fabulous! My holiday was great- tons of food and family. I just got Photoshop and need another week off to learn it… I also need to lose the 5 pounds I gained in 2 days…:)

  2. 12.26.11

    lots of food here too! I have had 3 different kind of tamales the last 2 weeks.. but mainly in holiday parties, not in Christmas dinner.. there my mom took charge of the kitchen with a delicious turkey and “relleno” … I couldn’t fire the fireplace because of my little daughter :( missed it this Christmas!

  3. 12.26.11

    Those tamales look amazing! Are tamales appropriate for breakfast? Because that is totally what I am craving!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  4. 12.26.11
    christin said:

    Oh Lasagna, how I love it. Your Christmas looks so festive and lovely!

  5. 12.26.11
    Rae Veda said:

    I love that mistletoe picture. So cute. xo, rv

  6. 12.27.11
    Amanda said:

    Tamales on Christmas Eve!! That’s a family tradition for us as well! We also did a white elephant gift exchange and wore ugly Christmas sweaters ;-)

  7. 12.27.11

    Oh, your pictures are so great. Looks like you had a fab Christmas, as you should.

  8. 12.27.11

    looks so nice! Have a wonderfully slow week :)

  9. 12.27.11

    Can you believe it’s already over! I need to remember to hang some mistletoe next year.