Style to Inspire: Sara Combs of Gold & Citrus

Today I am bringing back a series that has languished a bit, but I think it is so valuable and so inspiring, that I am going to do my best absolute best to make it a monthly thing! You might remember the Style to Inspire series from this post with Jessica Bennett, or this one with Kristina Hultkrantz. Slightly different than the Behind the Scenes series (which isn’t going anywhere, don’t worry), Style to Inspire let’s us get to know amazing women who are running their own small businesses.

I am always so interested to learn about women who have the gumption to chase after their dreams. How did they get started? What inspires them? What is currently challenging them? Whether you’re starting your own venture or not, these ladies can still offer valuable tips and insights that can be applied to so many aspects of a gal’s life.

So today, I’m re-introducing Style to Inspire with a fabulous blogger and business woman I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting. It’s none other than Sara Combs, of the blog StyleComb and the jewelry company Gold & Citrus! I met Sara at a blogger meetup, and was so drawn to her personal style (and the jewelry she was wearing, which I later found out was her own). She’s unbelievably talented, and sweet as pie too. Read on to learn more about her here, and be sure to hop over to her blog and the Gold & Citrus shop — you might find a good last minute gift for someone you love (or even yourself!).

Sara Combs

Avon, CT

San Francisco, CA

Sara: Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Pinterest | Give or Get

Gold & Citrus: Twitter | Facebook | Website

accessorized, classic, glamorous, textured, layered

My Grandmother has always been a huge influence on me. She not only has an amazing collection of jewelry, but took me to jewelry making classes as a kid. I’ve been making jewelry since!

My favorite ones are the ones that I finish and actually want to wear everyday. That’s when I know that other people will like it too.

The best thing is that I get to make the ultimate decisions. I can make whatever I want!

The most challenging thing about running my business is staying motivated. It’s easy to get frustrated and tired… it’s not a 9 to 5. My business is something that I’m always working on or at least thinking about.

Make sure that whatever you start your business in is something that you’re not only passionate about, but something that you don’t mind thinking about every second of every day. If there is any other job that you would love doing, you may want to consider that because it will definitely be easier.

There are a few moments I am proud of… having my jewelry in Teen Vogue, seeing it on a runway for a fashion show, and doing trunk shows at Bloomingdale’s are a few. Anything where I get to see other people wearing my jewelry gets me excited.

I can’t say that I’m always inspired or creative, I’m definitely not. What gives me inspiration though is keeping myself open to the world – doing new things, seeing new places, meeting new people. You never know when, but random happenings always strike up new ideas.

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  1. 12.19.11

    I was just introduced to Gold + Citrus a few weeks ago and I am completely smitten with her layered designs. Thanks for featuring Sara, it’s fun to learn more about these creative + stylish women!

  2. 12.19.11
    viv said:

    Great series! And her pieces are so beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to this creative lady :)

  3. 12.19.11
    Chelsea said:

    Oh, thank you for introducing me to gold and citrus. I am excited. Great interview and I love her words on staying motivated. xo

  4. 12.19.11

    Gorgeous jewelry! I love this series- I can’t imagine ever starting my own business and have such respect for women who do.

  5. 12.19.11

    Love that piece of advice that she would offer. And REALLY love that necklace above the “most challenging” question. Off to check out her jewels now :)

  6. 12.19.11
    Alyson said:

    loved this piece! have been thinking of starting something similar for TAGG so other women can give real, tangible, helpful advice to others. I do the 5 must haves (thank you again!), however we spend so much of our time working and focusing on success. It’s lovely to hear from others who are creating their dreams. love!

  7. 12.19.11
    Christine B. said:

    Wow! What beautiful creations! Not only is her jewelry beautiful, but I’m impressed by such drive and success from such a young woman. Best of luck Sara (not that luck seems to have anything to do with your success)!

  8. 12.19.11
    Molly said:

    gah – how did i not know about gold & citrus till now?!?! love, love – and sara seems like a total doll face! hope you do make this a monthly feature :)

  9. 12.19.11

    Gorgeous pieces! Great post. It was so great to meet her. :)

  10. 12.19.11
    RECREATED said:

    I love her pieces, they are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing her with us. If I wasn’t finished all my holiday shopping, I’d be purchasing some gifts right now. But there are always birthdays – so I’ll be back to shop soon!

  11. 12.19.11
    Natalie said:

    Oh, I’m so happy to see this feature! Sara is amazing. The end. :)

  12. 12.19.11

    Oh wow, her jewelry is wonderful. Must visit.

  13. 12.19.11
    Eli said:

    Such a great feature. Proud that my boyfriend shot those first two pictures of her :)

  14. 12.19.11
    Tamra said:

    I have such deep respect for women who create their own jewelry, oh how I admire those skills! What a great series, thanks for introduction to such a fabulous lady, off to jump into her bloggie. x

  15. 12.19.11

    Wow really loving her pieces! What a great feature!

  16. 12.19.11
    Aubrey said:

    Okay, that bracelet is insane…it just made my heart go pitter patter (c: Definitely make this a regular thing, it’s awesome!!!

  17. 12.19.11
    Lisa said:

    Fascinating interview, thanks for introducing me to her and her business!

  18. 12.19.11

    This series is exactly what I need right now! Her jewelry is beautiful. Thanks for the intro!

  19. 12.19.11

    I love the mix of raw(ish) materials and chains! One of my favorite necklaces has stones like the one Sara is wearing and I would love another one. I’m glad this feature is back!

  20. 12.21.11
    Lauren said:

    Amazing post on Sara! Love her!! Did not know her jewelry was featured in Teen Vogue! um, awesome!

  21. 12.21.11

    I rocked a side pony tail just like her this weekend. I’m so cool and I had no clue!!!

    So excited!!!! Love it!!!!