Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s already time for another Friday Link Love post. The week flew for me. I’ve been quite busy working on a new little adventure (that I can’t wait to share with you all very soon), and it’s keeping me up at nights and getting me out of bed in the morning. Good times!

Joe will get home very (very) late tomorrow night after almost a week away, and I’m going to try my hardest to stay up for him. It gets lonely when you’re used to having a better half around! I’ll be spending some time tomorrow working on the aforementioned project, as well as some exciting guest posts to share with you all next week. Until then…

+ A couple great DIYs for you this week! First, Nichole from Parlour wrote about making pretty little lacquered bowls. These are so great as catch-alls on an entryway table or on a dresser. UPDATE: Just realized that the Parlour post was a re-post from Stay in the Lines! Read more closely next time, Victoria!
+ Erin has been killing it with her holiday decor and craft projects! I loved her homemade stamp, made using wood and string, which turned simple wrapping paper into something amazing.
+ Anna Jane from the blog See Jane shared a hilarious letter she wrote to Santa years ago. I wonder if my mom saved any of my letters to Santa??
+ If you’re in the mood for soup but yesterday’s potato leek recipe doesn’t strike your fancy, try Sarah’s Roasted Chestnut with Parsnips and White Port. It sounds so luxurious and decadent!
+ This video from David Lebovitz, one of my favorite food bloggers, had me pining for Paris like nobody’s business. I also happen to love sardines, so the pâté he makes in this video is right up my alley.
+ Any Mad Men fans out there? The house featured in the ‘Jet Set’ episode is up for sale. In case anyone has an extra $12M lying around.
+ Pork tenderloin is a great thing to try and make on a weeknight, as it cooks quickly and you’ll often have leftovers. Try Kerry’s recipe for Honey and Thyme Roasted Pork Loin.
+ Alaina takes us behind the scenes of the chaos that ensues when you’re styling spaces and people for photoshoots. There’s beauty in the madness!
+ Finally, three new-to-me Tumblrs that I’ve been following for a couple weeks and am really loving: A Well Traveled Woman, Cubicle Refugee, and Trendy Traveler. You’ll no doubt find photos to pin!

Bon weekend, everyone!

{Image Credit: A Gadabout}

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  1. 12.16.11

    Happy weekend, Victoria!

  2. 12.16.11

    Ooh, love that Well Traveled Woman Tumblr. Thanks for the heads up– maybe I’ll feature it on my blog!

  3. 12.16.11

    I have an extra 12M, thank goodness I have something to spend it on now…. kidding….

    LOVE the well traveled woman!

    Thanks for the link love!!

  4. 12.16.11
    Marion said:

    I look forward to your suggestions every week! I’ve already jumped on Alaina’s blog and joined. Such a great perspective (and so nice to see a blogger share the maddness behind the perfection :-) )

    Happy Friday Victoria!
    XO – Marion

  5. 12.16.11
    alyson said:

    totally love your link love! excited to get out these tumblr pages. happy friday! xo

  6. 12.16.11
    Emily said:

    Jane’s letter to Santa was hilarious! Thanks for sharing your wonderful links each week!

  7. 12.16.11
    Tamra said:

    Love your linky fridays!!! Thanks for all your support this week! We should write a new spin on the book “what to expect when your expecting!” hahahah oh wait. that has a really nice ring to it. let’s discuss!

  8. 12.16.11

    Ahhhh I loved that house!! I’m a huge Mad Men fan (well, Jon Hamm fan I guess).

  9. 12.16.11

    Happy Weekend! I always look forward to your link round-ups. I hope you have a wonderful wkend and enjoy snuggling up with Joe. Stef got home last night… it’s the best!

  10. 12.17.11

    Thanks for the intro to new tumblrs and a new DIY!!!

  11. 12.18.11

    What a delight to see my recipe. Funnily enough, I was like, Look at that someone else made Chestnut Parsnip soup too. Blonde. xo

  12. 12.19.11

    Fantastic series! Sara’s blog is just gorgeous :) I am loving your blog as well…first time visitor here :) So excited to follow along!!! xoxoxo brynn