Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I met my soulmate when I was fifteen years old. Our first date, we went for ice cream. After, my dad started teasing me about my ‘first date’ the way dads do. And I told him: ‘stop making a big deal, Dad. I’m going to go on lots of dates with plenty of girls.’ That was the first time I ever lied to my father. I met my soulmate when I was fifteen years old. And I have loved her with everything I have for every minute, of every day, ever since she let me buy her that first mint chip ice cream. I have loved her through the birth of our three perfect children, and I have loved her even as I’ve hated her — only married couples can truly understand that one. And I don’t know what will wind up happening with us, but I promise you this: I will never stop trying. When you find `the one’ you never give up trying… 

I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. earlier this week and absolutely adored it. Why didn’t you guys insist I watch this sooner? It’s rare that I cry in movies but my oh my how I teared up at these lines. So heartfelt, and so true. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to watch it, stat!

{Image Credit: Kiss the Groom}

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  1. 12.8.11

    Awe, I can’t wait! I got goose bumps reading that. So excited!

  2. 12.8.11

    I totally loved that movie too; watched it twice! I met my soulmate when I was 17. Thank God for soulmates, he is my hubby now for over 15 years.

  3. 12.8.11
    viv said:

    I fell in love with Steve Carrell after his speech! It’s such a great romantic comedy.

  4. 12.8.11
    Natalie said:

    Love that movie! What a great quote.

  5. 12.8.11

    I’ve watched this one more times than I’m willing to admit! so good.

  6. 12.8.11

    I’ve been meaning to see this! definitely need to now . . xx J

  7. 12.8.11

    Ooooh, I definitely need to watch! maybe I’ll watch in next monday while the man of the house is at monday night football!

  8. 12.8.11
    Julia R said:

    love that quote — i’m such a hopeless romantic.

  9. 12.8.11
    Rowena said:

    Lovely film. It gave me the warm fuzzies after watching it.

  10. 12.8.11
    Ashley said:

    Such a wonderful movie! What a great quote:)

  11. 12.8.11

    I loved it and so my husband. It was hilarious, the poor guy tried to deny it and finally confessed he adored the whole flick.

  12. 12.8.11

    I’ve watched this twice in a row. It was THAT good! I bought the movie shortly after and I’ve been wanting to watch it a 3rd time.

    I laughed and cried so hard during that movie.

  13. 12.8.11

    I met my soul mate when I was 15 too! Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll get right to it!

  14. 12.8.11

    Oh how lovely; it sounds like a great movie! I will have to watch it asap! x

  15. 12.8.11

    yay!!! i loved it, too. so good right? and so much shirtless gosling. it was lovely! :) haha

  16. 12.8.11

    LOVED this movie… so so so good… and oh, Gosling… oh…

  17. 12.8.11

    LOVE it and agreed on the Gosling comment!

  18. 12.8.11

    annnnnd crying from just reading it :) lord. what is wrong with me?

  19. 12.8.11

    Okay, I need to watch it. A few others keep reffing it and I just might have to budge. I’m not a movie person. I took up all my movie time by watching Clueless countless times.

  20. 12.9.11

    Reblogged this on Đông Phương and commented:
    Definitely adored :)

  21. 12.9.11
    Jacquelyn said:

    one thought: ryan gosslings abs. I don’t even remember much else (confession)

  22. 12.9.11
    Gloria said:

    These photos are SO sweet! I’ve never seen Crazy, Stupid, Love – will definitely be adding this to my Netflix queue!

  23. 12.9.11
    Aubrey said:

    Gah! This makes me even more mad that I haven’t seen it yet! I’ve been desperate to watch it but I just haven’t gotten the time!

  24. 12.10.11

    Ha- so cute!!! And totally agree. LOVED that movie!!!!

  25. 12.11.11
    Lauren said:

    I loved this movie. And loved that quote. I definitely cried.

  26. 12.11.11
    soanthro said:

    Isn’t it the best?? I feel like that movie deserves more credit than it gets. Beautiful photos :)

  27. 12.12.11
    whitney said:

    I haven’t seen this yet, but everyone has been telling me I need to. Maybe I’ll stop at Red Box on my way home!

  28. 12.12.11
    sarah said:

    what a great story. i’m dying to see that movie. such a sucker for love stories!

  29. 12.12.11
    Ashley said:

    LOVE this movie!!!

  30. 12.13.11

    ended up watching it Sunday night with Matty and we both loved it :) great recommendation!

  31. 12.19.11
    RECREATED said:

    I really loved it too! I’m just wondering how many times you had to stop the movie to type out that entire beautiful quote!

  32. 12.19.11
    Kelsey said:

    I really, really liked Crazy, Stupid Love. I watched it with my mom and my sister, and it was the perfect girls movie. The whole fight scene had as laughing so loudly, too.