Behind the Scenes with Walks with Bella

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today, I’m handing the reins over to Tamra from the always charming blog Walks with Bella. Tamra is one of those bloggers whose passion, energy and love for life are so apparent in her everyday posts. I love reading about her adventures as a New Yorker and a traveler (her photos and descriptions of a trip to Italy this past summer had me green with envy!), and of course, her insights into all things fashion and interiors. Tamra plans on opening up her own event planning company next year, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

 Tamra, 28

 New York City

Hunger games: My fellow Twihards and Dragon Tats tell me this is a must read.
If you have to cry, Go Outside: Always up for some words of wisdom.
The Paris Wife: Heard rave reviews, can’t wait to crack it open.
The Happiness Project: Find more happy?  I’m in!

My husband and I have been married for a little over a year now and we always said that we would dedicate the first five years to just us two and then focus on growing our family.  I couldn’t be happier with our five year plan and I really look forward to starting a family in 4 years.  :)  I recently started an event planning and styling company, so the next five years will be extremely excited as I grow ever swoon LLC.  Lastly, in five years I hope to continue dreaming, volunteering, visiting friends and family, meeting new friends, and living life to the fullest.

I’m currently working on officially launching my event planning and styling company, which everyone will be hearing about very very soon!  Official website to go live in winter 2012!!  Be on the look out for ever swoon LLC updates!

My other smaller goal, which is difficult to focus on when starting a company, vamping up and styling our home.  Ever since I started working from home, I want to change everything!

My company.  Seriously.  I dream about it all the time!  Everything I want it to be, everything it needs to be, and all the dreams we will make a reality for others.  :)

Bella is my almost 7 year old boston terrier and she is the heartbeat at my feet.  I take Bella on several walks a day (she has a tiny tank) and everything seems to slow down just a bit when I’m walking her (she sniffs a lot.)  In the fast pace city I live in, she reminds me to stop and enjoy.  It is easy to get caught up in life, and she reminds me that I’m living my dream (moving to nyc and “making it”).

The blog world!! It is amazing how much my life has changed since blogging and I’m inspired by each and every person behind such amazing blogs.  I’m so grateful for the friendships I’ve made and the network of inspirational women in my life.

 Making it in NYC.

Hmmm I’m not exactly sure if these two go hand-in-hand together.  My favorite place to relax is anywhere on a beach, but my favorite place to re-charge and get my creative juices flowing is with my “girls” together we create a great think-tank.

I started blogging in February of 2011 and my life has been forever changed!  When I started walks with Bella, it was, like for many others, a source for a creative outlet.  It then evolved into so much more as I started creating a network of incredibly bloggie friends.  I had no idea people would want to walk with Bella!  But OK, sure!  There might be some poop along the way, but I appreciate the company!  I’m am so grateful to get to know so many like minded spirits through blogging.  The love and support added fuel to my wanting to start my own company fire.  I’m inspired each and every day, which is we continue to share our walks with you.

It is such an honor to be featured on the Behind the Scenes series.  When Victoria first emailed me, I thought to myself, “Me, she wants to feature little me? Really?  Oh WOW, this is HUGE! I can’t believe it, what am I going to wear??!?! :)”

Thank you again, Victoria!!

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  1. 12.7.11

    Yay I just love this series and Tamra so much!!! Cannot wait to hear and see more about ever swoon!!!

  2. 12.7.11
    budandleo said:

    We love Tamra so much! It was so great learning more about her!! xo

  3. 12.7.11
    Julia said:

    love her!!! she is as sweet in person as she is in the blogosphere!

  4. 12.7.11

    Great inspirations!! And Hunger Games is on my reading list, too : ) Such a cute post. XO

  5. 12.7.11

    I love this series and I love her! She is the sweetest person.

  6. 12.7.11

    I love Tamra so much and her lovely blog. Can’t wait to hear more about her event planning company!

  7. 12.7.11

    Love Tamra what a great feature. Will now have to read more of your blog Victoria – can’t wait!

  8. 12.7.11

    So glad I had the opportunity to meet this hilarious chick in person. She’s a good one to feature.

    I learned a little more about her. We’re like so BFFs now.

  9. 12.7.11
    Lauren said:

    loved her responses on everything, so fun to read :)

  10. 12.7.11

    Tamra seems really cool! I love any blog about NYC so I’m definitely excited to check hers out. I love this series :)

  11. 12.7.11

    Fabulous post Tamra!! Loved learning more about you and I definitely want to join you on that African Safari! xo

  12. 12.7.11

    I love Tamra and her beautiful blog – it was fun to get to read more about her here. The Paris Wife is also on my reading list; have heard such good things!!!

  13. 12.7.11
    Amanda said:

    So much fun to read! What a great post!

  14. 12.7.11

    “The heartbeat at my feet” I just totally shed a tear over that. Of course I’m obsessed with Tamra and Bella and you better believe if I lived in NY, I would be walking the little heartbeat!

  15. 12.7.11
    viv said:

    Love Tamra so it’s really great to learn more about her! We share the same “greatest accomplishment” :)

  16. 12.7.11

    absolutely love your behind the scenes posts – so fun to meet these fabulous women!

  17. 12.7.11
    jillian said:

    so fun! i love this series. it was so great to get to know tamra a little better! she has so many exciting things to look forward to. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  18. 12.7.11
    tracy said:

    Tamara is so inspirational. And wow, starting her own company. That’s huge!

  19. 12.7.11

    I love that you featured the fabulous Tamra! She’s on of my favorite girls. And I even know her outside of blog world and she’s as lovely as she seems. This lady is going to be so successful. Can’t wait to see her shine :) xoxo

  20. 12.8.11

    I didn’t know her and it was great to know about her! she looks really fun and smart at the same time!.. will go and check her blog! thanks for the introduction!

  21. 12.9.11

    Yay! I love reading these Victoria! Could not be happier for Tamra, and so excited about her new biz adventure (psst, I’m helping her with the branding and it’s fab just like Tamra!). So much more to come from this this talented little spark plug!

  22. 12.11.11

    Love Behind The Scenes! and love learning more about Tamra, she’s adorable. Especially love her 5 year plan!

  23. 12.13.11

    Loved reading about Tamra’s BTS!! Wish her all the best with her new company and fun venture! :)