I’m Loving…

1. I fell in love with the Talia blouse from J.Crew the minute I spotted it in the catalog. Too bad it sold out online almost immediately. When I found one in my size at my local store last weekend, I didn’t think twice about getting it!

2. New candles from Anthropologie that are currently perfuming my office and our bedroom (I picked up a Capri Blue in Aloha Orchid and a Voluspa in French Cade Lavender). I used to shy away from spending money on big, nice candles, but lately have changed my tune. It’s such a worthwhile indulgence that lasts a long time.

3. Huggable hangers. I discovered these via Sarah, when she wrote about a closet cleanout. I purchased a couple sets at Container Store and they’re AWESOME. No more clothes sliding off hangers, or hangers that leave marks in your clothes. Bonus: because these hangers are so much thinner, you can fit more into your closet. I plan on buying lots more to replace all my janky plastic hangers.

4. Pure Peppermint tea from Peet’s. I don’t know how I’d be getting through the day without it.

5. These flats are not on sale online. So I have no idea how I lucked into getting them for 60% off in store. Same as the Talia blouse. I didn’t ask questions, I just handed over my credit card.

What’s making you happy these days?

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  1. 12.5.11
    Alex said:

    I got those flats on super sale too! In fact I’m wearing them right now!

  2. 12.5.11

    the fact that you just used the word janky – that’s making me happy :)
    i need to get me some of those fab hangers!

  3. 12.5.11

    Gotta love J.Crew. You can always find cute clothes on some sort of sale! I just converted to the huggable hangers from wood when I moved into my much smaller apartment downtown and they work so well! The clothes don’t slip and I was amazed how much more I could fit in my closet, easily doubled or tripled the amount of clothes I could put in it which is probably a bad thing!

  4. 12.5.11

    Congrats on the two fabulous scores! I love when that happens. And I have to get those hangers. Just rearranged my closet yesterday and it drives me crazy when things fall off.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a great start! xoxo

  5. 12.5.11
    Julia said:

    I got that blouse too and LOVE it. I recently wore it with dark dark purple denim and nude flats. So cute!

  6. 12.5.11
    viviana said:

    I need that blouse asap! Don’t you just love Anthropologie candles?!

  7. 12.5.11

    I tried on the dress of that top at J.Crew (shift, long sleeves, pockets) and was on the fence about buying it. Of course it is now sold out and I am having major should-have-purchased regret. Hopefully it will pop back up too!

  8. 12.5.11

    You know what I’m loving, the fabulously chic look around here- absolutely LOVE the new layout!!! And that blouse…oh how I adore it!

  9. 12.5.11

    Those hangers seriously changed my life! Best investment ever. So are candles actually. I know expensive doesn’t always mean better but it does with candles. Quality matters. Oh and you know how I feel about that shirt. Lucky girl for scoring it!

  10. 12.5.11
    Rowena said:

    That’s a sweet blouse! I love when I’m able to find an item that I previously thought was sold out and it’s on sale no less. I have an earlier version of those flats. They’re very comfy and wearable. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Tea and a macaron are making me happy at the moment :)

  11. 12.5.11

    I am seriously addicted to ANYTHING ANY FLAVOR of Peets!! Yummmm, anything Voluspa too…their products are amazing. And I am really craving something leopard and fun.

  12. 12.5.11
    alyson said:

    you scored those flats are 60 percent off?? wow, insanely jealous! they’re gorgeous (love the fuschia shade, too!).

  13. 12.5.11

    Not surprisingly, I love your list!! That candle looks heavenly, adore the leopard top, and there is nothing better than a great pair of flats!

  14. 12.5.11
    Ashley said:

    Yep, we’re pretty much loving all of the same things!

  15. 12.5.11

    love the top from JCrew!!! and anthropology always sucks me in with their little things for the house they have all over the store.

  16. 12.5.11

    it has been a long time since I dont shop home anthropologie… I should take a look.. I do have 3 candles around the home and love them.. yesterday I bought a striped black and white cardigan at old navy which I am loving.. and these cold days I can’t get enough of my white and green fusion tea.

  17. 12.5.11

    that capri candle is the best smelling candle ever! Other than those Christmas candles that smell like real Christmas!

    And don’t forget to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway!

  18. 12.5.11

    so jealous you got those pieces on sale!! they all look amazing.

  19. 12.5.11
    Jess said:

    Yes! I’m loving the J. Crew top! How lucky you managed to find one at your store! *phew*

  20. 12.5.11

    Ha ha I know! I love that top! I have it in navy. And I have a necklace from JCrew I keep wanting to blog about but it’s not online either – I had no idea they did that!

  21. 12.5.11
    Tamra said:

    That top is everywhere, probably bc I walk by it every time bella and I walk by jcrew, I feel like it is a sign and i must have it!

  22. 12.6.11
    Andrea said:

    I desperately need some new coathangers – some of mine are completely and utterly useless.

    Andrea x