This week was a good week for me. And judging by the sheer number of fantastic posts from fellow bloggers, it was a good week for a lot of people. That Thanksgiving break was just the thing we all needed, I guess!

I can’t put my finger on why this week was so good. Well, scratch that, I kind of can. Joe and I had a couple fun weeknight dates. Our house is decorated for the holidays and it makes me happy every time I walk in the door. I joined a new gym and actually went — twice! I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping done (thank god for online shopping), and had more than my share of peppermint tea. I’m happy. It’s just that time of year!

Below are my favorite links from the week in blogging. There were SO many good DIYs and recipes! Enjoy:

+ In case you missed it yesterday, I was beyond ecstatic to be featured in this month’s Matchbook Magazine. And also honored — this month’s bloggers are all rockstars! Alicia, Jamie, Bonnie, Blair, Taylor, and I are all sharing the best gift we’ve ever received. Check it out (we’re on page 42) if you get a minute!
+ To get you in the holiday spirit, Erika rounded up a very comprehensive list of holiday tunes. I can’t wait to download a few of these this weekend.
+ I’m in desperate need of a haircut, and thankfully, have an appointment next week. Until then, Marion’s ponytail guide saved the day more than once this week.
+ Did you guys hear about the latest H&M collaboration with Marni? Moodboard posted some preview shots of the collection, and it’s good. Like, hoping-this-doesn’t-turn-into-a-Missoni-for-Target situation good.
+ Here’s a great promotion: between now and 12/31, if you donate an old pair of jeans to Madewell, you’ll get 20% off any purchase of new denim. The old jeans will go to the International Child Art Foundation, which will use the denim for art projects. How cool is that?
+ And here come the DIYs! First, I am in love love love with Kate’s super simple pom pom tutorial. How adorable would these be on all your presents this year?
+ Kristen shared a great DIY on making your own glittery polka dot ornaments. I have determined that those stick on dots are one of the greatest inventions ever.
+ If you’re going to make any homemade jarred gifts for people, why not follow this idea for custom labels? Simplicity with a big wow factor for the recipient — can’t argue with that.
+ In food news, I loved looking at these old “gain weight now!” ads from Sabra. To compliment, she also posted a delish looking recipe for lasagna. Yes and yes.
+ Biscotti always reminds me of the holidays for some reason. I thought this recipe for key lime biscotti with white chocolate sounded so unique! And really, you can follow this basic biscotti recipe and sub in anything you’d like: chocolate, orange zest, lemon zest, butterscotch… the possibilities are endless (and delicious!).

Happy weekend, everyone!

{Image Credit: A Well-Traveled Woman}

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  1. 12.2.11
    Ashley said:

    Love the madewell jeans deal. Can’t wait to check out a few of these other links. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. 12.2.11

    Loved seeing you in Matchbook! Happy Friday!

  3. 12.2.11
    Jess said:

    I agree! Thanksgiving Break worked like a charm except now I’m just ready to have my Christmas break as well!

  4. 12.2.11

    Congratulations on being featured in Matchbook!

  5. 12.2.11
    Jacquelyn said:

    EEP! Congrats on the Matchbook Mag feature! I’m off to check it out now. SO proud :)

  6. 12.2.11

    congratulations on the feature! I am just waiting for the weekend to read the issue! this evening!.. and yes! I think we all needed that thanksgiving love and laughs! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. 12.2.11

    Well you really know how to make a girl feel special…thanks for the link love! Those tacky dots are pretty pretty amazing, right? Congrats on the Matchbook feature…I was so so excited to see you there! Great response :)

    Have a great weekend. hugs

  8. 12.2.11

    So glad is was a good week for you! Have a great weekend, dear.

  9. 12.2.11

    Awww I’m so honored to be included!! Congrats on the Matchbook featured!

  10. 12.2.11
    Marion said:

    You are so unbelievably sweet Victoria! Thank you for including me among this amazing list of blogs. It’s been kinda a rough morning, so you def brightened my skies :-)
    And how exciting about the Matchbook mag feature!! You so deserve it! I tell everyone I know how incredibly inspriring I find vmac+cheese. You’re one of my faves for a reason girl!

    XO – Marion

  11. 12.2.11

    I did see you in Matchbook! Congrats! Lots of link love you got there… perfect for weekend surfing. Have a great weekend! p.s. – we still need to grab our coffee :)

  12. 12.3.11

    H&M + Marni – cannot wait!! Have a great weekend :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  13. 12.4.11
    Crystalin said:

    Love the glittery DIY ornaments! I’m in the process of decorating now… definitely with you, this time of the year just me in the best moods :) Hope you’re having a great weekend lady.