Hello, December

The last month of 2011. Yes, it’s cliche to say it, but I really don’t know where the last 11 months went. I mean, really? Wasn’t it just the Fourth of July?

I don’t know about you guys, but this month is going to be jam packed for me — just the way a December should be! Dinners, holiday parties, and (the very best part of all) a week off at the end of the month. One of the many benefits of working for a school!

Yesterday I read a post about The Holiday and had a brilliant idea. What do we think about Christmas Fettucine as the big dish on 12/25 this year? I think it’s genius! (Note: this will only make sense if you have seen The Holiday five thousand times like I have)

PS — Another guest post for you today! Come visit me on The Average Girls Guide, where I’m sharing my five must haves for getting out the door in 15 minutes. ie, I rely on these all. the. time.

{Image Credits: Note to Self 1 2; One December Etsy}

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  1. 12.1.11

    I love The Holiday and just recently watched to get more into the Holiday spirit. But I still don’t quite get what a Christmas Fettucine is. May I should google it. And time sure does fly. I can’t believe I only have 5 more months in Lima Peru.

  2. 12.1.11
    Eileen said:

    Thanks for mentioning a creative day! and I totally vote YES to Christmas Fettucine! Your pics make me excited for winter :-)


  3. 12.1.11
    viviana said:

    I agree! 2011 has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already December. Crazy.
    And YES to Christmas Fettucine!!

  4. 12.1.11

    I was just thinking to myself that Love Actually and/or The Holiday need to be playing in the background as I work today. Happy December!

  5. 12.1.11
    Ashley said:

    LOVE the Holiday!!

  6. 12.1.11

    I just watched the Holiday and think its a perfect idea – you should pop a bottle of bubbly like they do in the movie too! Gosh Jude Law is good looking – not that this has anything to do with Christmas dinner :)

  7. 12.1.11
    alyson said:

    So thrilled to have you guest posting at TAGG today!! And, I cannot believe it’s December either… where did this year go?! So wonderful to have “met” you. Happy December!

  8. 12.1.11

    We do a big Italian pasta dinner every Christmas, so I think it’s brilliant. Happy December love! xo

  9. 12.1.11

    I need to watch that movie for the 7th time this holiday season! oh and the goody pins are great! A friend recommended them to me and I am forever thankful!.. I know time has happened so fast! now.. one more month! Oh my! Happy December Victoria!

  10. 12.1.11
    Molly said:

    happy december, love! if i didn’t already die for my mom’s annual christmas eve chicken curry i would 100% force her to do fettucine…

    p.s. – checked out your 5 must haves and you’ve realllly convienced me on the juice beauty… do you think i can use it in the morning or will it be too oily? also – i was so sick of my old mascara that i picked up some great lash last night and i’m obsesssssed! no clue why i’ve been boycotting it for so long… and dont even get me started on spin pins..

  11. 12.1.11

    I cannot BELIEVE how quickly Fall has flown by! It’s insane. And December is going to be crazy crazy busy. Loved your post on Alyson’s blog!!

  12. 12.1.11
    Aubrey said:

    I’m with you…this year has *flown* by!!! I just can’t wait until the hubby is done with his finals…that is when I can finally breathe a sigh of relief (c: Next week! YES! And I’m totally giggling about the Christmas Fettucine…LOVE the Holiday, I think I need to watch it today…

  13. 12.1.11

    That’s the cottage from The Holiday, isn’t it? It’s so snuggly, but I do think I would have preferred to be Kate Winslet and roll up to Cameron Diaz’s beautiful SoCal home in that Lexus!!

  14. 12.4.11

    I can’t believe it’s December either! This year just FLEW by!! Lovely photos!