At home with Aerin Lauder

I recently picked up the December issue of House Beautiful, and was intrigued by a piece featuring 12 design visionaries to watch. Number one on the list? Aerin Lauder. I’ve long been pinning images taken from Aerin’s various (and fabulous) homes, but was surprised to learn she’ll be launching her own company, AERIN, next year. Previously, she’s spent almost 20 years working for the cosmetics company that bears her grandmother Estée’s name.

A quick search and I was rewarded with tons of portfolios that feature her homes in full. Given her meticulous taste and style, I’m curious to see what she comes up with for AERIN, which according to House Beautiful, will feature “a beauty line, a home line, accessories, jewelry, and eyewear.”

The front of her house has been oft photographed, but I hadn’t ever seen this side view, with a look at the old tree and pretty gardens. It’s a charmed life, for sure.

Aerin’s stunning dressing room. So feminine and glam, with lots of gold (check out the Z desk!) and de Gournay wallcovering.

A New York Post article I found on Aerin quoted sources as saying that she intended to be the next Tory Burch, or bigger. Funny then, that this little breakfast nook reminds me of a toned down version of Tory’s own. (Though I like how bright and cheerful both are, I actually prefer the restraint in Aerin’s version!)

White cabinets, a double range, a big eat in island to encourage people to hang around while you cook…yup, pretty close to a dream kitchen!

I love a little masculinity in a study. I wonder if her hubs had the final say with this room?

A leopard couch! I’m proud to say my grandmother owns one too. She’ll be so happy to know she’s in such stylish and fabulous company.

This signed photo of Princess Grace belonged to Aerin’s grandmother. Love that frame it’s in too!

Girl’s got great style. Skinny jeans, a black blazer, a casual blouse and Converse? Perfect. I’m also digging the better view of that gold hardware in the kitchen.

This house slays me. I think the photographer nailed the lighting with the shots too (well played on the photo shoot timing), but everything about it is so gorgeous. Natural elements, neutral colors, ridiculous natural light, and clean lines. I couldn’t ask for more in a vacation home.

So? Are you lusting after La Lauder’s style yet??

{Image Credits: Vogue: APT with LSD; Vogue: Mountain High; Elle Decor}


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  1. 11.29.11

    yes, yes i am.

  2. 11.29.11

    Dying. I have been gazing at the photos for the last week, and still can’t get over the Aspen home. Waking up in those bedrooms every morning, coffee overlooking the magical views, I mean, yes please!

  3. 11.29.11

    Gorgeous! I wish I lived her life, haha. I love how traditional a lot of the rooms feel but have some sort of twist on them so its not too stuffy.

  4. 11.29.11

    I mean this chic is ridiculous!!!! I would like just one of her houses.

  5. 11.29.11

    just WOW – thats all i can say – WOW!

  6. 11.29.11
    Molly said:

    Haha, great minds think alike! I used an image from Aerin’s Aspen home in my post today… All her homes are mind-blowing… Can’t even really imagine what it must be like to be her on a day-to-day. I hope she blows Tory out of the water with AERIN – we need a new kid on the block to obsess over!!!

  7. 11.29.11

    I love those aspen photos…. I’ve been dying over that library/office.

  8. 11.29.11
    viviana said:

    Wow, not too shabby huh? These pictures are spectacular and I can’t wait to see what her collection brings! Thanks for introducing me to this lady!

  9. 11.29.11
    Libby said:

    the nook is adorable! I also really like the lime green family photos in the kitchen… unexpected, but very cool.

  10. 11.29.11

    I saw the picture of her breakfast nook and before I even read what you wrote underneath was thinking that it looked so much like Tory Burch’s! Love the white kitchen as well – can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

  11. 11.29.11

    SO much goodness!

  12. 11.29.11
    Alexa said:

    Gorgeous…love the kids’ artwork, framed and hung! Such a great touch.

  13. 11.29.11

    Aerin is just awesome and her homes have always wowed me :) xoxo

  14. 11.29.11

    Her Aspen home is one of my faves! Probably because it’s more contemporary. Oh and do you remember her office that was in Domino? Still huge inspiration for me!

  15. 11.29.11

    I love each of her homes but most the Hamptons one! .. OMG I haven’t noticed the similarity between her breakfast nook and Tory’s!

  16. 11.29.11

    Good lord I want to take a bath in that Aspen house!!

  17. 11.30.11

    Love her style and interior design!

  18. 11.30.11
    Jaclyn said:

    Her homes are insane, especially the one in Aspen. I would never leave!

  19. 12.1.11

    Holy moly, that Aspen house is UNbelievable. I would like to have an amazing New Year’s Eve party there. Wonder how I can arrange that…

  20. 1.27.12
    Stevi said:

    Oh Aerin, How I love both of your homes! Please let me know if you ever need a house sitter. I will take good care, I promise!