Long Weekend

I love blogging and Twitter and (oddly enough) being on Gmail. But this past weekend, it was absolutely divine to quite literally unplug, eat (and eat and EAT), get the house decorated for Christmas, and take more than a few naps in front of our fireplace.

Our meal turned out deliciously (I was especially partial to the mashed potatoes that had close to an entire stick of butter in them), and actual Thanksgiving day was quiet and peaceful. On Friday evening, we had a few friends over to enjoy the newly decorated living room, drink boozy apple cider, and listen to jazzy carols. I count our front living room as one of my favorite spaces in our home to kick back and relax, but when it’s decorated for the holidays, it’s especially cozy. I already know we’re going to be setting up camp in there early and often for the next few months!

The long weekend was just the thing to help me hit the ground running this last week of November. I hope you all enjoyed the time with your friends and families!

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  1. 11.28.11

    Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Oh, and the more butter, the better :)

  2. 11.28.11
    RECREATED said:

    Just this tiny snippet of photos makes your dinner look amazing! Decorating for the holidays is fun, but enjoying the festive/cozy space afterward is the best. Glad you enjoyed your holiday weekend.

  3. 11.28.11

    Sounds lovely!! Someday I will have a fireplace. Luckily I don’t have to wait until then to enjoy boozy apple cider.

    Oh and I did indeed make your baked ratatouille as a side. Perhaps not the most traditional Thanksgiving meal, but my family always does stuff a little differently. It was so good! mmm goat cheese.

  4. 11.28.11

    Great photos – and I KNOW! Sometimes it is nice to just unplug and get away from the computer!!! Sounds like a great Thanksgiving weekend..:) xo

  5. 11.28.11

    I am still full of the weekend eat and eat and eat! got to do lots of exercise this week! looks like you spend a wonderful weekend!

  6. 11.28.11
    Marion said:

    Love this post and how you featured the various snapshots from your long holiday weekend. You pretty much captured all the little details that make this one of my favorite times of year! :-)
    XO – Marion
    PS – and I totally recognize that one picture as my favorite green bean casserole! Lol!

  7. 11.28.11
    Jacquelyn said:

    this post makes me feel so warm and fuzzy!
    I love how you displayed your weekend

  8. 11.28.11

    Could not agree more, it is so nice to unplug and recharge, and prep for the wonderful month of December!

  9. 11.28.11

    I share your exact sentiment! It was so nice to not be anywhere near a computer this weekend. Fireplaces are so much cozier :)

  10. 11.28.11
    alyson said:

    soo nice! i also majorly love the three mentioned items, but it was nice to unplug — at least for the most part — to enjoy the time with family, etc. Just need a vacation from all the unplugging though. :)

  11. 11.28.11

    I did much the same, lots of eating, sleeping, watching TV..repeated same cycle for oh about 3 days. IT was heaven!

  12. 11.28.11

    This post gave me the warmies! That sounded (and looked) like the perfect holiday time-off! I can’t wait to do just that when in Canada!

  13. 11.28.11
    Natalie said:

    I completely agree. As much as I enjoy being connected all the time, it was nice to give full attention to those around me. Unplugging every so often is definitely refreshing. :)

  14. 11.30.11

    What a fabulous Thanksgiving! You’re such a San Francisco inspiration!