Almost Time…

On our menu for the big day tomorrow:

+ Hot spinach and artichoke dip (gotta have a good app!)
+ Brown sugar and herb brined + roasted turkey breast
+ Cornbread dressing with bacon, leeks and apples
+ Red wine gravy
+ Roasted garlic and parmesan smashed potatoes
+ Classic southern green bean casserole
+ Sauteed Swiss chard with cranberries, butternut squash, and toasted walnuts (Maybe? Joe doesn’t seem so interested in this)

With the exception of the casserole, I’m creating each recipe. I spent last night prepping lots of the items (making cornbread, getting veggies chopped, making and cooling the brine). I’m going to be a busy girl tonight and tomorrow, but it will be so fun! Completely worth it for that moment when you sit down and take the first bite. CAN’T. WAIT.

I was going through some old archives and remembered I put together these two posts last year: the first, on Thanksgiving wine pairings; the second, on what to do with all your leftovers! The recs definitely still stand, so check them out if you’re at a loss on either front.

[And fret not… Behind the Scenes will be back next week with a very fabulous lady. I just didn’t want to give anyone the shaft post date of the day before Thanksgiving!]

What are you doing to prepare today? For those of you traveling, stay safe!!

{Image Credit: A Well Traveled Woman, Lyla & Blu}

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  1. 11.23.11

    No preparations over here, no Thanksgiving in The Netherlands… beautiful to get inspired on WP though, I could mentally prepare now and do something (meaning a Turkey & friends) next year.

  2. 11.23.11
    Molly said:

    I’m drooling… Your menu looks incredible! Hope everything in your kitchen runs smoothly and your Turkey day is everything and more!!

  3. 11.23.11

    your menu looks perfect. I say go for that last side dish. Its unique and sounds amazing. What’s for dessert?

    • 11.23.11

      We’re breaking our non-tradition tradition of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and making ice cream sundaes this year!! Mmmm.

  4. 11.23.11
    Jess said:

    Yum! Sounds like a delicious and delightful Thanksgiving! Have a great holiday!

  5. 11.23.11

    Amazing menu. I can’t wait to have my own place to host my own Thanksgiving. But for now I’m bringing some sides to my dad’s.

    Pimento cheese green bean casserole with bacon
    Candied yams
    and my special mashed potatoes!

  6. 11.23.11

    OK you are my cooking idol too (told Sabra this as well). Honestly, how do you have the time, you crazy talented woman?? I hope you are going to take lots of pics of your table setting too. I know I’m going to be blown away. Love it all!

  7. 11.23.11

    Almost Thyme. Ha. That first picture looks like thyme. But what do I know, I’m not the chef.

    Everyone’s menu sounds delicious. We’re doing our prepping tonight. I’m looking forward to that quality time with Chef Ev.

    • 11.23.11

      Yup. Nothing better than a glass of wine and hanging out in the kitchen with the hubs. Hope you and E have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!!

  8. 11.23.11

    Your menu sounds too good to be true. BTW, I don’t know if I told you yet, but I’m in love with your blog design!

    • 11.23.11

      Thanks! I really didn’t do anything — it’s all Erika!

  9. 11.23.11
    Susannah said:

    I wish we would have spinach and artichoke dip at my Thanksgiving. That sounds sooo good right now!

  10. 11.23.11

    Sounds INCREDIBLE! Enjoy!!!

  11. 11.23.11

    Your menu looks beautiful! I can’t wait to hear how it all turns out. Good luck in the kitchen tomorrow! xo