Happy Friday! It’s the last weekend before Thanksgiving which can only mean one thing — Joe and I will be making our annual pilgrimage up north to Napa to pick up a case of our favorite holiday wine for Turkey Day. Of course, we can’t journey up to Napa without stopping for lunch somewhere delicious, too. We’ve done this for the last two years and I’m happy that it has become a family tradition that we’ll partake in for as long as we live in the Bay Area. Love it!

Here’s a bit of pre-Thanksgiving thanks for you, too: I am so grateful for all of your sweet comments and emails regarding the new design this week. Really, I can’t take a lot of credit for it. But I was so excited to unveil it, and am happy you guys like the results as well! Thank you for your kind words.

I’ll be blogging all next week (well…maybe except for Thursday and Friday), so be sure to stop in if you don’t have any big travel plans. In the meantime, here’s what I’m loving from the week in blogland:

+ I literally said, “Ooh!” when I saw Annemarie’s post on these DIY chocolate cups. How fun would it be to serve mousse in these during a holiday dinner?
+ Lara is on FIRE. Check out her first post in a short series dedicated to Thanksgiving inspired recipes. I have leftover pumpkins from Halloween and am pretty sure I’m going to make her pumpkin gnocchi!
+ I am thrilled that my blogging buddy Gabrielle was featured on La Dolce Vita this week in an encore presentation of the Dream Home series. I identify with Gab’s style so much, and her dream home very closely mirrors my own.
+ Ellie shared some great legal tips for those that are starting their own businesses.
+ The handheld phone set in this round up from A Lovely Being totally caught my eye. Besides the reduction in radiation, I hate not being able to balance my cell phone on my shoulder, and this is the perfect solution.
+ I’ve been meaning to switch out more of my household cleaning products, but it’s been hard for me to find things that work as well as conventional. This post is giving me the motivation to find some solutions (ba dum bum). Does anyone have any recs for less carcinogenic household cleaning products?
+ And this. I can’t believe it took me as long as it has to figure this out in life. I blame it on being a millenial. But it’s so, so true.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll report back Monday with pictures from my weekend adventures.

And yes, you get a cat picture two Fridays in a row. They just amuse me.

{Image Credit: Middle Child Complex}

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  1. 11.18.11

    Happy Friday! xo

  2. 11.18.11

    Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend (and cook up some gnocchi).

  3. 11.18.11

    The new look is perfection! We used to frequent Napa when I lived in SF…I miss those days! Have a great weekend :)

  4. 11.18.11
    Sweet nothings said:

    i loved those cups too! amazing…have fun in napa!! I have a low key weekend..was supposed to go to dinner for my brothers bday tonight-but my SIL got sick so wer going tomorrow…im petitioning for Whist at the Viceroy. but its not my bday. and he hates trendy. so we may end up at red robin(no joke, that almost happened 2 years ago)

    and today is the last day at my jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbb…..weeeeeeeeeeee

  5. 11.18.11
    Christine B. said:

    Oh a trip to Napa for holiday wine sounds devine! Enjoy! :)

  6. 11.18.11

    I absolutely love the new blog design! Crazy week so I’m just now seeing it – looks so great!! Hope you have a great trip to Napa…. I am so jealous that you can drive two a place I’m dying to visit! Have a great weekend :)

  7. 11.18.11

    Thanks for the lovely mention sweets!! That annual pilgrimage to Napa sounds beyond amazing, and romantic! I need to get my ass back to California soon. We have a few wine regions around here: McLaren Vale, Barossa, Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills. Not Napa but still very nice :)

  8. 11.18.11

    First, that picture is hilarious!! Hubby and I were both cracking up over it! :) Also, I love your new blog design…so chic like you! And I love your Thanksgiving tradition! Have you lunched at Brix before? It’s one of my favorites! xo

  9. 11.19.11

    Wonderful links! About cleaning products – I am a big J.R. Watkins fan. : ) But I know there was a great post on D*S a while back about some cleaning solutions you can make yourself! xo

  10. 11.19.11

    I am such a fan of your blog, so your comments of my post on Erica’s blog were such a treat. Thank you. And I love the new blog design, i’m a sucker for black and white done right!

  11. 11.20.11

    I just checked out the link to the legal tips. Blogs can be small businesses and like any business, its important to protect your business and protect yourself. As a second year law student, I’ve attended a few seminars about the growth of small online businesses. They’re definitely on the rise and many of them are started by young creative women like many of the bloggers here. Have a lovely weekend!