I’m Loving…

A few things I’m loving right now…

1. I bought these pants a while ago when they had a few of the colors on sale. I like that I can lay around the house in them all weekend, but if we leave at a moment’s notice for the grocery or to pick up take out, changing into a publicly acceptable outfit is no problem. It’s the little things, isn’t it?

2. Larabars have become my go-to breakfast of choice…that is, when I remember to eat breakfast. I buy lots of them at a time and stick them in a drawer at work and at home. They’re a great snack, and in the morning, are perfect with a cup of tea. I’m especially partial to the apple pie flavor.

3. I ordered these booties in two colors and was stoked to receive them in the mail yesterday! They’re available (in some sizes) on Piperlime, on Zappos (where they’re pricier), and also Amazon, where I got them for the best price of all.

4. It may be too early for a tree, but last weekend, I played the Pandora jazz holiday station for hours. It’s the perfect station for holiday music in my opinion — nothing too church-y, or too pop-y (I’m looking at you, Mariah Carey Christmas songs). One album they play a lot of is Christmas Songs from the Eddie Higgins Trio. It’s great! Be sure to add this station to your Pandora mix. Just type in “jazz holidays,” and trust me, you’ll find it.

5. I’ve long been a proponent of proprietary red blends from reputable California producers. Because the wine isn’t varietal specific, winemakers don’t have to blend it to make it match a certain taste profile, resulting in interesting and often affordable vino. This one, from Raymond Vineyards, is the 2009 R Collection Field Blend, and goes for about $12-15, depending on the store you find it in. We discovered it at one of our fave shops in SF!

6. I’ve had so much going on that lately, staying organized with online tools just wasn’t cutting it. I knew it was probably time to go back to a paper based planner. I haven’t had a paper planner since high school, but it was fun selecting this one from Paper Source. I appreciated that the calendar started in November and runs through January 2013, too!

7. I’m narrowing down my Thanksgiving menu options! This year, instead of our typical dinner of a vat of mac and cheese, we’ll be going a bit more traditional with a brined, roasted turkey breast and sides. Today, I’m over at Breakfast at Toast as part of Danielle’s Week of Thanks series, sharing my recipe for butternut squash gratin. It’s one of Joe’s favorites, and is definitely a contender for our Thanksgiving menu. Check it out!

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  1. 11.15.11

    Love those booties and definitely trying that wine. Discovering new reds is the best :)

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  2. 11.15.11

    I have those same pants, Spencer is horrified of them, he thinks they look like long underwear! Boo on boys! And yes, those Paper Source planners are the best!

  3. 11.15.11
    Julia said:

    I am obsessed with my Paper Source planner! So perfectly simple.

  4. 11.15.11

    LOVING those booties and selfishly wanting a pair for myself too :) Will be e-mailing you under separate cover to know which colour you ordered them in.

  5. 11.15.11
    Alex said:

    you’ve convinced me to try those lara bars!

  6. 11.15.11
    Ashley said:

    Love the boots! I never thought to check Amazon for shoes!

  7. 11.15.11
    Marion said:

    1) Your new website design is gorgeous!! I’m really loving how clean it is…
    2) Those booties are perfection. Seriously. I’m adding them to my “Honey, can I buy these?” list. :-)
    3) I love a good red wine find. Especially under $20. I’m thinking about doing a post soon with a few of my favorites in time for the Thanksgiving table…

    Fabulous post!!
    XO – Marion

  8. 11.15.11

    I’ve had my eye on those J.Crew pants for some time now. I think I may need to make the purchase. They look like the perfect pants to lounge around in.. without being too loungy. I’m waiting until after Thanksgiving to break out the Christmas music but I’m veryyy excited.

  9. 11.15.11

    Those weekend pants from J.Crew looks sooooo comfy! And I am desperately searching for a nice date book. Good picks! (And your collages are amazing!!!)

  10. 11.15.11
    Molly said:

    I have those pants – omg they are. the. best. And now I think I need to copy you on your booties… Do you care? Will you still be my friend? They are too fab

  11. 11.15.11

    Love these booties and really want those comfy leggings! Great picks!

  12. 11.15.11

    In case anyone is wondering…I’m wearing the booties today in black and they’re AMAZING. Highly recommend you order. Super comfortable and super cute. Go with Amazon for sure — such a steal over there!

  13. 11.15.11
    soanthro said:

    I have that Paper Source planner :) It’s perfect and the color is even prettier in person!

  14. 11.15.11

    I have that exact paper source planner for 2011 – I absolutely LOVE it. The stickers in the front are so cute too :) And those pants look so comfy!

  15. 11.15.11

    I need those pants…and those booties…and an invite to your house for Thanksgiving!

  16. 11.15.11
    Jackie said:

    I adore that whole outfit from j. crew-if only they made those pants in long i would have like 25 pairs. love the booties too. i love your whole photo collage! if you don’t mind my asking, what program do you use to create those?



  17. 11.15.11

    I hear ya on staying organized with electronic tools. It is so easy to overlook! Perhaps that #5 red wine doesn’t help my cause.

    So I bought the new Michael Bublé Christmas CD and yes, listened to it today! Heart him.

  18. 11.16.11
    Aubrey said:

    I am definitely getting those leggings…I mean, you had totally convinced me at “lay around the house all day” but being able to make the switch from lounge to out??? A definite must! Thanks for the suggestion, girl! And I’m loving those booties…so darling!