The Second Annual Design Book (and beyond!) Wish List

1. Glamorous Rooms | 2. Versailles: A Private Invitation | 3. Dior Couture | 4. Vanity Fair: Portraits | 5. Taschen’s Paris | 6. English Country House Interiors | 7. Tom Ford | 8. The Perfectly Imperfect Home | 9. What People Wore When | 10. In Vogue: An Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine

Last year I wrote a short post about coffee table books I was craving. I did end up with two of them, so in the spirit of gift guides, tradition, and me having a house full of pretty, covetable books, I thought I’d round up a few more that have been added to my wish list since. These types of books are the perfect gift, for me at least. I spend all year obsessing about them (my Amazon wish list is constantly growing!), but I never seem to bite the bullet and gift myself with one. Can anyone else relate?

Do any of these books strike your fancy? What’s something you would never buy for yourself, but would love to receive as a gift?

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  1. 11.14.11

    Love these! Great ideas!

  2. 11.14.11

    I have the Tom Ford book on my Christmas list too but because of this post, I’m adding the Versailles one as well. Visiting Versailles is definitely on my bucket list after watching Marie Antoinette a few years back.

  3. 11.14.11

    I have the Mario Testino book on my wish list! I also love when I’m gifted fancy lotions and candles that I have a hard time buying for myself.

  4. 11.14.11
    Tamra said:

    I completely relate! I have a few of those on my amazon wish list, Versailles, VF, Tom Ford. I love giving those books, but I can’t ever seem to buy them for myself. Perfect gifts. Keepsakes forever!

  5. 11.14.11

    Oh my gosh, book #9 about the clothing is right up my alley! I love dragging N to history museums on vacation and learning about how people lived day to day. Surprisingly, he is not interested :)

  6. 11.14.11
    Libby said:

    Yes! I am such a library fanatic that I find it so hard to actually buy books. However, books I know I will forever be turning to, I have bought (ie, “domino” and a few others)… I think “The Perfectly Imperfect Home” is next!

  7. 11.14.11
    viviana said:

    I’m dying for the Tom Ford book! But all these sound superb.

  8. 11.14.11
    Steph said:

    I have #9! My sister got it for me as a present, for if I have to do research for future projects or something. It’s pretty interesting. Nice illustrations!

  9. 11.15.11
    Lauren said:

    I have been wanting the The perfectly imperfect home too!!

  10. 11.15.11
    rooth said:

    I love coffee table books but couldn’t imagine myself buying any for myself until I have a massive coffee table or bookshelf to display them all