DIY Holiday Invitations

I’m not typically one to attempt arts and crafts at home for no good reason. However, when my grandmother contacted me and asked me to create invitations for a holiday lunch she’s hosting, how could I say no? It was also the perfect excuse to run amok in Paper Source and buy some fun things I’ve been eyeing for a while.

I’m glad I said yes, because in the end, I am so pleased with how these invites turned out! Today, I wanted to share some tips and tricks for what I did, in case you’d like to create anything similar for your own holiday party or for greeting cards any time of year.

Here’s what I purchased from Paper Source:

1 package A6 notecards in pure white
1 package A6 envelopes in antique gold
+ 2 snowflake stamps, in various sizes (here and here)
+ Embossing powders in Queen’s gold and Bridal (which appears sparkly)
VersaMark stamp pad (you must use a stamp pad that will allow you to emboss!)
1 embossing heat tool
1 package red decorative mailing labels
1 sheet of grey houndstooth specialty paper, for lining the envelopes
Tape Runner XL, or you could use your own double sided tape

While this might sound like a lot, I only had to create 6 invites, so I ended up with plenty of leftover supplies. I plan on using these in the future either to make my own holiday cards, or for another project.

First, I created the lining for the envelopes. Using a template (which is available for purchase, but luckily, the very sweet girl at Paper Source just cut me one out of card stock), I traced along the edges on the back of the houndstooth paper in pencil. I made sure to trace each lining as close as I could to another, just like when you’re cutting cookies out of dough. I was hoping I could save some of the paper for something else! After everything was traced, I carefully cut each liner out with regular scissors. Paper Source had recommended an X-acto knife, but in the past, I’ve had terrible results with those — I always end up ruining the cut somehow.

The liners were inserted into each envelope. I made sure to fold the envelope flap closed to create a good crease, then applied the tape runner just under the adhesive strip and pressed the liner into place. Voilà! Pretty, lined envelopes. So easy. This is definitely the easiest, most affordable thing one could do to jazz up cards of any variety.

On the front of each envelope, I stamped out a few snowflakes and embossed them with the Bridal powder for a sparkly finish (see more on embossing below). I made sure to leave plenty of room for the decorative address label.

In Photoshop, I created a simple invitation to print on the notecards (I kept things pretty traditional…they are being sent to a group of women aged 65+!). Once my grandmother approved the copy, I printed them out, being sure to leave room along the side borders for more embossing. I stamped out more snowflakes, choosing to make the larger snowflakes gold and the smaller ones sparkly. Then, I addressed the envelopes, loaded in the cards, and they were ready to go!

So you might be wondering, what the heck is embossing? It’s a very fun craft technique with results that make your items look very professional! The embossing powder has plastic in it, so when you heat it up with the heat tool, it melts and results in this pretty, raised effect. In the case of the gold powder, the effect is almost like foil.  The heat tool is basically like a concentrated, super charged, high heat blow dryer. It gets extremely HOT, so be careful. You’ll notice that the heat can warp your cards a little at first, but if you let them hang out overnight, this goes away. I imagine on thinner, finer papers, the heat would probably damage them. And if you’re wondering if you can use a blow dryer in place of a heat tool, the answer is no. They don’t get hot enough, and they end up blowing the powder everywhere. Disaster.

This was my first time embossing at home, and while it was a bit messy, I picked up a few tricks to prevent glitter from getting all over everything. One, it’s SUPER helpful to have a couple shoebox lids lying around. This way, you can pour the embossing powder onto the card while holding it over the lid, catching any excess. Shake off the card into the lid too (I also like to blow on the card to make sure there’s no extra powder). Once you get enough excess in the lid, you can pour it back into the powder jar. I used a different shoe box lid for each different color so things weren’t mixed up. I’m glad I had enough lids lying around. For once, my pack rat and shopaholic tendencies worked in my favor.

When embossing, be sure to stamp out everything for one color first. It would be next to impossible to not accidentally mix the powder colors if you don’t! So plan ahead on where you want which colors and shapes. And be sure to make a few extra of everything, because inevitably, you’re going to mess up a stamp or accidentally smudge some powder. It’s just the way it is.

Stamps are very fun to play around with, but they’re hard to get identical results from one card to the next. So select stamps that won’t require you to be extremely precise! (Example: Stamps with straight lines in them, or individual letters and numbers that require you to line things up are beyond annoying.)

This was a fun, creative project and was surprisingly straight forward once I got organized (read: figured out the shoe box trick and vacuumed up the powder all over the floor)! I was horrible at arts and crafts when I was a kid…20 years later, I’m starting to get a little better.

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  1. 11.10.11

    these are gorgeous! great job!

  2. 11.10.11

    Wow I am so so impressed, these are gorgeous!!!

  3. 11.10.11
    Jess said:

    Oh wow! That envelope liner is amazing! I love it!

  4. 11.10.11
    Jacquelyn said:

    it looks awesome!
    I’ve never thought to make my own envelope liners. You are brilliant, my friend

  5. 11.10.11
    Anonymous said:

    did you try one of their classes?? they are fantastic and fun (and most often serve cocktails:)

    beautiful invites!!

  6. 11.10.11

    wow! you did an amazing job!! love the liners ~jen

  7. 11.10.11

    This makes me want to throw a little holiday party!

  8. 11.10.11

    you did a great job… impressed!

  9. 11.10.11
    alyson said:

    Beautiful! Absolutely love the lining and all the details like the snowflakes. Oh, and I’m kind of a fonts nerd so totally adoring what you did.

  10. 11.10.11
    Aubrey said:

    Well look at you, gettin’ all creative and fabulous! What a luck grandma you have (c: They turned out absolutely amazing, what a great project!

  11. 11.10.11

    These are lovely! Great job. And how cute for your grandmother to host a Holiday lunch! :)

    Btw, what fonts were used on the invitation?

    • 11.10.11

      Old School for the main header; Tagettes and Tagettes2 for the sub headers (in green); Trajan Pro for the main text; English for the ‘Join us’ text at the bottom!

      And thank you :)

  12. 11.10.11

    You are a genius!

  13. 11.10.11

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m so impressed- I embossed the return address seal on my wedding invites and it was so much work. I can’t believe you did ALL those snowflakes! They look amazing!

  14. 11.10.11

    WOW. that is the fanciest diy invitation i’ve ever seen! I’m totally impressed. man, I wish I had craft space in our apt. bahhhh… loft living.

  15. 11.10.11

    You’re so sweet to do this for your Grandmother. But, hey, I would have no problem spending money in Paper Source either. Your hard work paid off- everything turned out so cute!

  16. 11.10.11

    Wow!!! They look absolutely incredible! You did a fabulous job :) xoxo

  17. 11.11.11
    viv said:

    Wow! These are beautiful! You did a really amazing job :)

  18. 11.11.11
    alyssa said:

    i’m so glad you did a tutorial on these, i saw them on pinterest and fell in love! i’m so inspired!


  19. 11.11.11

    so cute! i LOVE the herringbone pattern and the gold envelopes! xo

  20. 11.11.11
    Lauren said:

    oh my gosh victoria!! these are AMAZING! see, you are SO talented! I am telling you….graphic design here you come! ;)

  21. 11.11.11

    You so crafty. Love the houndstooth pattern. And I love paper source. So many goodies. Good job, vmac.

  22. 11.11.11

    I love this Holiday Invitations DIY! :) Thank you for sharing!

  23. 11.11.11
    Arianna said:

    They turned out beautifully Victoria! Great job!

  24. 11.13.11

    How can you have time for these? You are SO talented!!

    The invitations are amazing and so professional looking! They look better than a lot of professionally made invitations I’ve received!