I’ll take one of each, please

Restoration Hardware seems like one of those stores that people either really love or really hate. I personally think the store has a lot of potential, but usually, the styling is either weird (see Exhibit A), or the furniture itself is just…no (Exhibit B).

For some reason, their holiday gift catalog showed up in my inbox at work (random), so what else was I supposed to do? Of COURSE I flipped through it. And actually, I was very pleasantly surprised. Tons of throws in amazing fabrics that I would absolutely want. Big, plush robes. Lots of slippers I wouldn’t mind padding around my house in. Pretty ornaments and candles. And lots and lots of knick knacks for the home, many of which were vintage inspired.

Forget gifts for other people. Here’s what I want for ME (so much for the spirit of the holidays):

1. Luxe faux fur booties, $29 (on sale!) || 2. Set of 3 disposable flasks, $15 || 3. Italian wool and alpaca knit throw, $169-189 (on sale!) || 4. Paperwhite bulb kit, $39-85 || 5.Vintage giant Scrabble kit, $279 || 6. Cashmere ballet slippers, $79 (on sale!) || 7. Mini cashmere hand warmers, $15 || 8. Luxe faux fur throw in mink, $79 (on sale!) || 9. Luxury plush foot duvets, $19 (on sale!) || 10. Roll up travel charger, $49 || 11. Wall mount bottle opener, $7.50 || 12. Cashmere souffle scarf, $99

Yeah…I wouldn’t be upset with any of the above. Especially those faux fur throws. I might need to indulge in one of those for our bedroom.

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  1. 11.8.11

    They have great gifts (and stocking stuffers) but you’re right, I don’t usually think of them as a go-to source for accessories and furniture. Kinda expensive for what it is.

    I have the foot duvets, and they are super comfy (altho the hubbie isn’t much of a fan – ha!)

    Also they have the best robes — so soft!

  2. 11.8.11

    I love RH, I got a hot water bottle w/ a cashmere cover from them last year and it’s the greatest thing ever.

  3. 11.8.11

    oh my.. ME TOO! I want both of those throws, especially the fur!

  4. 11.8.11

    I do like Restoration Hardware–but yowza it is expensive. You wouldn’t believe my joy when I found one of their lamps (which usually costs $300) at Salvation Army for $12 once! Best score ever.

    Also, I bought those foot duvets for my boyfriend three years ago for Christmas. He hated them (they’re VERY squishy) so like you, I got myself a little holiday treat:)

  5. 11.8.11
    Julia said:

    I have the throw from last season — my mom got me and my siblings each one for our apartments. OBSESSED. seriously the most amazingly soft thing ever. Definitely add it to your list!

  6. 11.8.11

    Love the faux fur throw! And love your house even MORE! You need to show more of that off!! Such a great, gorgeous guest post on Alex’s blog today I loved seeing it!!!

  7. 11.8.11
    rooth said:

    Those cashmere scarves get me EVERY YEAR! Has anyone bought one in real life?

  8. 11.8.11

    I have the duvet booties and they are definitely a winter must-have!

    – Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  9. 11.8.11

    I like, but it’s kind of overpriced if you ask me! Maybe because i’m a cheap-o ;)

  10. 11.8.11

    Oh my, I have the foot duvets (#9) and they are seriously to die for! Worth every penny. Like every time they grace my feet I smile. They’re THAT GOOD.

  11. 11.8.11

    Haha love the disposable flasks! Haven’t heard of this place before, but will definitely check it out now!

  12. 11.8.11

    Totally agree. Die for everything in Restoration Hardware catalog! Have to admit, their towels are amazing. The simple pleasures! ; )

  13. 11.8.11

    My feet just told me they would like a pair of those duvets. I might just have to listen to them… All of these would make great gifts!

  14. 11.8.11
    Jasmine said:

    You have such an amazing blog! Thanks for sharing all the awesome items.


  15. 11.9.11

    I’m a restoration hardware admirer, but sadly have never been able to buy anything! Except paint. I currently have their Silver Sage paint in my apartment and I l-o-v-e it. I ALWAYS love their holiday catalog though. Amazing stocking stuffers :) Thanks so much for sharing!!


  16. 11.9.11
    Jacquelyn said:

    I definitely have a love hate relationship with that place. Some things make me all happy-like and others make me want to march right out of their.

    I do like the moodiness of their photography though. So dramatic.

  17. 11.9.11
    sarah said:

    i gave the duvet slippers as gifts a few years back and they were a smash hit! our couch is also from there and everyone who sits on it comments about how amazing it is. there are gems to be found there! :)

  18. 11.9.11

    Those hand warmers are fantastic, and they do have lovely throws. I agree that overall the store is hit or miss, but I find they are a great resource for holiday odds and ends.

  19. 11.9.11
    Lauren said:

    love everything here!