Crewcuts strikes again

I’m not kidding you guys. If you’re petite (let’s say 5’4″ and under), you really need to check out the Crewcuts section of J.Crew (or other clothing stores for that matter. GapKids comes to mind).

I stopped by the J.Crew in downtown SF this weekend, because they just did a HUGE renovation. Sidenote: the store is really incredible now, featuring a small bridal boutique, a huge shoe area, more clothes for guys, and a Crewcuts boutique too. The women’s area got expanded as well. If you live in SF, be sure to check it out!

So anyway. There I am, perusing the women’s selection, thinking about the classic chambray shirt. I have been dying for one of these, but still haven’t been able to plunk down the hundred bones that J.Crew wants for it. Lucky for me, I wandered into the kids section, and lo and behold, there’s the exact same shirt, just in miniature. And with a miniature price too. And they had a size 14. Jackpot! I tried it on and it fit perfectly — not too long, perfect sleeve length, comfortable in the shoulders.

While I was there, I picked up that cute sweater above, too. You guys, imagine the deals on this stuff when it goes on sale.

If you feel weird about sorting through racks of kids items for clothes? Don’t. The sales associate who helped me was proudly wearing a Crewcuts sweater. She said all the petite sales associates do it. She also informed me that a boys size 14 in pants is approximately a women’s 0.

If you still think I’m crazy, here’s more proof from some pretty amazing bloggers. 1) Mackenzie’s the one who initially turned me on to shopping at Crewcuts. And 2), Blair does it. You can’t argue with Blair.

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  1. 11.7.11
    Alex said:

    I’m so jealous of those of you who can fit in crewcuts! I am fine in the body of things but the arms are too short for me :( sadness

  2. 11.7.11

    if only i were adorably teeny, too! i just sent that classic chambray shirt back…not the cut for me :/

  3. 11.7.11
    Aubrey said:

    Seriously, there is *absolutely* no arguing with Blair (c: But dash it all if I am about 10 sizes too big for their stuff! What the heck Crewcuts??? Don’t you know that grown women would like to buy your stuff, too??? (c:

  4. 11.7.11
    Sweet nothings said:

    is it in the mall? i may hit it up on Friday. I can do the boy tops. ive tried some of the xxl girls but my head doesnt fit!

  5. 11.7.11

    That is hilarious! What a good idea! Where in SF?

  6. 11.7.11
    Crystalin said:

    Love this post lady! This is so me! I’m definitely gonna have to check out the new and improved jcrew with a kids section (it’s always hard to judge kids sizes online). The best part, I can fit into the shoes too :) Great finds!

  7. 11.7.11

    I’m so jealous! I was always the giant amongst my classmates- I could barely fit into kids clothes when I was a kid! Oh well : )

  8. 11.7.11
    rooth said:

    Nopes, unfortunately 5’7 doesn’t fall under kids sizes. Which is so sad because they have the most comfy looking things

  9. 11.7.11
    Amanda said:

    WHAT??? Why didn’t I ever think of this! GOing shopping now!

  10. 11.8.11

    Great idea!! I’ve shopped at Gap kids for years, but never considered Crew Cuts. I am all over that chambray shirt!

  11. 11.8.11

    ooh, what a great idea, I’m barely 5’2″, I’m going to check this out asap! Thanks so much!