I’m Loving…

I decided to write another one of those Five Things posts like I did back in September, this time in a mostly graphic form. These are fun to put together and offer such an accurate snapshot for what I’m into at this very second:

1. Just downloaded the new Coldplay album, and I’m really loving it. I know some people think it’s too great of a departure from their early sounds (which I also adore), but I happen to like the evolution of their music. No matter the style, the band just manages to put out good songs. Period.

2. When I began using more natural beauty products, I didn’t know what I would ever do without my beloved Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. It was the perfect thing to spray in my wavy hair to create easy, no-fuss, beachy waves. I was stoked to discover John Masters Sea Mist. It’s water, sea salt, and lavender oil. Can’t get more natural than that! And for me at least, it works just as well as the Bb stuff, without chems, and actually, without that weird, greasy feeling Surf Spray could leave behind. I love it!

3. I’ve been obsessed with both the Lanvin cutout platform wedges and the oxford bootie forever. Okay, so technically these are TWO things, but I’m putting them under the Lanvin umbrella and counting them as one. Sadly, these are not in my budget right now (and by ‘not’ I mean ‘not even CLOSE’), so instead, I’ll continue to just stare and lust. They’re just so good.

4. I got a sample of this Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment a couple months back and at first, I wasn’t really sure if I’d like it. If I’m honest, the smell is very…distinctive, so even though you wash it out, it took me a while to get over that. However, the results are undeniable. Out of the jar, the treatment has the texture of a paste or a balm. You rub it between your palms to melt it, then spread it throughout your hair. I pin mine up and let it sit for 20 minutes or so (but you can leave it on overnight too). Then, you hop in the shower and wash your hair as usual. It conditions SO well. Even my wavy, somewhat course hair is shiny and smooth. It’s a good treatment to do once a week, or whenever you remember.

5. I LOVE kombucha, but just recently discovered the Trilogy flavor. I used to be a Guava Goddess girl, but lately, I’m hooked on Trilogy’s combination of raspberry and lemon juice and ginger. Very refreshing!

What are you loving these days?

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  1. 10.31.11

    I’ve been wanting the Sea Mist for a while, but was waiting to hear some reviews on it–guess I’ll be buying it now! I’m also in love with the Guava Goddess–it’s my weekly treat. I’m going to have to try the Trilogy flavor now. Happy Halloween!

  2. 10.31.11
    Ashley said:

    Pretty much on the same page as you with this post- The new Coldplay album is fabulous and I love the Trilogy flavor too! Have been wanting to try the Sea Mist. Happy Halloween :)

  3. 10.31.11

    I can’t wait to try the sea mist!

  4. 10.31.11

    I love when you do these posts. First off, you just reminded me that I must DL the new coldplay… and that Sea Mist and Ojon treatment both sound like must-haves as I also have thick/coarse wavy hair! Good stuff :)

  5. 10.31.11

    Those shoes are fabulous! Love the new album too… one of my favs!

  6. 10.31.11

    Those lanvin wedges are to die for!!

  7. 10.31.11
    Sweet Nothings said:

    lanvin…yes please!

  8. 10.31.11

    I follow all of your recommendations! They are always so well-thought out and you tell it like it is. I’m excited to try the hair products, and the drink — although I haven’t seen it around? I’m obsessed with anything ginger-flavored or scented.

  9. 11.1.11

    Ooo I had no idea Coldplay’s new album came out – I love their old stuff so I’ll have to check it out! Loved the huffington post article you sent…. I’m such a hypocrite for still reading all of it and then saying “ugh who cares you’re annoying” :)

  10. 11.1.11

    I think i better get my mitts on that sea mist. I’m still trying to figure out how to bring out the waves in my hair and that sounds like it may be a winner.

  11. 11.1.11
    Lauren said:

    those shoes are HOT!

  12. 11.4.11

    Love love love #2! I use it all the time :)