This weekend should be a good one. Tomorrow morning, I’m waking up early to go take a workout/dance class at a local studio (I make myself sound like I’m going to a jazzercise. I’m not, promise. No promises on the sweatband and unitard though).

Joe and I have tentative plans to visit a pumpkin patch too — so many people have posted photos of picking out pumpkins, and it made me want to join in on the fun! We’ll see if we can make it happen. Sunday, we’ll be headed to the 49ers stadium for a tailgate and some football. I’m not that much of a pro-football gal, but the Cleveland Browns (Joe’s hometown team) are playing the Niners, so it’s my duty as a lady friend to show my support!

You might be wondering about the lack of Halloween plans. Sacrilegious as it is to say this, it’s probably my least favorite holiday. Costumes and spooky decor just aren’t my thing — I’d rather skip all that and go right to Thanksgiving. Don’t hate me.

What are you up to this weekend?

+ If I can get a pumpkin, I’m definitely going to reference Jacquelyn’s two recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds
+ Two exciting store openings/unveilings this week! One, Jamie Meares store Furbish just re-opened in a much larger space  (locals, go check it out!). And Kelly, who curates probably my all time favorite Etsy shop, just announced a new online store as well. So far, her offerings are looking really good.
+ I loved the idea of these slate gift tags from Kate. How pretty!
+ The undershave. Could you do it? No way I am brave enough.
+ Did you guys see Erika’s home accessory picks on Made by Girl? I wanted every single one of them. Especially that horn vase from Jayson home. So unique and gorgeous.
+ Another great installment in the Biz Ladies series. Lots of us dream about leaving our day jobs. But when is the right time?
+ While I was on vacation I read this article in NY Mag about millenials. Some interesting ideas. What do you think?
+ It’s definitely apple season, and this recipe for chicken and apples in honey mustard sauce sounded like a perfect autumn weeknight meal.
+ My friend Meredith sent me to another great food blog this week — Eat.Live.Run. Check it out!

And, around these parts…

+ I was honored to guest post on three different blogs this week! Be sure to check out my posts on Stripes & Sequins, So Much to Smile About, and L.A. in the Bay.
+ Today is the LAST day you can enter to win a candle from Aquiesse. I’m taking entries until 5pm Pacific time. Go here to enter. It’s really easy!

Happy Weekend!

{Image Credit: Note to Self}

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  1. 10.28.11
    Jacquelyn said:

    wee! thanks for the link love!

    I know all to well what you mean about lady-friend duties. Now that hockey season is back in full swing I find myself watching all sorts of it (also known as nap time). I get the sense that my boyfriend and your boyfriend would get along JUST fine!

  2. 10.28.11

    You are a good lady friend! This Halloween my only plan is to watch as many horror movies as I can before the Husband cuts me off.

  3. 10.28.11

    Jazzercise – yess! We are off to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. Excited to snap some photos of the wee one. God help us, she is Belle this year. Yes, a princess. She’s obsessed and I’ve realized you kinda have to let it go. It will run its course!

    Love these posts BTW. You’re my go-to for new blog inspiration!

  4. 10.28.11

    You always have the best links! Today, I am SOOO exctied to discover Kely’s etsy shop through your blog post. You are right, she has an amazing shop. Love all of the vintage finds there.

  5. 10.28.11
    Sweet nothings said:

    ill be up in two weeks for football! I havent been to candlestick in years(well, the last time the giants were in town) I actually almost accidently bought tickets for the 49ers vs cleveland game

  6. 10.28.11
    Crystalin said:

    Ooooh jealous you’re going to the niner game and tailgating, so fun! I’m right there with you on Halloween. I’m not a dress up kinda gal… well at least it ended once out of college lol. Instead, the bf and I planned a little date night on Monday :)

    Have a great weekend lady, and hope you get to the pumpkin patch!

  7. 10.28.11
    Aubrey said:

    So much fun stuff to talk about, so little time to gawk! But how did I not know about High Street Market??? It’s so full of vintage goodness, I’m in love! Have a great time at the game this weekend!

  8. 10.28.11

    Gorgeous picture! Have a great weekend, Halloween or not! ;)

  9. 10.28.11

    You’re not the only one who’s indifferent to Halloween – I like dressing up if there’s a party, but otherwise it’s more of a chore to me.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment on my body image post – I loved reading that today on my phone. I hope you have a nice weekend!

  10. 10.28.11

    Ok, I just read that entire New Yorker article and agree it was really thought provoking, but I hate that the author turned out to be 38 and not 28. I’m definitely sympathetic to those who live in cities where jobs aren’t plentiful and older candidates are applying for entry level positions, and I feel very fortunate to be doing what I aspired to do in college in a city where the cost of living is relatively low (Dallas).

    However, as someone who worked her tail off in a competitive degree program and fought for relevant internships before graduation, I am shocked at some of the resumes I get from some people who have demonstrated no measurable interest in marketing but seem to think that enthusiasm and a desire to learn will make them the best candidate for our team. I’m grateful that my parents pushed me to get a vocational degree instead of the other programs I considered, and will be interested to see what happens to departments like Philosophy and Sports Management when most of the alums can’t land full time work. It’s a scary time to be a student, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. 10.29.11
    Lauren said:

    First off, I want to do dancing classes on Saturday mornings!!! And I haven’t even gone to a pumpkin patch :( sad day. I had the most fun 2 years ago when me and my friends went to one in Halfmoon bay. Hope you have a great weekend love.

  12. 10.30.11

    Love all the link love! Sounds like you have been enjoying a fun weekend! :)