Splurge or Save?

Today I’m guest posting on Lauren’s blog L.A. in the Bay, sharing my favorite things about fall. Can you guess what they involve? I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn it boils down to two things: food and fashion.

While I was writing the guest post, I brainstormed lots of ideas for things that represent classic fall to me. I couldn’t include them all over there, so instead, today I thought I’d share five of my favorite clothing “essentials” for fall. Pieces that I really don’t think will go out of style anytime soon, and that you could pair with lots of outfits (and in reality, seasons).

However, the problem with the classics is that they often end up including those “investment pieces” you hear about. In other words, it’s always an easy place to spend your money! For example, I would DIE to have a Burberry trench coat. But right now, I really can’t pony up the dough, as much as I know it’s an item I’d have for years to come. So, for those of us that are still saving but want the classics, I’ve put together a board with both splurges and steals.

What would you be willing to splurge on and what would you rather save on?

Where to find:

Trench Coat: Splurge || Save

Brown Boots: Splurge || Save

Cable Knit Sweater: Splurge || Save

Python Ballet Flats: Splurge || Save

Cape Coat: Splurge || Save

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  1. I definitely think everything on the save side is the better half! Although I might splurge on that cable knit sweater!!

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  2. oooh, I love them all! That Phillip Lim sweater is absolutely amazing.

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  3. Wait, I want every single one of these. Both versions of each!!

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  4. I, too, am dying for a Burberry trench. Ben successfully found one at the outlets here in Miami a couple of years ago. Now that I’m thinking about it, I think I should take myself back to the outlets….

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  5. love this. i’ve traditionally been all about the cheaper lookalikes, but i’m starting to learn that sometimes it’s worth the splurge. maybe not with the burberry (although t’would be a dream!!!)…but i do have my eye on some pricey handbags that i wouldn’t have considered just a year ago.

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  6. Aubrey wrote:

    Definitely splurging on that fabulous cape! GUH. Just the color combo on that gorgeousness is well worth the investment!

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  7. Lara Matos wrote:

    Most of the choices are pretty equal.. except that phillip lim cable knit is a beauty. And I’ve been wanting a burberry trench for far too long.

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  8. Three of my favorite things: cable sweaters, tall boots, and trenches. Loved everything about this post! I think you could pull off the save on all of them, but I vote for a splurge on that cape. It’s just beautiful.

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  9. Meagan wrote:

    I so appreciate these kinds of posts! I almost bought that Old Navy sweater not long ago but was feeling guilty for even thinking about spending money on myself right now. Maybe I’ll treat myself once the next pay day rolls around!

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  10. Fabulous post! Love the comparisons!

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  11. I want a sweater cape ohhh so bad!! to cute!

    A Day in the Life and Mind…

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  12. Hard choices, bc the save picks are just as cute!! x

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  13. Sweet nothings wrote:

    i went even more save on those boots bc target had a version 2 years ago and they were 29.99. I wish i bought black too!

    i also DIE over that tahari cape. something about winter white!

    that being said, burberry trench is an investment for years and years

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  14. Julip Made wrote:

    I’m in the same boat, although I’d love to have a Burberry trench in my closet, that is just not happening. I’m ok with that because I’d rather the money be saved for things like travel or a downpayment on an abode. If I did have the cash, I’d be willing to part with it for the trench or those boots!

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  15. I would rather save in almost every case! Except maybe a good handbag. I would totally splurge on that :)

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  16. Nice! I actually like all of the save items more – score!

    Stopping by via your guest post :)

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  17. I would totally splurge for cashmere and a good trench – timeless staples. My brown riding boots are actually a “save” I found for $150 at a second hand store in NYC and work perfectly because used leather looks better than new leather. I would definitely save on python and capes because I feel like they’re trends that might pass quickly… That being said I do love the look of a cape! Great roundup!

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  18. Lauren wrote:

    I so love these kind of posts!!! Great picks!! :)
    And thanks so much for sharing your fall-fav’s on my blog today! Loved having you!!

    27 Oct 2011 · Reply
  19. Such great finds!

    28 Oct 2011 · Reply
  20. alyson wrote:

    I’m a save girl on most of these items! One, you found stunners and two, I live in Florida so hard to justify spending the money on items we so infrequently use. Do LOVE those flats though and a Burberry trench would be amazing.

    have a great weekend!

    29 Oct 2011 · Reply
  21. RECREATED wrote:

    Always love a splurge and save post! And you chose such great classics!

    1 Nov 2011 · Reply
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