Sun and Sea in Santa Barbara

We arrived in Santa Barbara on Sunday afternoon, and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. Our hotel was a quick walk to State Street, so we camped out at a sports bar for a while, eating snacks and drinking beers. Sports bar, you say? Yeah, yeah, I know. But it was Joe’s vacation too.

We stayed at the Canary Hotel. I didn’t really know much about the property, but was pleasantly surprised! I mean, they have a suzani hanging up in the lobby…how bad was it going to be? We also got upgraded to a suite, which is always a good way to start a trip. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of our room (if you’re super curious, here are a few). I loved it though! The bedroom featured a four poster canopy bed that was so big, the hotel offers you a little step stool to climb in.

On Monday, we had a leisurely breakfast then drove up the coast to Montecito and San Ysidro Ranch. I’d heard about SYR for years, but had no idea it was so close to Santa Barbara. Luckily, Grace mentioned it to me on Twitter before the trip, so we definitely made a point to stop by. We felt a little like old people, spending our morning checking out a hotel (sources say this is what Joe’s parents do on their vacations), but the property and gardens at SYR are so pretty, they’re really worth it. It’s also the hotel where JFK and Jackie honeymooned after their wedding. I can only imagine how insanely gorgeous weddings would be at this place. I don’t even want to ask how much that would run me.

So pretty. The cottages are all tucked away in these lush gardens, and it feels so idyllic and private and lovely.

After SYR, we drove down to the Four Seasons for a cocktail on their outdoor patio. The weather difference between the beach and up in the hills was crazy! Sunshine and warm up there, foggy and misting down at the beach. Following our cocktail, we headed to the harbor for a seafood lunch at Brophy Bros., which I learned about from the blog Could I Have That. Thanks for sending me that link, Arianna!

We both dove into the Hot Combo plate — steamed shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters rockafeller and baked clams. SO GOOD.

Look how foggy it was down by the harbor! After lunch, we ventured into the side streets around State, and did wine tasting at Au Bon Climat. Spent at least an hour and a half there — we were the only people, and we fell into a long conversation with the woman running the bar. She was amazing! Dinner at Olio Pizzeria was the end to a pretty perfect day. We headed back to the hotel, and enjoyed one last night in Santa Barbara…Tuesday, we were headed to Palm Springs.

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  1. 10.24.11

    Sounds like a fabulous vacation!

  2. 10.24.11

    I love this post! I actually met my now bf in college in SB, so it always brings me back :) Can’t wait to see more photos.

  3. 10.24.11

    Beautiful post! SB and Montecito are certainly on my bucket list. Glad you had a great time and am looking forward to seeing pics from Palm Springs!

  4. 10.24.11
    Chelsea said:

    I am a little jelly right now. I want to replicate this trip for myself! So happy you had a lovely getaway. xo

  5. 10.24.11

    Sounds amazing! The pics are beautiful. Wishing I was there ~jen

  6. 10.24.11

    fantastic pictures- takes me away from chilly New England :)

    Glad you had a great time!

  7. 10.24.11

    Hi! I just followed you over from Stripes and Sequins, nice to “meet” you! ;)

  8. 10.24.11

    Gorgeous photography, as always. You really get a feel for the place. I love SB, altho I haven’t been in years. We stayed at the Inn of the Spanish Garden and it was lovely. I think we had dinner at SYR if I remember correctly. Wow, that was a long time ago.

    I was just thinking my husband and I need to take a quick trip just the two of us — I’m going to check out The Canary!

  9. 10.24.11
    Kelly said:

    Looks like a great trip!! Can’t wait to see more tomorrow! :)

  10. 10.24.11

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! SYR looks gorgeous! And I’m very jealous that you spent some time in Santa Barbara. Been there twice and I absolutely adore it!

  11. 10.24.11
    Ashley said:

    This looks like a blast! I definitely want to visit SB next time I’m on the west coast!

  12. 10.25.11
    danielle said:

    I LOVE SB. Lived there for almost 2 years (transferred to UCSB but finished a little early). Such a quaint and lovely little town. My best friend is actually flying to Chi from SB tomorrow (technically today!). Can’t wait!

  13. 10.25.11

    That foggy photo is gorgeous! By the way, so are you. I hereby request more photos of yourself on this here blog:)

  14. 10.25.11

    Sounds like you had a great trip! Isn’t Brophy Bros delicious? My husband and I LOVE getting the clam chowder there!

  15. 10.25.11

    I’ve been wanting to stay at The Canary. Great photos. The last one is beautiful!

  16. 10.26.11

    We stayed at the Canary in August. I loved it!