Fresh Faced and Fabulous

I’ve been hearing a lot about Elizabeth Olsen lately. And why not? By all appearances she’s completely adorable. First, I read about her in the October issue of Vanity Fair. Then, Molly pointed me to this great article on her in W magazine. Gorgeous, stylish, talented AND smart? I like the new young Hollywood!

In case you’re wondering, Elizabeth is in fact the Elizabeth of Elizabeth and James. From the W article: “[She] is decidedly not fragile, not conflicted, not haunted, not troubled. Instead, she is poised, engaged, and un-neurotic, which is unusual for someone so young. In fact, despite her round, clear eyes and open face, it’s easy to forget that Olsen is still in college at New York University; she has the sophistication and perspective of someone much older who managed to stay unjaded.”

Between her, Elle, Dakota and Emma, I hope the new trend in fresh faced actresses continues to be smart, stylish, and sophisticated!

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  1. 10.3.11

    she is adorable indeed! love that statement necklace over the butterfly collar!
    xo ~ ks

  2. 10.3.11

    what a stunna! and holy glorious review – i would be framing that mag article if it were mine! :)

  3. 10.3.11
    Molly said:

    !!! She is so pretty! her eyebrows – I would do anything for those! I like that she’s doing her own thing…. not riding on her sisters’ coat-tails.

  4. 10.3.11

    So that’s what an olsen looks like when smiling — she’s adorable! Her sisters should take note of her bubbly outlook!

  5. 10.3.11

    Definition of fresh faced… I mean really, her skin is flawless. I love that her look Olsen-esque, but a little bit brighter/ more feminine and less grunge.

  6. 10.3.11
    LR said:

    She’s adorable!!!! What great genes that family has!

  7. 10.3.11

    I seriously adore this girl!

  8. 10.3.11
    viviana said:

    I love this girl! And that article was superb.

  9. 10.3.11

    Love her too! She is so gorgeous. Great post! xx

  10. 10.3.11
    Ashley said:

    She’s stunningly gorgeous! Love that she’s still working at getting her degree at NYU!

  11. 10.3.11

    Totally agree! I am definitely going to check out the article.

    This is a step in the right direction than the age of Britney, Jessica and Christina.

  12. 10.4.11

    She’s so lovely! What an attractive family.

  13. 10.4.11
    Lauren said:

    she’s stunning, what a beautiful family

  14. 10.4.11
    alyson said:

    She’s so gorgeous! ANd, I’m SO thrilled to discover your blog… visiting from Grace’s Stripes & Sequins. Look forward to reading more.


  15. 10.4.11
    alyson said:

    Gorgeous! And, so thrilled I discovered your blog through Grace of Stripes & Sequins.