Settling in to Monday

So this post is a little out of order, but how was everyone’s weekend? Mine could be described as unexpected.

Saturday saw us attending an engagement/housewarming party that ended up being loads of fun (with loads of really good wine opened up, too). There was no time to recover waste come Sunday morning, as we had out of town house guests last night and needed to get our apartment cleaned up. Once our friends arrived, we decided to go out to dinner, then stayed up a little bit too late talking, drinking cocktails, eating ice cream and catching up. Both of my weekend nights saw so much unexpected good conversation with great people, and though I’m moving a little slow this morning, in a way the fun social time was rejuvenating.

However. I definitely wish I could have slept in this morning and enjoyed the sun — maybe over a leisurely brunch. So in its place, this collection of photos with beautiful sunlight will have to suffice. Don’t you feel a bit warmer just looking at these?

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  1. 8.15.11

    I keep looking for “the golden hour” to take pictures and I never seem to find it. These epitomize that perfect time when every photo looks like magic. Sounds like you had a busy, but fun weekend. Hope you find some sun this week!!

  2. 8.15.11

    totalllllly would of loved a Monday like u pictured!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. 8.15.11

    These images are perfect for Monday. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

  4. 8.15.11
    Aubrey said:

    That sounds like the absolute perfect weekend…and it’s always better when it’s unexpected instead of planned. Then you kinda feel like you got away with something! (c: These are absolutely gorgeous…we went camping this weekend, so these are reminding me of the fantastic relaxing we got in….mmmmm…(c:

  5. 8.15.11

    This sounds like the an amazing! Moments when you can lose track of things like waking up for work and just talk/ laugh are perfect.
    PS. I wish you lived closer too, I’ll even bribe you to move with free cocktails and then you can teach me your culinary school tricks!

  6. 8.16.11

    These are perfectly beautiful photos! It’s always nice to sleep in and enjoy the sun – but rarely am I so lucky!