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I’ve had this post brewing in my head all week, and in keeping with my recent trend of posting my random thoughts on Friday, I thought I’d save it for today! (Hope you don’t mind listening/reading my musings…) Earlier this week, I saw the above photo posted on Victoire de Samothrace and it immediately resonated with me. Then, I thought about the title of this post over on Tobe’s blog Because It’s Awesome. Another One Bites the Dust. She had written this in reference to how quickly last week had gone by, and for some reason, it made me panic.

Each week is another seven days filled with countless opportunities. As someone who is still struggling to figure out where I’m going and how to direct my interests and passions, I found myself wondering — am I doing enough? Am I putting enough time and energy into my future and what I want? I certainly think about it all the freaking time. But it can be tough for me to decide upon next steps. I get so paralyzed by fear and uncertainty! Does this happen to any of you?

Along with that, I’m absolutely my own worst critic. I am SO hard on myself. I end up pressuring myself into believing that I’m not moving fast enough. That I’m not making things happen. And then I make myself feel guilty because I AM grateful for all the things I do have in my life. Make sense? Anyway, I’ve had to work really hard to silence that panicked, chastising section of my brain that wants things to happen NOW, and enjoy the ride and take things as they come. In the meantime, I’ve also been trying to remember this:

Deep breaths. Everything will work out!

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  1. 8.12.11
    Ashley said:

    Love your random thoughts Fridays!
    {This City Girl}

  2. 8.12.11

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Same thing. I know what I want to do but am I doing enough to get there? It’s also really tough on me because I have this lingering fear that keeps me from moving faster.

    The achievement question for your Behind the Scenes is the one I’m struggling the most with.

    • 8.12.11

      That one was tough for me too. It’s hard for me to be proud of things when I
      constantly think they could be better!

  3. 8.12.11
    Casallina said:

    Great post. I always find myself doing the same, wondering if I’m doing enough in my life, like time is just slipping away from me. But I agree– sometimes it’s best to take things as they come, as hard as that can be. Loving your blog!

  4. 8.12.11
    Danielle said:

    so great. i feel like the last 3 months have just been a constatn struggle to figure out what and where im suppose to do and be and i get sooooooo overwhlemed and then just cry it out on my drive home. I need to try to think more like this and just let it be and know im doing everything I can.

    Do you ever feel like the blog community-as amazing and inspiring as it is-makes you feel like a failure, or is that just me? Like, I’m part of this amazing community of people who quit thei 9-5 and start online magazines or launch businesses and I cant even pay my credit card off every month.

    • 8.12.11

      Definitely have some thoughts about your question. I’ll email you though —

  5. 8.14.11
    autumnmornings said:

    i know exactly how you feel. i am my own harshest critic & though i am passionate & have direction to keep pursuing the health/medical field a few months after post grad.. the economy is withering & discouraging my spirits. i know its not something i have control over, however, preparation for the next opportunity is what i do have control over.. so like yourself im always asking myself if what im doing is enough? im constantly overwhelmed with anxiety about the unforeseen future. i am paralyzed by fear. i am always anxious.

    cheering you on & sending you positive dbies!

  6. 8.14.11
    autumnmornings said:

    cheering you on & sending you *positive vibes

  7. 8.15.11

    i could write you a novel on this post. seriously. instead, i’ll just respond like everyone else and say DITTO. DITTO DITTO DITTO. if time could just stand still long enough for me to get all of the ideas swimming around in my head in motion…….and then i think that sometimes it’s just a good idea to remember to let life happen to you instead of the other way around. otherwise, us (we?) creative types will make ourselves crazy! ox

  8. 8.16.11

    If anyone has been following these comments and is interested, definitely check
    out the last few posts on Makeunder My Life. Jess is talking about similar
    issues and I am really loving the posts. So interesting and inspiring — I hope they
    help you too!

  9. 8.16.11

    There must be something in the air. Check out this link on D*S too!