Behind the Scenes with Things that Sparkle

Today’s BEHIND THE SCENES guest almost doesn’t need an introduction, because I’m fairly certain you know her and her fabulous style! It’s none other than Alex, author of the Chicago based blog Things That Sparkle, and if you haven’t already subscribed to her daily posts on interiors, design and fashion…well, where have you been? In between planning her wedding, Alex is busy finishing up design school and preparing to launch her own interiors business (be sure to check out a few of her projects here!), so I was beyond excited when she agreed to share a sneak peek into her life. Take it away, Alex!

Name and age: Alex, 25

Your Blog: Things That Sparkle

Current City: Chicago

5 places I want to visit in my lifetime


4 books I want to read in the next year

So these are things I want to read in the near future, not just books:

The Allure of StyleThe Hunger Games, the next issue of High Gloss Magazine and September issues of fashion magazines (biggest and best)

3 photos that exemplify what I want my life to look like in 5 years

 September 22, 2012 I am getting married to my best friend. So luckily, I know I will accomplish that one. Then, I would like to grow our little family (dogs and babies included). And lastly, I would like to continue to grow my design firm, Alexandra Berlin Design.

2 goals I’m currently working on (and what I’m doing to get there)…

Well, I am in the process of graduating from design school. August. So close!! And part of graduating, is officially opening, to the public, my design firm. I have taken on a couple small projects while I’ve been in school, but as of August, I will open to any and all business!

 A little tasting of the projects I’ve completed so far.

1 thing I’ve been dreaming about is

MY WEDDING. And if I am really being honest, I’ve been dreaming of it since way before I was engaged. My fiance and I have been dating since we were 17, so I have a lot of time to think. Now that we are actually planning, it is so much fun!!

How did your blog get its name?

I know its silly, and totally uncreative, but I just really love all things sparkley. When I started my blog, it was just for me and my friends, I never EVER thought people I didn’t know would be reading. Maybe I would’ve taken the naming more seriously had I known, but I like it, it works!

Who serves as a source of inspiration for you?

My fiance inspires me For so many reasons. He truly loves his job and gives it 100% every day. He is always optimistic (which I appreciate, even if some days it makes me crazy). He is rational beyond belief and I need it sometimes! He has pushed me to do things I never thought I would do. And most importantly he has shown me how easy it is to trust someone you love.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Leaving my corporate job in advertising to follow my dream of being an interior designer. I didn’t know I had it in me, but I am SO glad I do. I couldn’t be happier!!

Where is your favorite place to rest and re-charge?

I am a bit of a homebody, so… my bed. But if I am being a little more interesting than that, Nantucket. Just got back last week and miss it already!!

When did you first start blogging? 

March 7, 2010 (I like anniversaries)

Why do you keep doing it?

Well…. truly, I have never found a group of more inspiring people. First, and most importantly, my readers. They are so UNBELIEVABLY supportive and amazing. I have really met some incredible friends, even if we’ve never actually met. Then there are the people who I have the privilege of reading, some of the most talented people I have ever come across. They provide me with endless ideas and creativity!

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  1. 8.10.11

    I was hoping you’d include Alex in this series Victoria so yay! Alex, I definitely admire you for leaving your corporate job to pursue interior design. That is something I often toy with the idea of, but haven’t quite gotten the courage to do. Can’t wait to see more of your projects now that it’ll be your full time job!

  2. 8.10.11

    Great guest post! I loved getting to know more about Alex, and I’m also glad I found this blog!

  3. 8.10.11

    just discovered alex not too long ago, and i adore her! so fun getting to learn more about her ~

  4. 8.10.11

    YAY AL! So proud of you and loved reading about all of this :) Can’t wait for babies and puppies too…. Maverick needs some siblings asap!

    Another great Behind the Scenes edition Victoria!

  5. 8.10.11

    What an amazing post! We heart you Alex, and are so excited about all of the adventures ahead. This next year is going to be a BIG one… from your wedding to graduating design school. So excited for you! xoxo

  6. 8.10.11

    Love that you featured Miss Alex, she is such an inspiration and I love learning new things about her! So excited to see what life has in store for her over the next few years, so many fantastic adventures headed her way! xo

  7. 8.10.11

    VERY lovely post! So sweet… beautiful pictures & I love both of your blogs!

  8. 8.10.11
    Aubrey said:

    I absolutely adore Alex and I am so in awe of her quitting her job to follow her dreams, now that is *guts*! And why wouldn’t she, she is so talented! Thanks for sharing!!! (c:

  9. 8.10.11

    So thrilled to have found both of your blogs!! What a daring and brave girl Alex is and she’ll now look back with no regrets. The best way to live life, indeed.

    Thanks for sharing…I’m off to bake some muffins. :-)

  10. 8.10.11
    Chassity said:

    Love getting to learn a little bit more about Alex. She’s such an amazing, talented, and beautiful person. Can’t wait to see all of her design projects upon graduation!

  11. 8.10.11

    Thank you Victoria for having me over today, and thank you amazing ladies for all of your sweet words. It is so unbelievably encouraging, and appreciated more than I can tell you. xoxoxo

  12. 8.10.11

    So great to learn a little more about Alex who’s blog I heart dearly! And glad to find your blog too!

  13. 8.10.11

    Love a girl who chases her dreams. Hey Alex, Take me to Bora Bora with you. Or Thailand. I’m not picky.

  14. 8.10.11
    Roxy said:

    hey victoria! loving this series! how are you sister?! i have hunger games on my nighstand too…sadly i have only had time to wistfully stare at it haha hope you’re having a great summer!

  15. 8.10.11
    Lisa said:

    We love Alex & Things That Sparkle- thank you so much for this series, it’s always so interesting learning more about the bloggers we love! Alex is so talented- her design firm is going to be huge! Cheers to graduation, wedding & a successful business! xo

  16. 8.11.11
    eva rose said:

    Great post! Alex is such a gem and Things That Sparkle is a wonderful blog. Thanks, Victoria!

  17. 8.11.11
    Amanda said:

    Yay Alex what a fun post! I am in love with her work kinda a girl crush :) I am doing a version of the bathroom she designed for the Parade Home I am designing!

  18. 8.11.11

    What a fabulous post! Love Alex. She is one of my favorite girls. So inspiring and fabulous :)