Before I dive into this week’s links, I wanted to let you know that I’m over at The Now Stylebook today, guest posting! Annie and Elizabeth recently started a Friday Celebrity Styling series, and I am so excited that they asked me to participate. I really had a blast putting my post together, so I hope y’all like it (below is a tiny sneak peek). Hop on over and check it out. And thank you, E & A for having me!

This week, as I was putting together favorite posts for Friday Link Love, distinct categories emerged. There were posts that were instructive, posts that featured amazing makeovers, posts that looked delicious, and posts that I just plain loved. Per usual, click on any of the photos to get to the post!

{lark + linen}

{The Beauty Department}

{No More Dirty Looks…Also, can I just tell you guys, I tried the green clay method this week and it worked like a charm!}

{Schue Love}

{lark + linen…again…obviously, I’m obsessed}

{Things That Sparkle}


{Design Manifest}

{Because It’s Awesome}


{Found via i suwannee}

{French Revolution Food}

Bon weekend!

UPDATE: I almost forgot to mention! Be sure to stop by on Monday…I’ll be hosting a giveaway! You won’t want to miss it.

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  1. 7.29.11
    Aubrey said:

    oh my heavens!!! That reno from design sponge is insane!!! That definitely upped the property values, no? (c: Have a great weekend!!!

    • 8.1.11

      Right??? One of the biggest transformations I’ve ever seen!

  2. 7.29.11

    Thanks so much for featuring my recipe, glad you liked it! Have a great weekend

  3. 7.29.11

    Blue outfit, I must recreate you! I’m goo goo ga gaing over here. Love her shoes!

    I tried commenting earlier but my internet went out on me. I left the browser open so I remembered to comment. My husband came on the computer and said, Who’s vmac+cheese? She’s good. She puts a lot of effort into her blog. I think he even scrolled a few pages deep!

  4. 7.30.11

    Ooo thanks for the link-love!

    I’m guessing I’m going to have to check out this Lark & Linen business if you like them so much. Meanwhile, I’m going to keep searching your blog for food inspiration :)

  5. 7.31.11

    That pasta with seafood looks AMAZE! Have a good weekend!

  6. 8.1.11

    Lovely blog Victoria, the linguine and clams looks delish!!! So happy to have found your blog through TTS. Newest follower! tamra x

  7. 8.1.11
    Jacquelyn said:

    thanks for the link love!! Made my day, for sure. The love is obviously mutual