You are what you eat

How awesome are these photographs? Can you guess what they are? Each photograph features a magnified view of common foods. Taken by photographer Caren Alpert (and discovered via Susannah on Jezebel), I thought it was fascinating to see these items up close (there’s lots more to look at on Caren Alpert’s website!).

From top to bottom, the items are: a pineapple leaf, a fortune cookie, a sundried tomato, an orange Lifesaver, a shrimp tail, and a cross section of a Brussels sprout.

It’s interesting to me how the real foods — the sprouts, the shrimp — look like other things you find in nature, while the processed foods…well, don’t. My favorite are the shrimp tail and the pineapple leaf. So much texture, and so pretty to look at!

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  1. 7.26.11

    These are awesome pictures! so fun to look at

  2. 7.26.11
    Gracie said:

    Wow! These are amazing…I wouldn’t have guessed any of these…

  3. 7.26.11

    Umm so cool!!

  4. 7.26.11

    These photos are a bit scary, cool but scary!! Looking at the shrimp photograph makes me glad that I am a vegetarian!

  5. 7.26.11
    niasunset said:

    Exactly I agree with you, I liked what you shared with us, Thank you, with my love,

  6. 7.26.11
    Naomi said:

    If I am what I eat, then I am totally cheese. This is no surprise to me. (As I sit here eating a bean and cheese burrito while I peruse blogs on my lunch break…)

  7. 7.26.11
    Julie & Lauren said:

    Woaw- these are ridiculous! A few freak me out (fish tail) but some of them are beyond amazing. Great feature! Xx

  8. 7.26.11

    This is really neat! The pictures are so interesting.

  9. 7.26.11

    These remind me of Bio 101… countless lab hours. Otherwise pretty cool!