Window Shopping

You’re walking down the street when a colorful, whimsical store window display catches your eye. I’ll give you three guesses as to which store it is, but you might only need one.

Oh how I love me a good Anthro window display. I can’t imagine a more fun job — to be one of the amazing artists that helps come up with the window concepts for each store, season after season. Anthro’s window art never ceases to amaze. In Anthropologie’s own words, “Rows upon rows of color-blocked dots are popping up and hanging down in each of our stores. In tribute to the final months of summer, they’re shaded in the season’s happy hues (with just a touch of fall thrown in).”

{Image Credits: Anthropologie Facebook}

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  1. 7.21.11

    LOVE this! I’m always amazed/envious of beautiful and creative merchandising.

  2. 7.21.11

    They definitely have the most amazing displays. I get so excited when they change the store near me–each one is better than the last.

  3. 7.21.11

    Not only are their window displays amazing but the interiors are too! They always have the cutest displays of kitchenware, bedding and so many fun gadgets everywhere

  4. 7.21.11

    i’m always inspired by anthro’s creativity! love the images :)

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  5. 7.27.11

    I am always in LOVE with anthropology store decorations! These are Gorgeous!!!