Beauty Confessions

Remember when you were in sixth grade and you desperately wanted to wear that one shade of lip color, or regularly shave your legs, or get that amazing perm and your mother’s answer to all three were, “NO,” and you felt super awkward and embarrassed that you were such a mutant? Just me?

Well, in any case, today I felt like coming clean and confessing some of my more embarrassing beauty secrets. Call it Beauty Therapy 101.

Ok, here we go. No judgement.

1. I can probably count the number of manicures I’ve had in my life on one hand. I don’t know what it is…they’re just not my thing. I really hate having nail polish on my fingernails, because I feel like they’re getting dirty but the color masks it. It just grosses me out. Also, I can’t stand having long nails. So what do I do? I cut my nails, and I keep ’em short. I know, GASP!, so un-lady like. I was also never really into pedicures until recently, when I had to take better care of my talons because of pilates. But I will admit, there’s nothing like having a foot scrub and leg massage while you sit in a recliner and zone out.

2. I can easily go 10 days between shaving my legs, if not more. This one is less gross, and more just good genes and luck, I SWEAR. My hair grows in sooooo slowly, and even when it does, it’s very thin and barely visible. To prove my point, as I was writing this post, I got up from my computer and asked Joe if my legs looked hairy. He said no, and even copped a little feel (on my shin!). I haven’t shaved my legs since the day before I left for Cabo. Don’t hate me.

3. I never had my eyebrows waxed until college. Yeah, this one is just embarrassing.

So spill it. Everyone has one (at least, I hope so!). What’s your embarrassing beauty secret?

{Image Credits: The Sartorialist; Made By Girl; Into the Gloss}

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  1. 7.18.11

    This post made me laugh.

    I cried, like really cried, daily, until my mom let me shave my legs (now I sometimes go a week with lovely stubble)

    Also did the whole leave the house makeup-less, put the makeup on in the school bathroom, wipe if off before returning home thing. That is until the day I forgot the wiping off step… man oh man.

    It’s hard work being a girl sometimes!

    • 7.18.11

      So even though I didn’t need to shave my legs, of course I wanted to.

      My mother thought it was ridiculous and didn’t want to let me, so I would buy disposable razors and hide them until she FINALLY said I could shave somewhere around the neighborhood of 8th grade. So funny!

  2. 7.18.11
    Ana said:

    My mom happens to be blessed with the same hair-less genes, so she totally did not see the need to let me shave my legs. Unfortunately the genes skipped a generation, and I found myself walking around like a furry mess for a LONG time. I cringe every time I think about it. Same with the eyebrows.

    Side note beauty question – How long did it take you to get on the natural products train? I’ve been slowly reading the web about it, but it seems so daunting (and costly) to start experimenting with new products. I just about cried when I found out some people think my beloved Cetaphil may not be so good for your skin.

  3. 7.18.11

    omg i’m with u girl – i can go WAY longer then 10 days in the winter not shaving! – i def do NOT get mani’s or pedi’s on the reg, i do them myself, but manly i’m bare .. i’m def not a make-up girl – i have NO IDEA how to make the perfect eyes and stuff

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  4. 7.18.11
    Susannah said:

    I’m the same way about manicures. I don’t like polish on my fingernails, and I keep my nails really short too. Long nails bother me to no end.

    I probably shouldn’t but I can also easily go many days without shaving. Unlike you I am not blessed with good genes to hide this, so it’s just about wearing pants :)

    I don’t know how bad this is but oftentimes in the morning I just bring my flat iron and makeup to work and finish getting ready in my office. There’s just not enough time to get ready at home and I’d rather sleep the extra 15-20 minutes!

  5. 7.19.11
    michelekw said:

    Never been into fingernail polish but I go bold with the pedicures. I do confess to going a very long time between pedis…so long that I have very little polish left on my nail to remove before my next visit. If a mani is in order, I recommend just the buff, no polish.

    Finally, for you ladies that are blessed with slow growth, I’ll have you know that despite my fourth grade teacher’s comment of “don’t you shave your legs yet?” I resisted until 6th grade! Now I wax and go weeks with an excuse to not shave : )

  6. 7.19.11

    Ha! I am totally the same with 1&2- I hate doing my nails – they just get chipped after a day anyways, which looks so much worse than just having nice clean/short nails. My big confession, up until a year ago I just washed my face in the shower with soap and water- zero skin care regime…and then I turned 36 and realized, my face needed some serious help!!!!

  7. 7.21.11

    No shaving legs for ten days?!? This hairy monster is jealous. I’m lucky if I can go ten hours. Well, more like 24.

    I can’t do manicures either. Makes me tense. Even the thought makes me tense. See, I’m tense. : )