Behind the Scenes with Elizabeth from THE NOW!

As promised, today we’re going to hear from Elizabeth, the other half of the fabulous NOW team. Y’all, I am so excited to share her post. There is so much in here that I could relate to — I found myself wishing that Elizabeth lived closer to me, so we could hang out! Her words are so genuine; I love that she’s a woman that knows where she’s been and where she’s going. I hope you’re as inspired as I was! Without further ado, here’s Elizabeth…

Hello out there!! It’s me, Elizabeth, from The NOW!! I’m so excited to be a part of vmac+cheese’s “Behind the Scenes” series. We are such big fans of Victoria’s blog and are honored to have been guest blogging for the past 2 weeks!! I hope you enjoy a look into my life!! Xxoxoxo

These pictures are pretty self expanatory, but I wanted to include a picture of Matt and I on our honeymoon that had a stingray in it. A little known fact about me: I am obsessed with STINGRAYS!!!

1. Bali, Indonesia: When I started researching for our  honeymoon, I discovered how beautiful Bali is and I have wanted to go ever since. Unfortunately it is about a 3 day flight! Haha! One day I will go!

2. San Francisco: I cannot believe after living in San Diego for 5 years that I never traveled north to San Francisco! I am constantly kicking myself for it! (Victoria’s sidenote: Come visit!!!)

3.Paris, France: I have been to Paris twice with my family, but my husband has never been there and I would love to go back and do more exploring, eating and shopping with him. And of course, I would have to stop in my favorite store EVER, Colette!

4.Hawaii: I have also been to Hawaii twice with my family and again my husband has not been there so I would love to go back with him. Maui, by far, is one of my favorite places on Earth. Every time I think of it I imagine the insanely beautiful smell of gardenias!!

5.As you can see, I have an obsession with beaches so for number 5, I would just pick anywhere in the Caribbean. I have been to the Bahamas, which is where my love for stingrays began, but I would love to explore any other islands there!

To be honest, I am a terrible reader. I obviously know how to read, but it takes me forever to finish a book. I started The Help in March of 2010 and am still about half way done (I need to finish before the movie comes out) and I think I stopped on page 30 of Everyone Worth Knowing about 2 years ago. The other two are suggestions from one of my best friends. Hunger Games takes place in a post apocalyptic world in Panem (formerly the US). The Hunger Games are an annually televised event where a boy and girl are chosen from different regions to fight to their death. The Blue Bistro is about Adrienne, a girl spending her summer working at a restaurant in Nantucket. Adrienne is looking for a new start, in a new place, with three simple rules: get solvent, be honest about the past and make better choices in men.

3 pics of the next five years…  When Matt and I got married, we decided that we were going to wait 5 years before we had a baby. While people argue our points, we just think we are too selfish, want to spend time just being married and want to be financially stable. Therefore in the next five years I want to spend time with my hubs, travel as much as possible and then have a baby. I don’t know why, I just get the impression that Nicole Richie is a cool mom hence the picture of her with Harlow.

1. For months, I have been so uncomfortable for my body (probably bc it is swimsuit season) and I have had enough. Although I work out I have not been consistent in years. Since my gym membership is almost up, I am going to concentrate more on my at home workouts. I have two of THE BEST workout DVD sets and am going to be a CONSISTENT exerciser!!

2. I am a certified lunatic when it comes to decorating my house. My style is constantly changing therefore I get bored with my furniture in very short amounts of time. Now I am scared to buy anything in fear of hating it in 6 months. My goal is to get over it and finish my house in the next year!

Owning a boutique full of amazing clothes and unique, antique home accessories and furniture. I am inspired by the great boutiques out there like Colette in Paris, Ikram in Chicago,  Maxfield in LA and Dallas’ own Forty Five Ten. I can’t even afford anything in the stores, but I love spending time in them just to soak in all of the fashion and décor. It’s nerdy and sad but true!

How did you come up with your blog name?     Like Annie mentioned last week, there wasn’t a special reason for our name. We put some words together that sounded good and got to work blogging!

Who serves as an inspiration source for you?     I get my fashion inspiration from my style icon, Vanessa Traina. I am also absolutely obsessed with Taylor Tomasi Hill. I even thought about dyeing my hair red, but was talked off that ledge a few months ago. boo! Street style blogs such as JakandJil are great because they emphasize the personal style and originality of the most stylish people on earth. I pretty much live on those blogs during fashion week. I really think I get more excited about seeing the attendees of the shows than the collections themselves. The Coveteur is also a great blog giving us a sneak peak into the fashion elite’s homes and wardrobes! As far as interior design goes, Ryan Korban was kind of a game changer for me. I blame him for wanting to take a completely different direction on decorating my house! He is so talented and I would die for him to just decorate it for me!

What is your proudest achievement to date?     My proudest achievement has been living a somewhat normal life as a recovering alcoholic and having just as much, if not more fun than any person who drinks. I could go on and on about how difficult the initial recovery process was, but the most important thing is that I found happiness that I didn’t believe existed.

Where is your favorite place to rest and recharge?     Without a doubt, my favorite place is on the couch with Matt and the fur babies, Brother and Pickles, zoning out to trashy reality tv or a good movie!!

When did you first start blogging and why do you keep doing it?    Like Annie said, we started The Now Stylebook last October as an outlet for our ideas. We meant for it to be a conversation between the two of us to discuss and document our favorite images in fashion and interior design. We had no idea that the blog would have a following consisting of anyone other than our Dallas friends, but the cool thing is we have made so many new friends along the way!! How did that happen? We keep blogging because we both need The NOW to express our styles and ideas!!

Well I hope you enjoyed a closer look into my life behind the scenes of The NOW Stylebook. I had so much fun and thanks again, Victoria, for letting Annie and I be a part of this incredible series!

xoxo Elizabeth

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  1. 7.13.11

    Love this post! So much fun inspiration in one place. It looks like you lead a charmed life :) keep up the great blogging!

  2. 7.13.11

    Such a great post, E! You inspire me daily (both in fashion + life!). So proud of you always. And Victoria – thanks again for having us! xoxo Annie

  3. 7.13.11

    Elizabeth you are amazing!! Absolutely loved learning more about you! xoxoxo

  4. 7.13.11

    Such a fabulous post! Stopping by from the Now and loving this series of a more indepth look at our fave bloggers. Will definitely be stopping by more often! xo

  5. 7.13.11
    Elizabeth Pohl said:

    Elizabeth- this is one of your best posts yet! I love how you are down to earth and honest. After The Help, you must start Hunger Games. You will LOVE it. XOXO