After the go-go-go of the Fourth of July weekend, I can’t think of anything better than laying low for the next few days. This weekend and next Joe and I will be in SF, but then we’re on the road again, this time back home to Texas for a friend’s wedding. Where is the summer going??

Here are some of my favorite links this week, in photos. Be sure to check out these posts, written or curated by some pretty fabulous bloggers!

{A Piece of Toast}


{Life in a Venti Cup}


{It’s The Little Things…and best enjoyed if you watch RHONY}

{lark + linen}



{770/Behind The Line}

{A Dose of Pretty}

{Smash Magazine, found via Elisa Blaha}

Bon weekend, everyone!

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  1. 7.8.11
    Molly said:

    Thanks for the link, lady!!! How rockin is that artwork?! I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind all week – so sweet of you to share it with your readers :)

    Hope you have a fab weekend – do TRY and get some relaxation in there somewhere… nothing beats a weekend nap!

    xxoo .Molly

  2. 7.8.11
    Aubrey said:

    Those CODE numeral rings are so *RAD*…why the heck can’t you just buy them on the internet??? Grrrr…that J. Crew, sometimes they make me so mad. (c: Have a fabulous weekend and get in some relaxing, sounds like it will be the last for a while!

  3. 7.11.11
    Jacquelyn said:

    thanks Lady! Honoured to be linked!

  4. 7.11.11

    Thanks for the link love :) AND as far as Jake Gyllenhal on Man vs Wild… I completely agree… I keep thinking “I mean… should I watch???”. I will definitely be watching The Bachelorette tonight too though!