The Make Room

Have you guys heard of The Make Room? It’s a cool new web-based room plan design program that allows you to customize one room (or many) to your exact specifications, lay out furniture, and my favorite part, link to particular items of furniture within the plan for easy reference.

Now, I have no plans to redecorate any of the rooms in my home (at present, at least), but I think this is an amazing resource for anyone tackling these types of projects, since you can bookmark items you see on retail websites, then be sure they’d actually fit in your space! It’s also great for the bloggers among us who have a few design clients but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for interior design software.

Give it a try!

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  1. 6.21.11

    Oh, this is so fun!! Looks like a great way to lose an afternoon at work :)

  2. 6.21.11
    Ana said:

    Hey V –
    First off we made the salmon with mustard and chives on Sunday. Delish! I am a fan of your recipes because they’re super easy for a kitchen newbie like me.

    Your comment about “interior design bloggers with a few clients” piqued my interest. How would you go about hiring someone to help you decorate / throw out ideas? Any recs? We are in the DC area, and do not have A CLUE as to where to start, so our place is seriously lacking color / character and looking generally bachelor-pad-esque. Yikes. At the same time, we’re sort of worried if we do decide to consult with someone we’ll get ripped off. Any help? Thanks!

    • 6.21.11

      This is an awesome resource Victoria! Thanks for sharing. Ana, I’m a fellow Washingtonian and although I am not an interior designer, I love creating mood boards (check some past ones out on my blog and would be happy to give you some ideas. If you are looking for more professional help, my mother is a design/ color consultant in the area and I’d be happy to give you her contact info.

      • 6.23.11
        Ana said:

        Hi Julip –
        Thanks for your reply! I was checking out your mood boards as well as your guest post, and I liked a lot of the color schemes you selected! The bf and I thought that maybe we should try to get a consultation with an interior designed due to the odd-shape of some rooms and serious lack of light. Would you mind sending me your mom’s info please? My email is ana [[dot]] alvarezv [[at]] gmail Thanks!

  3. 6.23.11
    Charlotta said:

    Wonderful resource. Thank you for this. I can see how it could become quite addictive.. ! :)

    x Charlotta

  4. 6.27.11

    Oh my goodness, this is amazing. How the heck did you find it? I used to have autocad until my PC crashed and there’s no way I wanna pay for the program, so I’ve been drawing floorplans by hand.

    • 6.27.11

      I think I saw someone mention it on Pinterest and I investigated further.

      I’ve already used this for an event floor plan for my work. SO helpful!